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Farman (Maurice) MF.8 Seaplane

The unique Farman MF.8 Type militaire VIII being prepared for a flight from the seaplane base at Calais (F.).

Single-engine two-seat observation seaplane


   When in early in 1915 the Belgian Military decided to create a seaplane squadron or “Escadrille d’Hydro-avions” at Calais, the visit of RNAS Maurice Farman Pusher Biplane Seaplane (100 HP Renault engine powered) N° 113 of the Felixstowe Squadron on the beach at De (La) Panne came as a more than welcome eye opener. When the unit was established on June 30, 1915 it could boost a single seaplane in the form of a Farman MF.8 Type Militaire VIII. Crewed by pilot Lieutenant Albert de Bueger and his observer Sous-Lieutenant Florent Russchaert, the Farman was powered by a 130 HP Renault engine and had a span of 19 meters. In Belgian service this particular machine was given the official designation “Farman F11 H2” through Ministère de la Guerre note DM 7782-2/12 of 20 April 1917. This could indicate that the aircraft was still in use in 1917. On March of that year the Squadron Hydro, which successfully operated on the Tanganyika Lake in Congo, returned to the Calais seaplane base and most probably the Farman was withdrawn from service with the delivery of five Schreck FBA Type H/N seaplanes for the unit in August 1917. (Daniel Brackx)

Lockheed T-33A.png



Date In

July 1915

Date Out


To "Escadrille d'Hydro-avions" at Calais, upgraded by Bollekens at Calais, to "Escadrille Hydro", withdrawn from use 1917.

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