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Junkers JU52/3m

Requisitioned  Sabena Junkers Ju52/3m OO-AGU in service with the Weermacht/Force Publique in Belgian Congo.

   Three engine transport and passenger aircraft  


    In order to replace the ageing Fokker F-VII passenger aircraft, Belgian airline Sabena acquired a total of 9 Junkers Ju52/3m transports, the first of which being delivered at Evere in 1936. The aircraft were used n Sabena's European network, but when World War two broke out the aircraft were grounded in order to avoid to be misidentified as Luftwaffe Ju52's by Allied fighters. The aircraft hastily received large Belgian identification markings such as a large "Belgique" on the fuselage and a tri-colore rudder and wingtips so that they could be operated in Belgian Congo. (three Ju52/3m's were ferried to Africa in 1939 followed by 3 more in January 1940.

    At least three of the Sabena Ju52/3m (OO-AGU, OO-AUF and OO-AUK) were used on regular basis by the Colonial Weermacht/Force Publique in support of the Belgian troops operating in the East African campaign in Ethiopia. They were also used to ferry pilots between Egypt and central Africa. 

    In 1945 the Royal Air Force proposed to provide a number of captured Luftwaffe Ju52's to N° 349 and 350 Squadrons the based at Fassberg (D.) to ease the travel of the personnel of these units . Unfortunately, due to logistical problems this solution was not accepted by the Belgian authorities.


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