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A.C.A.Z. C.2


Two-seat single engine observation and bomber aircraft

     The ACAZ C.2 was a second aircraft type designed and produced by “les Ateliers de Construction Aéronautique de Zeebruges” or ACAZ.  It was a bi-plane observation and bomber aircraft of all metal construction destined for the Belgian Aéronautique Militaire/Belgisch Militair Vliegwezen. First flight of this large bi-plane occurred in July 1926 in the hands of Adjudant Joseph Lang. Unfortunately, the Belgian authorities showed little interest in the design as the Aéronautique Militaire was preferring the Breguet XIX of French construction possessing very similar characteristics. De ACAZ C.2 was powered by a single Hispano Suiza 126A 12-cylinder engine of 450hp making it fully aerobatic. The crew consisted of a pilot and an observer/bomb-aimer. Later on, pilot Edmond Thieffry used this aircraft with civilian registration O-BAFX for an unsuccessful raid between Brussels and Leopoldstad/ville.






Date In

Jul 1926

Date Out

Jan 1933

O-BAFX, Raid Brussels-Belgian Congo "Princesse Astrid", crashed Givet 9 March 1928, repaired as OO-AFX, scrapped

More information on the A.C.A.Z  C.2 can be found on this great website:

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