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Stinson SR9C Reliant


   Single engine communications and target towing aircraft

     A single Stinson SR9C Reliant (ex OO-AFA) was requisitioned during the "Drole de Geurre" and served with the Escadrille Estafette from 26 august 1938 onwards. Later, the aircraft was sold by its owner Lt. Hanet to the Aéronautique Militaire who earmarked the machine for the target-towing role at the Oostende based "Ecole de Tir" (replacing the obsolete Breguet 19). Lt Hanet flew the aircraft from Brussels to Oostende on 13 April 1940 (departure at 11.40 hr, arrival at 12.12 hr). The official hand-over date was 16 April 1940. What happened after that date is unknown, but it was seen derelict at Montauban (F.) on 21 July 1940. The aircraft in the background is Tipsy B OO-RDV (c/n 508).

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