Schleicher Ka8B

Schleicher Ka 8b PL-54

Schleicher KA8B PL-54 seen at Weelde airbase July  2004.

Photo V. Pirard/AviaScribe

Schleicher KA8B PL-55

Seven Schleicher KA8B gliders were obtained for service with the Belgian Air Cadets from 1964 onward. In April 1986 one further glider of this type was bought to replace PL-58 which crashed. As is the custom with the Air Cadets this new machine also received the serial PL-58. Schleicher KA8B PL-55 pictured above is seen at Weelde airbase on 4 August 2003.

Photo Daniel Brackx

Schleicher KA8B PL-56

Schleicher KA8B PL-56 being pulled in the air by sling at Weelde in August 2004.

Photo Daniel Brackx

Schleichers at the end of the season

Another page of history turned..., the last moments of the Schleicher KA8B in Air Cadets service. The end of season flights at Goetsenhoven on 9 October 2004.

Schleicher Ka 8B PL-58

Schleicher Ka 8B PL-58 (c/n 203/61) of the Belgian Air Cadets at Weelde airbase.


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