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Caproni Ca.312


Twin-engine observation aircraft

    In July 1938 the Belgian Aeronautical firm SABCA invited the Italian company Caproni to give a demonstration with its newest aircraft the Caproni Bergamaschi Ca.310 “Libeccio” (I-ABMI) at Haren near Brussels. The authorities and assembled press were very impressed by the skillful demonstration. On 23 December 1939 the Belgian Government signed contract 39/603 with Caproni Bergamaschi for 24 Ca.312 aircraft to be delivered between June and July 1940.

   The Ca.312 model was a more powerful and improved development of the Ca.310 which was presented the previous year in Belgium. The twin engine observation aircraft with a secondary bomber role unfortunately never made it to Belgium because of the German invasion in May 1940. Caproni in the meantime had produced the 24 aircraft which it sold to the Italian Regia Aeronautica towards the end of 1941. It was also planned that SABCA was to produce the Ca.312 under license as the S-48.

Caproni Ca.312



In August 1938 Caproni Ca.310 prototype I-ABMI made a presentation for the Belgian authorities and assembled press on invitation from Sabca. On year later 24 Ca.312's, the improved version of the Ca.310, were ordered by the Belgian Government. Due to the war none were delivered.

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