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Farman F.1-40bis Type Militaire 60

Copy of Farman-F1-40-bis-type-60-static-Daniel-Brackx-Coll-Topaz.jpg

Farman F.1-40 Type Militaire 60 At de Moeren airbase in mid-1917.

Single-engine two-seat observation, night bomber and trainer aircraft

In early 1917, an estimated 12 Farman F.1-40bis – Type Militaire 60 reconnaissance/observation aircraft were delivered to N° 2 Squadron, then based at de Moeren airfield. (Remark: as it is extremely difficult to recognize the difference between the Farman subtypes: F.40bis Type 56, F1-40bis Type 60 and F1-40ter Type 61, it cannot be excluded that the aforementioned delivery to the Belgian Air Service could have included some of the other types mentioned). A number of researchers state that the Military Aviation also received Farman’s Type Militaire 56 and/or Type 61. Only the type of engine indicates the Farman sub type.

N° 2 Squadron almost simultaneously receiving the more modern Sopwith 1 ½ Strutter in its inventory, two Farman F1.40’s were very soon transformed to the newly created N° 8 Squadron based at Quadypres (Coudekerque) (F.) to form the nucleus of a night-bomber unit commanded by Lt. Louis de Burlet. For this nocturnal task the aircraft received a double bomb rack system beneath the nacelle and the lower wing. In August 1918 N° 8 Squadron was composed of 10 Farman aircraft, all being transferred from N° 2 Squadron. The Farmans of the Types 60 and 61 are very often recognizable because of the cowlings completely covering the engine (D. Brackx)


The ultimate "La salle Guelle" Farman pusher aircraft used by the very succesful team Jacquet-Robin was also a Farman F.1-40 Type Militaire 60.


Farman (Frères) F.40bis Type Militaire 56 of the Quadypres (F.) based 8th Reconnaissance and Bombardment Squadron commanded by Lieutenant Louis de Burlet, who is visible in the gunner’s position while Sous-Lieutenant Franz Lacroix is the pilot. Notice the Owl painted on the fuselage which was the unofficial crest of N° 8 Squadron.


Detail of the bomb-rack of the aircraft shown on the preceding image.


Detailed view on the engine cowling characteristic to the ultimate Farman pusher engine variants.


Instructor pilot Prosper Georges posing in front of an aircraft that according to some researchers could be a Farman F.1-40ter Type 61.

Calais-Beaumarais airbase 2 October 1917.

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