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Fokker E.V (modif. D.VIII)


Single engine single seat fighter


   Immediately post World War I, Belgium obtained a large number of former German military aircraft as a compensation payment for the Great War. As such around 700 aircraft were delivered locally known as "Buttin de Guerre". Among these aircraft the (then very modern) Fokker E.V with werknummer "201” drew attention and was incorporated in the Aviation Militaire for test purposes. Although these machines over classed most of the fighters of its day its weak point was the wing construction. After several accidents Fokker was forced to replace all wing structures of the 159 E.Vs already delivered. With the new and stronger wing, the aircraft received the designation Fokker D.VIII. This particular machine was one of the first production E.Vs brought up to D.VIII standards. The aircraft's dedicated pilot was Albert Van Cotthem, who flew it on several occasions and airshows. Later on “201” had a short career at the Flying School of Asch and was later scrapped. 

Fokker E.V

E.V 201/18



Date In


Date Out



Delivered to Evere as "Buttin de Guerre" in 1919, used by Lt. Albert Van Cotthem, as personal hack and as display aircraft at airshows., noted at the Pilot School at Asch, fate unknown.

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