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Stampe Vertongen SV-4B

Single engine twin-seat trainer



  After a test and evaluation study for which two De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10 aircraft were also acquired, the Belgian Government finally decided in the Spring of 1947 to buy 33 Gipsy Major powered Stampe Vertongen SV-4B trainers for the Belgian Air Force initial pilot instruction.  This initial batch of aircraft was delivered to Schaffen-Diest airfield between June and December 1948. A second order for 12 Cirrus powered SV-4B's followed in 1952 and a third batch of again 12 Cirrus Stampes in 1953. These last aircraft were the first to adopt the overall orange color so familiar for this all Belgian designed. Previously the Stampes were painted in an aluminum color scheme sporting yellow training stripes over the wings and fuselage. Finally a last batch of 8 Gipsy Major powered SV's was acquired in 1954. The Stampe which by now was based at Goetsenhoven airfield near Tienen was appreciated for its stability and maneuverability and was used by the "Manchots" (penguins) stunt team established in 1965 and well known for their trademark mirror formations. The very last Stampes were used by the Belgian Air Force as glider tugs on behalf of the Belgian Air Cadet but by 1975 these nimble Belgian biplanes finally had to bow out of the military service, V-52 remaining in flying condition until the end of March 1978 for airshow presentations. As a testimony to this robust and clever design it can be said that almost half the Belgian Military SV-4B production survives to this day, the majority of which in flying condition.    

Picture  Serial C/N Date In Date Out History
V-1 1143 Jun 1948 May 1953 V-1, destroyed because of irrecoverable spin at Koksijde airbase on 26 April 1953.
V-2 1146 Jul 1948 Jul 1958 V-2, V2/OT-ZAA to Kamina (Belgian Congo), scrapped localy
V-3 1145 Jul1948 Mar 1953 V-3, crashed at Nivelles on 22 Apr 1952.
V-4 1144 Aug 1948 Dec 1971 V-4, MCVZ-CMVV, stored at Koksijde, OO-EIR
V-5 1147 Sep 1948 Mar 1971 V-5, stored at Koksijde, OO-PAX
V-6 1148 Aug 1948 Oct 1977 V-6, MCVZ-CMVV, written off in landing accident at Oostmalle on 5 Apr 1975.
V-7 1149 Oct 1948 Aug 1953 V-7, crashed at Oostende- Raversijde on 4 Aug 1953.
V-8 1150 Aug 1948 Jun 1968 V-8, crashed at Goetsenhoven on 06 Sep 1967, not repaired as intented first.
V-9 1151 Oct 1948 Jan 1965 V-9, crashed at Gpetsenhoven on 26 Jun 1964during a training flight for a solo display routine.
V-10 1152 Oct 1948 Jan 1954 V-10, crashed at Bothey (Namur) on 28 Nov 1953.
V-11 1153 Dec 1948 Jun 1967 V-11, crashed on landing at Goetsenhoven on 4 Aug 1966.
V-12 1154 Dec 1948 Aug 1956 V-12, Crashed at Goetsenhoven due to very bad weather on 9 Jul 1956.
V-13 1155 Dec 1948 Dec 1960 V-13, crashed at Taviers on 5 Nov 1959 during acro training.
V-14 1156 Dec 1948 Sep 1951 V-14, crashed on landing at Goetsenhoven on 14 Jun 1951
V-15 1157 Dec 1948 May 1950 V-15, written off after mid-air collision with Spitfire 14e SG-13 on 16 May 1950.
V-16 1158 June 1949 Jan 1971 V-16, stored at Koksijde, G-GOMD
V-17 1159 Jul 1949 Apr 1960 V-17, crashed on landing at Goetsenhoven on 15 Sep 1959.
V-18 1160 Oct 1949 Jan 1971 V-18, "Les Manchots" stunt team, stored at Koksijde, SLN-03 (Canadian Armed Forces Flying Club), G-BRMC, OO-GWD
V-19 1161 Feb 1949 Jul 1970 V-19, solo-display, stored at Koksijde, fatal crash at Koksijde on 11 Jul 1970
V-20 1162  Mar 1951 Mar 1971 V-20, stored at Koksijde, SLN-01 (Canadian Armed Forces Flying Club), C-GSLN (active at Calgary Alberta, Canada)
V-21 1163 Mar 1951 Jul 1970 V-21, Gate Guard Goetsenhoven, storage Royal Army Museum, OO-GWB, OO-SVG.
V-22 1164 Mar 1951 Mar 1971 V-22, stored at Koksijde, G-AZSA
V-23 1165 Mar 1951 Dec 1957 V-23, written off in landing accident at Goetsenhoven on 29 Aug 1957. OO-ESV
V-24 1166 Mar 1951 Jan 1965 V-24, detached to AFCENT Flying Club, Fontainebleau (F.), crashed at Moret-Episyy (F.) on 28 Aug 1964 while towing a glider.
V-25 1167 Apr 1951 Sep 1951 V-25, crshed at Marke on 20 Jul 1951 after hitting powerlines.
V-26 1168 Apr 1951 Jun 1969 V-26, crashed at Goetsenhoven on 26 May 1969 (beyond economic repair), restored as OO-SVH
V-27 1169 Apr 1951 Mar 1971  V-27, stored at Koksijde, G-AZUL, D-EIHD
V-28 1170 Apr 1951 Aug 1970 V-28, "Les Manchots" stunt team, to the Royal Army Museum, Brussels, on loan to the Stampe Vertongen Museum, Deurne.
V-29 1171 Jun 1951 Mar 1971 V-29, stored at Koksijde, OO-GWR, OO-GWB
V-30 1172 May 1951 Mar 1971 V-30, stored at Koksijde, OO-MON
V-31 1173 May 1951 Sep 1957 V-31, crashed at Goestenhoven on 27 May 1957, remains to SV-4 restoration specialist G. Titeca.
V-32 1174 Jun 1951 Sep 1951 V-31, crashed into the North Sea off Zeeebrugge on 19 Sep 1951
V-33 1175 Apr 1952 May 1976 V-33, stored at Koksijde, MCVZ, display object for PR duties, Evere, storage Royal Army Museum Brussels, display main entrance airport Zaventem, Royal Army Museum.
V-34 1176 Jul 1952 May 1959 V-34, crashed upon landing at Beauvechain on 18 Apr 1959.
V-35 1177 Jul 1952 May 1959 V-35, crashed at Goetsenhoven on 16 Feb 1959 due to engine problems.
V-36 1178 Aug 1952 Mar 1971 V-36, stored at Koksijde, SLN-02 (Canadian Armed Forces Flying Club).
V-37 1179 Aug 1952 Sep 1953 V-37, crashed at Goetsenhoven on 24 July 1953.
V-38 1180 Oct 1952 Mar 1971 V-38, stored at Koksijde, SLN-04 (Canadian Armed Forces Flying Club), C-GOCK.
V-39 1181 Oct 1952 Jun 1969 V-39, crashed at Overhespen in a reversed spin on 14 Oct 1968.
V-40 1182 Oct 1952 Dec 1967 V-40, crashed at Bardonecchia (Italy) on 29 Aug 1967.
V-41 1183 Oct 1952 Mar 1971 V-41, stored at Koksijde, OO-LUK
V-42 1184 Nov 1952 May 1960 V-42, crashed at Wevelgem on 26 May 1960. Repaired by civilians; OO-WIL, OO-JVD.
V-43 1185 Nov 1952 Oct 1976 V-43, MCVZ-CMVV, Stored at Koksijde, OO-SVB, PH-ZLS, N80243, OO-SVB
V-44 1186 Dec 1952 Jul 1959 V-44, crashed at Zwartberg on 7 July 1959.
V-45 1187 Nov 1952 Jul 1968 V-45, crashed at Oostmalle during take-off on 20 Apr 1968.
V-46 1188 Nov 1953 1971 V-46, MCVZ-CMVV, Crashed at Oostmalle on 3 Aug 1971, Wrecj to Royal Army Museum in 1974.
V-47 1189 Oct 1953 May 1958 V-47, SOC May 1958, OO-MCI, destroyed in hangar fire at Temploux in Jan 1993.
V-48 1190 Nov 193 Mar 1958 V-48, OO-PAM
V-49 1191 Jan  1954 Nov 1978 V-49, MCVZ, storage Koksijde, OO-SVA "V-49"
V-52 1194 Nov 1953 Dec 1978 V-52, MCVZ-CMVV, last military Stampe flight on March 30th 1978, Stored at Koksijde, crashed in Aug 1980, restored in OO-ATD colour scheme, F-AZEX, OO-GWC, OO-BPL
V-53 1195 Jan 1954 Apr 1960 V-53, damaged at Cambrai-Epinoy (F.) on 26 Apr 1960 and not repaired, sold as N180SV, N25SV
V-61 1203 Jun 1955 Mar 1971 V-61, stored at Koksijde, G-AZSA
V-64 1206 Jun 1955 Aug 1970 V-64, "Les Manchots" stunt team, preserved at the Royal Army Museum, Brussels, on loan to the Beauvechain Historical centre, Beauvechain.
film "Farewell to the Stampe Vertongen SV-4B, welcome to the Siai Marchetti"




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