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Farman F.1-40bis Type Militaire 60

Farman F.1-40 Type Militaire 60 At de Moeren airbase in mid-1917.

Single-engine two-seat observation, night bomber and trainer -aircraft

    In early 1917, an estimated 12 Farman F.1-40bis – Type Militaire 60 reconnaissance/observation aircraft were delivered to N° 2 Squadron, then based at de Moeren airfield. (Remark: as it is extremely difficult to recognize the difference between the Farman subtypes: F.40bis Type 56, F1-40bis Type 60 and F1-40ter Type 61, it cannot be excluded that the aforementioned delivery to the Belgian Air Service could have included some of the other types mentioned). A number of researchers state that the Military Aviation also received Farman’s Type Militaire 56 and/or Type 61. Only the type of engine indicates the Farman sub type.

N° 2 Squadron almost simultaneously receiving the more modern Sopwith 1 ½ Strutter in its inventory, two Farman F1.40’s were very soon transformed to the newly created N° 8 Squadron based at Quadypres (Coudekerque) (F.) to form the nucleus of a night-bomber unit commanded by Lt. Louis de Burlet. For this nocturnal task the aircraft received a double bomb rack system beneath the nacelle and the lower wing. In August 1918 N° 8 Squadron was composed of 10 Farman aircraft, all being transferred from N° 2 Squadron. The Farmans of the Types 60 and 61 are very often recognizable because of the cowlings completely covering the engine (D. Brackx)

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Crews N° 8 squadron

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La sale Guelle

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