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Friedrichshafen FdH G.III


Twin-engine four-seat bomber

   On January 19th, 1918 Friedrichshafen  FdH G.III 180/17 belonging to Bogohl I, Staffel 2 took off from Maria-Aalter (B.) for a bombing mission on Dunkerque (F.). The aircraft was loaded with six bombs of 55 Kg and 12 bombs of 11 Kg. While descended from 4.500 m to 2.500m to make its attack run, it was hit by AA-fire damaging the right engine. The bombs were released over the sea and the pilot had to make a nightly forced-landing in Belgian held territory at Vinkem (B.). The bomber was transported to nearby Houtem airbase where the damage to the engine was repaired and Belgian roundels replaced the German crosses. The large aircraft was extensively tested at the Belgian Calais-Beaumarais base and was seen as far away as the Belgian flying training School of Juvisy-sur-Orge South of Paris. The ultimate fate of this bomber is unknown.

(Daniel Brackx)


Friedrichshafen  FdH G.III 180/17 the day after its forced landing at Vinkem, surrounded by Belgian Military personnel examining the possibility to disassemble it to bring to Houtem airbase.


Friedrichshafen  FdH G.III 180/17 arriving at Houtem airbase.


Friedrichshafen  FdH G.III 180/17 can count on a lot of attention during its visit at the Pilot  School of Juvisy-sur-Orge on 2 July 1918.

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