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Aviatik Argus 50hp

Baron de Caters starting up his Aviatik 50hp 

Single engine two seat trainer aircraft`


   The Aviatik used a Farman frame very similar to the Farman H.F.3, combined with a 50 hp Argus engine which was refined by the Berlin engine-maker Jeannin and including an extended upper wing to improve its charging capability. In a letter dated  September 25th 1910, Baron Pierre de Caters was informed by the constructors that his new "military aircraft" would be ready for delivery on  October 10th. At Sint-Job-in-'t-Goor the aircraft was disassembled to help the Bollekens brothers (Jero) to construct four biplanes for the Aviator Company and its school at Sint-Job.  Having lost a potential contract for military pilot instruction to Chevallier de Laminne, Baron de Caters offered his aircraft to the War Minister in 1910 and later as New Year’s (1911) gift to King Albert. Taken into service at Brasschaat by the Compagnie d'ouvriers et d'aérostiers du génie the Aviatik's Argus engine had the bad reputation of overheating after only five minutes of flight. It was suggested to replace the troublesome engine by a Gnome 50HP rotary engine but this didn't materialise. The aircraft was attributed the military serial F.V but up to now it is not certain if this was ever applied on this machine. After only a few flights in military hands the unique machine was written off at Brasschaat on August 3rd, 1912.

Lockheed T-33A.png

Aviatik 50 hp


Date In

Jan 1911

Date Out

Aug 1912

Baron de Caters, Compagnie d'ouvriers et d'aérostiers du génie , written off at Brasschaat on 03 Aug 1912

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