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Gotha G.Vb

Gotha G,Vb 1789/18 at Evere airfield in June 1919.

Twin engine heavy bomber

      Gotha G.Vb 1789/18 was one of four such aircraft delivered to Evere by the German state in 1919 as compensation payment for the Great War. The Gotha G.V type "b" is easily recognizable by the massive double main undercarriage  providing some safety against overturning on landing on rough fields. This particular aircraft, Gotha G.Vb 1789/18 (some doubt still exists on its Werknummer) was put back in flying condition to be used during the large exhibition and air show "Exposition de Materiel Aéronautique "at Evere between 19 and 27 July 1919 to give joyrides at Brussels' dignitaries, bankers and their families  in order to obtain sponsorship for the creation of the first Belgian Airline "Sneta". 

     Around 1922/23 this large machine was transferred to the Royal Army Museum then situated at Ter Kameren Bos in Brussels where it was displayed near the entrance of the museum.  Unfortunately, due to the bad weather conditions it was damaged and scrapped later on. Both the engines with part of the wings were saved  and one of them is now on display at the Aeronautical Section of the Royal Army Museum (WHI) at the Jubelpark in Brussels.


Gotha G.VB 1789/18


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Delivered by Germany as war compensation payment in early 1919, Flown during the Evere airshow in July 1919, transferred to Royal Army museum and scrapped around 1925/26. Engines saved.

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