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Spad XVI A2

The unique Belgian Air Service Spad XVI A2 during the Wilrijk airshow on 17 July 1920. 

Single engine two seat reconnaissance aircraft

        Shortly before the end of World War I a single Spad XVI A2 was delivered to the Aviation Militaire Belge. Most probably this unique aircraft was only used for test purposes. The Spad S.XVI A2 was developed as a consequence of the decision to reserve the Hispano-Suiza engines fitted in the SPAD S.XI for single-seat fighters. Therefore a slightly more powerful engine was fitted; the Lorraine 8Bb rated at 240 hp. (compared to the Hispano-Suiza 8Bc fitted in the SPAD S.XI rated at 220 hp.) The Spad XVI is readily distinguishable from the standard Spad XI because of the two protruding bulges on both top sides of the nose imposed by the size of the Lorraine.  The ultimate fate of this unique machine used by the Belgian Air Service is not known. It has been last noted flying in the Summer of 1920 (D. Brackx)

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Spad XVI in the snow

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Take-Off at Evere

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