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Airspeed Oxford I (Pre-War)


Twin engine, advanced training and communications aircraft


   In July 1939 factory owned Airspeed Oxford I G-AFVS (c/n 83 - CofA 30Jun1939) was flown to Brussels Evere airfield by Georges B.S Errington to be displayed at the IIe Salon Aéronautique de Bruxelles. In August 1939 the Aéronautique Militaire Belge announced that it had acquired this particular aircraft through Contract BC 39/329 for the unit price of 973.500 Bfr. The Oxford was to be used for advanced training and communications missions. The Oxford was selected as the winner of an evaluation in which in March 1939 several presentations were made by the Potez 561, Focke Wulf Weihe, Siebel Halle, Caproni 310 and RAF Airspeed Oxford I N6256. After successful conclusion of further tests with the newly acquired machine which by now was registered "D-1" (some doubt still exists on the aircraft type letter) a small number (maximum 5) Oxfords was to be acquired. These additional aircraft were to be constructed by Renard and Sabca. However this process was halted by the German invasion of Belgium in which the unique Oxford was captured intact by the enemy at Deurne airfield. The sole pre-war Airspeed Oxford of the Aéronautique Militaire Belge was used by the Ecole d'Aéronautique at Evere and N° 3 Squadron of the Ecole de Pilotage at Deurne airport. (D. Brackx)

Airspeed Oxford I





Date In

Aug 1939

Date Out

May 1940

G-AFVS (Airspeed), D-1 (type letter to be conf.), Ecole d'Aéronautique, 3 Squadron Ecole de Pilotage (Deurne), fate unknown.

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