Sikorsky H-19/S-55



Sikorsky H-19 S-42


Sikorsky H-19/S-55

Single engine light transport helicopter



  In 1959 the Belgian Government acquired two Sikorsky H-19 helicopters in the framework of the Mutual Defence Air Programme (M.D.A.P.) which were to be operated by the Openbare Macht/Force Publique in Belgian Congo. One aircraft which was damaged at the tail was left at Kitona military airbase when the colony became independent in July 1960 while the other was taken over by the Katanga Government. In April 1960 two more Sikorsky's were transferred from Sabena but one aircraft crashed after only a few days of operations while the other was taken over by the new Congolese administration at the independence.


Picture  Serial C/N Date In Date Out History
S-41 55-1272 Sep 1959 Aug 1960 S-41, abandoned at Moanda, Kitona, (Belgian Congo) after being damaged at Inga on Apr 4th, 1960, spare parts used by the UN, scrapped.
S-42 55-1276 Sep 1959 Aug 1960 S-42, KAT-42 (Katanga), seized at Elisabethville, fuselage still present in 1964.
(OO-CWF) 55-839 Apr 1960 Apr 1960 OO-CWF (Sabena), S-40(?), crashed April 1960, wreck used as spare parts resource
(OO-CWG) 55-840 Apr 1960 Aug 1960 OO-CWG (Sabena), S-.. (?), Openbare Macht/Force Publique, , WH-01, WT-01 (FAC)






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