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Bulté RB-30 Sport


Two-seat sports aircraft.

    The Bulté RB-30 Sport was an elegant Belgian Design, the prototype of which flew for the first time in 1931. A single aircraft owned by Mr. Philippe Quersin and registered OO-ANA, was requisitioned in August 1939 by the Belgian Government to serve together with its pilot as "Avion Estafette" with the Aéronautique Militaire Belge. Quersin, who was a reserve-Lieutenant, was appointed "Cdt de l'Escadrille des Estafettes" and added with his aircraft to the 3° Régiment d'Aéronautique (3 Aé). Unfortunately, the ultimate fate of this aircraft is not known and it was scrapped from the Belgian Civil Register on 1 April 1946 as being lost during the war.

Bulté RB-30 Sport




Date In

Date Out

Mar 1932



OO-ANA, Aug 1934 to Philippe Quersin , Aug 1939 requisitioned by the AéM and attached to 3° Rég d'Aéronautique, Fate unknown, scrapped from Belgian Civil register in Apr 1946.

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