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LACAB GR.8 Doryphore


The LACAB GR.8 seen at Evere airfield in 1936. Even then, this aircraft clearly inspired by contemporary French designs, looked obsolete

Twin engine biplane bomber and observation aircraft 


      The LACAB (Les Ateliers de Constructions Aéronautiques Belges) GR.8 Doryphore was a Belgian designed bomber-observation aircraft. This large aircraft was first flown on 22 February 1936 and was in competition with the similar looking Stampe-Vertongen SV-10.

    Although the Belgisch Militair Vliegwezen/Aéronautique Militaire acquired this machine, it was never adopted for service use. After it suffered a crash landing on 4 April 1938 it was even repaired to fly again. In May 1940 the LACAB GR.8 Doryphore was found severely damaged by the Germans in a hangar at Evere airfield.

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