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New Pic in the Spotlight

Britten Norman BN2B-21 B-07 now OY-FHA


Britten Norman BN2B-21 OY-FHA (formerly B-07) and OY-FHB (formerly B-08) in formation during the last "Full Troop Excercise"

 of the Danish Air Force Home Guard in Jutland. Both aircraft are owned by CAE AVIATION Luxembourg and are used by HVE270

 (270 Sqn) based from Aalborg and Roskilde for several Home Security and anti-terrorism duties with a secondary SAR role. 

Maintenance and training of the Home Guard pilots as well as the sensor operators is executed by CAE AVIATION.


Malle Fly In 20 & 21 August 2016   (photo report by Jef Pets)   NEW


Schaffen International Oldtimer Fly In  (photo report by Yves Duwelz)


Belgian Wrecks & Relics in the Wor
ld by Günther Debiscop








by Daniel Brackx



 A unique double book concept to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Belgian Air Force.


Available as of June 25th 2016 at the Belgian Air Force Days at Florennes airbase, afterwards at the makor bookshops.






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