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Hawker Hardy I


Single engine two-seat observation aircraft

    As compensation for the temporarily unavailability of Weermacht/Force Publique Caudron C.510 Pélican (ex OO-ATF) during the East African Campaign, the British Headquarters through Colonel McKenzie assigned a Hawker Hardy I of N° 237 Squadron (Rhodesia) to the Belgian Colonial Force. The aircraft with RAF Serial K4316 was taken on charge on 14 May 1941 by pilot Adjudant Henri Mackels and flown to Gambela (Ethiopia). Having been put in Belgian colors Mackels made daily observation flights over enemy positions. Unfortunately, already on May 26th 1941, the aircraft was destroyed upon landing at Gambela the runway of which was very short and soaked by heavy rains. Both the pilot Adj. Mackels and his observer remained unhurt.

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