Potez-Air Fouga CM.170-1 Magister

Flouga Magister MT-35


Potez-Air Fouga CM.170-1 Magister

Twin engined, two seat jet trainer


On September 28th, 1958 the Belgian government decided to purchase 45 Fouga Magisters for the Advanced Flying School at Kamina airbase (BAKA) in  former Belgian Congo. The aircraft were delivered as of January 19th, 1960 and replaced the rapidly ageing T6 Harvards. Some twenty Fouga Magisters (MT1 to MT18, MT23 and MT24) were already flown to Kamina on board Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar transport aircraft when the events at the former colony caused the withdrawal of these jets to Belgium.
During the insurgency 6 armed Fougas (MT4, 6, 10, 14, 17 and 18) were shortly used against the rebels mostly from Ndjili airport (Leopoldstad/-ville, now Kinshasa).
At their arrival in Belgium the Fouga's were all based at Brustem airbase with the last trainers of the initial order being delivered by January 10th, 1962.

When in 1978 the first Alpha Jet advanced trainers were delivered, some of the butterfly-tailed Magisters were used by different Fouga-flights at various airbases while 8 machines were sold to IAI of Israel. After the disbanding the Fouga-flights the remaining operational aircraft were operated from Beauvechain and gradually withdrawn from use.
On September 27th, 2007 the last operational aircraft, MT-35, made the last flight of the type after a career spanning no less than 47 years in the Belgian Air Force.


Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
MT-01 258 Jan 1960 Feb 1985 MT-1, 26 Feb 1985: crash at Grandcourt, stalled at low altitude.
MT-02 259 Feb 1960 Nov 1978 MT-2, "Red Devils" c/s, stored at IAI, Tel Aviv (Israel), N906DM
MT-03 260 Feb 1960 Nov 1978 MT-3, "Red Devils" c/s, stored at Weelde, stored at Saffraanberg, monument at roundabout at Brustem.
MT-04 261 Feb 1960 June 2006 MT-04, storage for the Royal Army Museum at Vissenaken, Landen.
MT-05 262 Feb 1960 Sep 1979 MT-5, "Red Devils" c/s, stored at IAI, Tel Aviv (Israel), N216DM, active in the USA in Red devils c/s, arrived at Deurne on 03 Apr 2015.
MT-06 263 Mar 1960 Sep 1977 MT-6, "Red Devils" c/s, crashed at Brustem on 23 Feb 1976.
MT-07 264 Mar 1960 Sep 1967 MT-7, "Red Devils" c/s, crashed at Laakdal on 29 Sep 1967.
MT-08 265 Mar 1960 Jun 1987 MT-8, crashed at Lustin on 16 Jun 1987
MT-09 266 Mar 1960 Feb 1970  MT-9, "Red Devils c/s), written of in accident atBrustem on 26 Feb 1970, Technical School Saffraanberg, stored at Peutie, to Johan Bringmans - See also Two Fouga's on the Move, preserved Villacoublay (F.), displayed at Sammler & Hobbywelt, Buseck (D.)
MT-10 267 Mar 1960 May 1965 MT-10, crashed at Kerkom on May 13th, 1965
MT-11 268 Apr 1960 Sep 1979 MT-11,"Red Devils" c/s, stored at IAI, Tel Aviv (Israel), N219DM (ntu), G-BRFU, N99JJ, instructional airframe at Plattsburgh Aeronautical Institute, NY
MT-12 269 Apr 1960 Jun 1978 MT-12, "Red Devils" c/s,  stored at IAI, Tel Aviv (Israel), N907DM, active in the USA
MT-13 270 Apr 1960 Sep 2005 MT-13, "Red Devils" c/s, stored at IAI, Tel Aviv (Israel), N908DM, Stampe Vertongen Museum, Deurne
MT-14 271 Apr 1960 Feb 2003 MT14, special c/s "35 Years Fouga", stored Beauvechain, Vissenaken (KLM/MRA)
MT-15 272 May 1960 Oct 1977 MT-15, "Red Devils" c/s, stored, (US Jet aerobatic team), Wilmington (Del, USA)
MT-16 273 May 1960 Mar 1979 MT-16, storage IAI, Tel Aviv (Isr.), N909DM
MT-17 274 May 1960 Sep 1969 MT-17, "Red Devils" c/s, written off at Brustem on 23 Sep 1969 after suffering problems with the landing gear.
MT-18 275  Jun 1960 Oct 1978 MT-18, "Red Devils" c/s, stored at IAI, Tel Aviv (Israel), N312DM (Bud Granley airshow displays).
MT-19 276 Sep 1960 Sep1962 MT-19, crashed at Houffalize/Tavigny on 13 Sep 1962
MT-20 277 Sep 1960 Jun 1968 MT-20, "Red Devils" c/s, crashed at Brustem on 20 Jun 1968 after mid-air collision with MT-2 during "Red Devils" aerobatic practice.
MT-21 278 Sep 1960 Jun 1979 MT-21, "Red Devils" c/s,  stored at IAI, Tel Aviv (Israel), IAF Museum Hatzerim (Israel) as Tzukit "184" (Officially denied by IAF !)
MT-22 279 Sep 1960 May 1967 MT-22, "Red Devils" c/s, crashed at Halle-Booienhoven on 24 May 1967
MT-23 280 Jul 1960 Aug 1990 MT-23, "Red Devils" c/s, Royal Techn. School Saffraanberg as instructional airframe, stored for the Royal Army Museum at Weelde, Vissenaken, Landen.
MT-24 281 Jul 1960 Apr 1979 MT-24, written off after a belly-landing at Solenzara airbase (F.), on 27 Nov 1978, preserved at the Royal Army Museum, Brussels.
MT-25 282 Sep 1960 Oct 1963 MT-25, fatal crash at Mechelen-aan de Maas on 18 Oct 1963.
MT-26 283 Nov 1960 Dec 2006 MT-26, special c/s end of Fouga with BAF.
MT-27 284 Nov 1960 Jan 1079 MT-27, "Red Devils" c/s, storage IAI, Tel Aviv (Isr.),  N313DM, for sale.
MT-28 285 Sep 1960 Apr 1963 MT-28, crashed at Genk on 8 Apr 1963, aillerons blocked
MT-29 286 Sep 1960 Jan 1995 MT-29, storage at Weelde, scrapdealer Verreidt (Balen).
MT-30 287 Sep 1960 Jan 1995 MT-30, special c/s "30 Years Fouga", gate guardian Techspace Aero Milmort/Herstal.
MT-31 288 Sep 1960 Jan 1995 MT-31, "Red Devils" c/s, stored Meerhout, Beauvechain
MT-32 289 Nov 1960 Aug 1979 MT-32, "Red Devils" c/s,  storage IAI, Tel Aviv (Isr.),  N289DM spare parts resource.
MT-33 290 Nov 1960 Jan 1995 MT-33, "Red Devils" c/s, stored at Weelde, sold and stored at Savigny-les-Beaune (F.)
MT-34 291 Nov 1960 Sep 2004 MT-34, preserved at Musée Spitfire at Florennes
MT-35 292 Nov 1960 Sep 2007 MT-35, special "Camo" painting, "The Last of the Many" special last flight decoration.  Preserved 1WHC Beauvechain.
MT-36 293 Sep 1960 Mar 2000 MT-36, special c/s 40 Years Fouga, crashed on T.O. at Beauvechain on 25 Feb 2000
MT-37 312 Aug 1961 Jun 2006 MT-37, Royal Military Technical School Saffraanberg, stored Beauvechain, Dutch Historic Jet Association
MT-38 313 Aug 1961 Jun 1971 MT-38, cashed at Velm on 24 Jun 1971
MT-39 314 Aug 1961 Apr 1980 MT-39, "Red Devils" c/s, crashed at Dilson/Stokkem on 28 Jun 1979.
MT-40 317 Oct 1961 Jan 2007 MT-40, "Red Devils c/s, stored at Vissenaken (Royal Army Museum).
MT-41 318 Oct 1961 Mar 1973 MT-41, crashed at Rochefort/Wavreille on 5 Mar 1973.
MT-42 319 Oct 1961 Jul 1986 MT-42, crashed at Overijse on 14 Jul 1986.
MT-43 322 Oct 1961 Sep 1985 MT-43, crashed on atke off from Hahn AFB (D.) on 26 Sep 1985, preserved at Peutie, preserved at Hermeskeil (including parts of French AF n°410 as faje MT-31 "Red Devils".
MT-44 323 Oct 1961 Jun 2001 MT-44, "Red Devils" c/s, stored at Beauvechain,  stored Beauvechain, Vissenaken, Landen (KLM/MRA).
MT-45 327 Jan 1962 Jun 1962 MT-45, crashed at Maillen-Assesse on 29 Jun 1962.
MT-46 145 Feb 1970 Jan 1997 AA+237, ED+392, ER+392, AA+237 (Luftwaffe), MT-46, storage at Weelde, fuselage to Saffraanberg Technical School
MT-47 203 Mar 1970 Nov 1979 KE+103, AA+292 (Luftwaffe), MT-47, crashed at Thines on 19 Oct 1977.
MT-48 204 Mar 1970 Jun 2007 KE+104, AA+293 (Luftwaffe), MT-48, "Red Devils" c/s, demo aircraft of Lt.Col P. Rorive 2004/2005, special c/s end of Fouga with BAF.
MT-49 222 Jul 1970 1993/94 AA+222 (Luftwaffe), MT-49, recruting object (blue colour scheme), repainted in semi-trainer colour scheme.
MT-50 224 Apr 1970 Jul 1987 AA+240, 93+26 (Luftwaffe), MT-50, crashed at Florennes on 18 Jul 1987.
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