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Breguet Br.694 A3B2


Twin- engine three-seat reconnaissance aircraft 

In mid-1939 the Belgian Government ordered a single Breguet Br.694 A3B2 in France (Contract 39/363) and a further 31 aircraft to be constructed by the Belgian aeronautical company Sabca. (Contract 39/450). The aircraft was to be used primarily for reconnaissance but also had a secondary attack role. The first unit which was planned to be equipped with the new aircraft was Squadron 5/III/3Aé (Egyptian Falcon) installed at Tours (F.) in May 1940. The unit was earmarked to be responsible for the training of crew-members and ground personnel. On June 1st 1940 Lt. Philippart took delivery of the first Breguet for the Belgian Aéronautique Militaire and flew the aircraft from Villacoublay to Tours. Several flights were made with this Belgian machine, unfortunately no image has been found up to now. The scale model (see picture above) which was acquired in January 1940 by Sabca for 25.000 Belgian Francs, gives a good idea of the proposed Belgian color scheme. Unfortunately, the German invasion prevented all chances for a Sabca production and none were ever constructed

Breguet 694




Date In

Date Out

Jun 1940

Jun 1940


20 jan 1940 first flight Breguet produced Br.694 for Belgium, 01 June 1940 delivered to 5/III/3Aé (Egyptian Falcon) at Tours (F.). Damaged in heavy landing. Ultimate fate unknown.

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