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  Farman (Henri) HF Type de Course / FRN

Farman HF Type Course probably at Brasschaat. Lt. Georges Nélis is the second from left.

Single engine two seat trainer aircraft

In April 1911 Chevallier Jules de Laminne acquired a Farman HF Type Course twin seater powered by a 50hp Gome engine and which de Laminne designates as a "Farman Cirquit Européen 1911". In 1912 de Laminne presented this aircraft to Lieutenant Georges Nélis who rents it out to the Belgian Army with a contract signed in November 1912. The military flying school used the Farman HF Type Course as a transition aircraft between the Farman "Ecole" and the JERO-Farman Type Militaire 1913. Early in 1913 this machine was completely rebuild and modernised by the JERO company which added a rudimentary cockpit and replaced the Gnome 50hp powerplant by a stronger 70hp model on instruction of Nélis. The aircraft was then known as the as the FRN (Farman rapide Nélis). On February 14th, 1913 the unique aircraft was written off in an accident. (D. Brackx - Ph. Doppagne)

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