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Pfalz D.XII

Pfaltz-D-XII-nr-1 Asch-1921-DBx Coll.jpg

Single engine single seat fighter

    Between 1919 and 1921 the Aviation Militaire Belge/Belgisch Militair Vliegwezen, obtained at least 37 Pfalz D.XII fighters, either as War reparations payment as foreseen by the Versailles Treaty or recuperated on former German airfield in Belgium. The Pfalz D.XII was arguably one of the best German fighter aircraft at the end of the Great War, only slightly  overshadowed by the highly successful Fokker D.VII. The Belgian Air Service operated a single Pfalz D.XII at the Flying School of Asch as of 1920 until it crashed in 1921.

Pfalz D.XII




Date In


Date Out



To Pilot School at Asch, destroyed in crash in mid 1921.

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