Republic F-84F Thunderstreak

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak FU-16


Republic F-84F Thunderstreak

Single engine single seat fighter-bomber aircraft.



  In Of the 197 Republic F-84F Thunderstreaks delivered to Belgium as of 1955, some 180 were acquired in the framework of the Mutual Defence Assistance Programme (MDAP). Most of these aircraft were delivered by aircraft carrier to the port of Rotterdam, as were Streaks destined for the Dutch Koninklijke Luchtmacht. From the port the aircraft were transported by road to Avio-Diepen at Ypenburg (Nl.) were the protective covers were removed and the aircraft made flyable. During several months some Belgian pilots have transferred in flight the fighter-bombers to the operational bases in Belgium. In August 1955 the first Belgian Thunderstreak was delivered to N° 3 Squadron of the 2nd Wing based at Florennes. Towards the end of the same month two Belgian pilots had the honour to break the sound-barrier, something which made it on the front cover of all national newspapers. In the hands of pilots such as Marette and Dupont, Belgian Thunderstreaks executed fascinating solo displays all over Europe.

Thunderstreaks served at the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Squadron of the 2nd Wing and the 23rd, 27th, and 31st Squadrons of the 10th Wing at Kleine Brogel airbase. The elegant Thunderstreak remained in service with the Belgian Air Force until May 1972 when the last operational aircraft was flown into storage at Koksijde airbase. The Thunderstreak was replaced by the Lockheed F-104G Starfighter at Kleine Brogel and by the Dassault Mirage 5BA at Florennes. Numerous F-84F were used as decoys at most of Belgium’s operational air bases and some of them were even modified to look like Mirage fighters which were identified by the personnel as “Thundermirages”. On the ground these modifications looked horrible but from the air it was very difficult to see the difference with a real Mirage. Thanks to this second career many Belgian Thunderstreaks have been preserved in museums or displayed as gate guardians.  



Serial US Serial Date In Date Out History
FU-1 52-7116 Jan 1956 Jun 1956  FU-1/3R-L, crashed at Villereille-lesBrayeux (Binche) on 23 May 1956.
FU-2 51-7117  Mar 1956  Jun 1964 FU-2/YL-C, fatal crash at Peer on 17 Jul 1963
FU-3 52-7118  May 1957 Mar 1965 FU-3/YL-I, /8S-A, fatal crash at Corenne on 8 Jul 1964.
FU-4 52-7123  Sep 1955 Sep 1970 FU-4/YL-B, /YL-M, scrapped
FU-5 52-7124  Aug 1955 Dec 1971 FU-5/YL-I, /3R-B, /3R-E, stored at Koksijde, scrapped
FU-6 52-7133 Aug 1955 Jan 1972 FU-6/YL-A, /3R-A, stored at Koksijde, decoy Beauvechain, Southend Historic Aircraft Museum (U.K.), RAF Museum Cosford, Royal Aeronautical Society Rochester (U.K.) as "6771" Thunderbirds, USAF.
FU-7 52-7125 Sep 1955 Mar 1969 FU-7/YL-F, /3R-E, not repaired after cat. 4 accident at Orland (Norway) on 15 Jun 1968, spare parts resource.
FU-8 52-7141 Jan 1956 Jun 1064 FU-8/3R-V, /UR-P, /YL-J, crashed at Meteren (F.) after mid-air collision with FU-42.
FU-9 52-7148 Aug 1955 Dec 1955 FU-9/YL-G, destroyed when engine exploded at Bierset on 8 Dec 1955.
FU-10 52-7115 Dec 1955 Jan 1972 FU-10/3R-J, /3R-C, stored at Koksijde, decoy "BA-01" at Bierset, Museum Savigny-les-Beaune (F.), Lafayette Museum, Orange (F.), private collection Baarlo (Nl.), gray c/s with KLu roundels, Paintball Red-Fox at Kessel
FU-11 52-7127 Dec 1957 Jul 1973 FU-11/3R-I, /YL-M, stored at Koskijde, scrapped.
FU-12 52-7137 Sep 1955 Sep 1968 FU-12/YL-V, /3R-D, YL-N, crashed at Wannegem-Lede after engine failure on 21 Aug 1967.
- FU-13 52-7139 Sep 1955 Jan 1956 FU-13/YL-P, crashed at Leuze-Longchamps on 28 Nov 1955 due to engine failure.
FU-14 52-7144 Sep 1955 Aug 1958 FU-14/YL-, /3R-S, crashed at Rouloux-Bierset after the explosion of the engine on 28 July 1958.
FU-15 52-7154 Nov 1955 Apr 1956 FU-15/YL-M, crashed at Corenne on 30 Mar 1956
FU-16 52-7135 Mei 1956 Nov 1971 FU-16//YL-D, /UR-S, special c/s as display a/c. Written off on 29 Jan 1971 after mid-air collision with FU-39 over Dinant 
FU-17 52-7136 Oct 1955 Jul 1973 FU-17/YL-H, stored at Koksijde, scrapped
FU-18 52-7138 Nov 1955 Aug 1971 FU-18/YL-Q, Technical School Saffraanberg instructional airfr ame, Evere, scrapped.
FU-19 52-7143 Oct 1955 Dec 1962 FU-19/UR-I, /YL-L, crashed at Florennes on 12 Oct 1961 due to engine failure.
FU-20 52-7151 Oct 1955 Jul 1965 FU-020/3R-C, 3R-V, stored Koksijde, recruting object, scrapped at Evere
FU-21 52-7170 May 1956 Jan 1972 FU-21/YL-L, /YL-S, stored at Koksijde, decoy Brustem, Savigny-les-Baune Museum (F.).
FU-22 52-7171 Nov 1955 Jan 1972 FU-22/YL-C, Stored at Koksijde, scrapped
FU-23 52-7152 Jan 1956 Aug 1959 FU-23/3R-F, /YL-K, crashed at Hargnies (F.) on 24 Aug 1959. Pilot ejected due to smoke in cockpit.
FU-24 52-7156 Sep 1957 Nov 1958 FU-24/YL-J, written off in landing accident at Florennes on 17 Oct 1958.
FU-25 52-7161 Nov 1955 Jan 1957 FU-25/3R-W, crashed  on take of from Florennes on 25 oct 1956
FU-26 52-7162 Apr 1956 Jan 1972 FU-26/3R-T, special c/s demo, stored at Koksijde, decoy Brustem, destroyed in fire-fighting demonstration
FU-27 52-7163 Jan 1956 Jul 1962 FU-27/3R-B, /YL-O, crashed at Dave after a mid-air collision with FU-31 on 19 Feb 1962.
FU-28 52-7166 Apr 1956 Jan 1972 FU-28/YL-K, /3R-I, stored at Koksijde, decoy Brustem, stored at Kapellen for the Royal Army Museum, scrapped.
FU-29 52-7175 Nov 1955 Jan 1972 FU-29/UR-D, /3R-V, stored at  Koklsijde, Decoy BA-02 at Bierset, destroyed in simulated attack on Bierset airbase during airshow in Sep 1993. Pats used to restore F-84F at  Vadim Zadorozhny’s Technical Museum near Moscow.
FU-30 52-7169 Mar1956 Jan 1972 FU-30/3R-G, stored at Koksijde, on display at the Royal Army Museum, Brussels
FU-31 52-7178 Aug 1956 Jan 1972 FU-31/3R-C, /3R-U, stored at Koksijde, decoy "BA-08" at Bierset, used for fire fighting practice.
FU-32 52-7183 Jul 1956 May 1965 FU-32/3R-K, /YL-K, crashed at Crupet/Dinant on 13 May 1965.
FU-33 52-7192 Jan 1956 Jan 1972 FU-33/3R-P, /3R-A, stored at Koskijde, decoy Florennes, monument Chièvres
FU-34 52-7195 May 1956 Jan 1965 FU-34/UR-M (?), written of landing accident at Andoya (N.) on 5 Jun 1964
FU-35 52-7204 Jun 1956 Aug 1958 FU-35/3R-K, crashed at Hönningen (D.) on 11 Jun 1956 after hitting trees.
FU-36 52-7157 Mar 1956 Jan 1972 FU-36/3R-Q, /YL-R, stored at Koksijde, decoy at Brustem, SITO School, Antwerpen LO, Polish Aviation Museum, Krakow (Pl.).
FU-37 52-7180 Mar 1956 Dec 1971 FU-37/3R-R, /3R-M, stored at Koksijde, scrapped.
FU-38 52-7182  Mar 1956 Nov 1957 FU-38/YL-B, written off at Florennes on 01 Oct 1957 due to the explosion of its engine. Transferred to Fairey-Gosselies, but scrapped locally.
FU-39 52-7194  May 1957 Nov 1971 FU-39/YL-A, /YL-M, crashed at Dinant on 29 Jan 1971 after a mid-air collision with FU-16
FU-40 52-7187 Jun 1957 Jan 1960 FU-40/YL-U, -YL-I, crashed Bocholt (D.) on 16 Oct 1959 after explosion of engine.
FU-41 52-7193 Aug 1956 Jun 1968 FU-41/3R-Y, written off in landing accident at Florennes on 4 Aug 1966.
FU-42 52-7196 Jun 1956 Jun 1964 FU-42/YL-W, UR-S, 3R-J, Mid-air collision with FU-8 at Meteren (F.) on 9 Jul 1963.
FU-43 52-7202 Jun 1956 Jul 1958 FU-43/YL-W, /3R-P,  Crashed at Florennes on 23 Jul 1958, engine explosion.
FU-44 52-7207 Mar 1956 Dec 1971 FU-44/3R-H, /3R-N, stored at Koksijde, scrapped.
FU-45 52-7210 Jun 1956 Jan 1972 FU-45 3R-F, stored at Koksijde, Decoy Florennes, Museum Savigny-les-Beaune (F.) 
FU-46 52-7220 Jun 1956 Jun 1957 FU-46/3R-L, written-off in field landing at Hejnsvig (Dk.) on 19 Jun 1957
FU-47 52-7222 May 1956 Jul 1958 FU-47/3R-E, crashed at Florennes on 18 Jun 1958 in very bad weather conditions and no GCA available.
FU-48 52-7223 Apr 1957 Jun 1964 FU-48/UR-T, /UR-L, crashed at shooting range at Vlieland (Nl.) after being hit by bomb dropped by FU-166.
FU-49 52-7008 Apr 1956 Feb 1971 FU-49/3R-D, stored at Koksijde, decoy BA-05 at Kleine Brogel, used for fire-fighting practice.
FU-50 52-7011 Aug 1956 Jan 1972 FU-50/3R-T, stored at Koksijde, decoy at Florennes.
FU-51 52-7215 Apr 1956 Jan 1972 FU-51/3R-G, stored at Koksijde, decoy Brustem, monument Fouga Flight Brustem, monument Temploux
FU-52 52-7216 Apr 1956 Dec 1971 FU-52/3R-N, /YL-P, /3R-W, special c/s as demo a/c for Maj. Marette/ Adj. Dupnt, stored at Koksijde, scrapped
FU-53 52-7225 Jul 1956 Jun 1958 FU-53/YL-X, crashed at Hunsel (Nl.) after engine explosion in flight on 4 Jun 1958.
FU-54 52-7226 Sep 1956 Jun 1962 FU-54/YL-P, /UR-B, Crashed at Westgarthausen (D.) on 22 Mar 1961 after structural failure of tail unit.
FU-55 52-10521 Apr 1956 Dec 1971 FU-55/YL-E, /UR-R, special c/s as demo a/c for Maj. Marette, stored at Koksijde, scrapped
- FU-56 52-10526 Jun 1956 Mar 1958 FU-56/3R-S, crashed at Louette St. Pierre (Gedinne) on 26 Mar 1958
FU-57 52-10532 Mar 1956 Oct 1958 FU-57/YL-H, written-off in a belly landing at Karup (DK) on 23 Apr 1958.
FU-58 52-10537 Oct 1956 Aug 1968 FU-58/3R-Z, /UR-N, special c/s as demo a/c for Adj. Dupont. written of at Florennes on 13 feb 1968
FU-59 53-6543 Sep 1956 Dec 1971 FU-59/RA-R, stored at Koksijde, scrapped
FU-60 53-6549 Sep 1956 Feb 1969 FU-60/Z6-S, /RA-T, crashed at Bungem Dingden/Bocholt (D.) on 26 Jan 1968.
FU-61 52-7012 Aug 1956 Jun 1964 FU-61/UR-H, :3R-X, crashed at Rygge (Norway) on 3 Jun 1964.
FU-62 52-7129 Sep 1956 May 1958 FU-62/UR-Y, /3R-Y, crashed at Kaulille after engine explosion on appraoch to Kleine Brogel on 22 May 1958.
FU-63 52-10519 Aug 1956 Jul 1971 FU-63/ YL-D, /UR-W, /3R-Z, stored at Koksijde, Decoy "BA-56" at Kleine Brogel, target at Pampa Range, Helchteren.
FU-64 52-10531 Nov 1956 May 1964 FU-64/3R-I, Accident at Florennes  on 30 Jan 1964, not repaired, used for instruction at Florennes, Returned to MAAG.
FU-65 53-6560 Nov 1956 Mar 1957 FU-65/RA-S, crashed at Budel (Nl.) after a mid-air collision with FU-83 on 18 Mar 1957.
FU-66 53-6677 Sep 1956 May 1971 FU-66/Z6-T, Z6-C, RA-T, stored Koksijde, Decoy Brustem, Monument Kleine Brogel "FU-66/RA-T"
FU-67 53-6681 Sep 1956 Feb 1971 FU-67/RA-H, Stored Koksijde , Decoy "BA-03"  Kleine Brogel
FU-68 53-6683  Oct 1956  May 1957 FU-68/Z6-V, crashed upon landing at Kleine Brogel on 14 Dec 1956.
FU-69 53-6685 Dec 1967 Mar 1957 FU-69/Z6-X, Cat 4 accident at Kleine Brogel on 6 Mar 1957, not repaired
- FU-70 53-6698 Oct 1956 Jul 1957 FU-70/RA-S, crashed on 2 July 1957 in the sea North off Den Helder (N.) possibly after mid-air collision with FU-71.
FU-71 53-6703 Oct 1956 Jul 1957 FU-71/RA-O, crashed on 2 July 1957 in the sea North off Den Helder (N.) possibly after mid-air collision with FU-70.
FU-72 53-6770 Aug 1956 Mar 1959 FU-72/RA-F, crashed at Lathuy on 12 Mar 1959 after mid-air collision with FU-170.
FU-73 53-6714 Sep 1956 Dec 1971 FU-73, stored at Koksijde, scrapped.
FU-74 53-6716 Aug 1956 May 1971 FU-74, stored at Koksijde, Decoy "BA-04" at Bierset, Lowered in quarry at Esneux as diving object with fictitious registration "IS-E"
FU-75 53-6622 Aug 1956 Aug 1958 FU-75/UR-X, not repaired after landing collission with FU-180 at Florennes on 13 Feb 1958.
FU-76 53-6536 Mar 1956 May 1971 FU-76/UR-L, /Z6-A, stored at Koksijde, , decoy Florennes, Museum Nancy (F.), Museum Albert (F.)
FU-77 53-6558 Mar 1956 Jan 1959 FU-77/Z6-M, destroyed in a fire caused by the explosion of the starter at Cazaux (F.) on 18 Oct 1958.
FU-78 53-6541 Mar 1956 Jun 1964 FU-78/UR-K, /8S-L, Destroyed in fire after aborted take off at Kleine Brogel on 9 Jul 1962.
FU-79 53-6570 Mar 1956 Oct 1956 FU-79/UR-V, landing accident on 1 Oct 1956, to Technical School at Saffraanberg as instructional airframe.
FU-80 53-6573 Oct 1956 Oct 1965 FU-80/Z6-S, Crashed at Florennes on 10 Aug 1965.
FU-81 53-6577 Mar 1956 Aug 1960 FU-81/UR-E, /UR-I, /Z6-F, accident Cat.4 at Kleine Borgel on 30 May 1960, not repaired.
FU-82 53-6587 Mar 1956 Jan 1972 FU-82/UR-Y, /Z6-U, 8S-T, stored at Koksijde, decoy Brustem, stored at Evere, sank in the Carrière de Roche Fontaine, Franchimont as diving object
FU-83 53-6555 Mar 1956 Jul 1957 FU-83/RA-K, accident at Budel mid-air collision with FU-65. Although the nose of the aircraft was completely cut off, the pilot managed a safe belly landing at Kleine Brogel.
FU-84 53-6564 Apr 1956 Oct 1065 FU-84/Z6-Y, /8S-C, crashed at Florennes  on 6 Aug 1964 at Florennes.
FU-85 53-6571 Mar 1956 Dec 1972 FU-85/RA-P, /Z6-V, participated in last BAF F-84F flight with "A Dieu" and "Joe" painted on fuselage, stored Koksijde, scrapped.
FU-86 53-6583 Mar 1956 Oct 1966 FU-86/Z6-O, /RA-T, /RA-O, crashed at Arbrefontaine after mid-air collision with FU-189 on 26 Oct 1966.
FU-87 53-6589 Apr 1956 Jul 1962 FU-87/Z6-H, :Z6-D, crashed at Leeuwarden (Nl.) with engine on fire on 18 May 1962.
FU-88 53-6598 Mar 1956 Sep 1958 FU-88/RA-., Destroyed in a fire during IRAN inspection at Tarrant-Rushton (U.K.) on 14  Sep  1958
- FU-89 53-6675 Jul 1956 Jul 1958 FU-89/RA-Q, crashed at Lommel on 16 Apr 1958.
FU-90 53-6679 Jul 1956 Jun 1960 FU-90/RA-A, /8S-Y, crashed at Kleine Brogel due to engine problems on take-off on 1 Jun 1960.
FU-91 53-6693 Aug 1956 Jan 1971 FU-91/S6-P, /8S-R, stored Koksijde, Decoy Florennes, used for fire-fighting practice.
FU-92 53-6702 Aug 1956 Jan 1972 FU-92/Z6-P, /RA-E, /Z6-M, stored at Koksijde, decoy Brustem.
FU-93 53-6717 Aug 1956 Jan 1972 FU-93/RA-B, stored at Koksijde, decoy "BA-03" Bierset.
FU-94 53-6602 Apr 1956 Nov 1971 FU-94/UR-M, crashed at Gochenée due to engine problems on take-off on 9 Nov 1970.
FU-95 53-6581 Apr 1956 Jul 1970 FU-95/8S-F, crahed on landing at Florennes on 21 Apr 1970
FU-96 53-6599 Apr 1956 Jul 1962 FU-96/UR-C, /Z6-W, crashed at Husum (D.) after mid-air collision with FU-8 on 15 Mar 1962
FU-97 53-6539 Apr 1956 May 1971 FU-97/8S-J, /Z6-P, /UR-A, stored at Koksijde, decoy "BA-09" Bierset, parts of wreckage to Museum at Savigny-les-Beaune (F.).
- FU-98 53-6565 Apr 1956 Jun 1964 FU-98/8S-G, crashed at Hameln (D.) on 16 Oct 1962 after a mid-air Collision with FU-101.
FU-99 53-6618 Apr 1956 Feb 1960 FU-99/RA-U (Woody Woodpecker), /Z6-X, Destroyed in hangar fire at Kleine Brogel on 13 Oct 1959.
FU-100 53-6552 Apr 1956 May 1959 FU-100/8S-L, /RA-N, Crashed at Eksel on 19 Jan 1959 after engine explosion
FU-101 53-6540 Apr 1956 Jun 1964 FU-101, crashed at Hamln (D.) after mid-air collision with FU-98.
FU-102 53-6561 Apr 1956 Apr 1957 FU-102/RA-G, crashed on take off at Peer after explosion of engineon 17 Feb  1957.
FU-103 53-6597 Apr 1956 Jan 1972 FU-103/RA-J, /Z6-I, stored at Koksijde, decoy at Florennes, moniment at Florennes as "FU-66/066", "FU-066/YL-A".
FU-104 53-6701 Jun 1956 Nov 1963 FU-104/8S-X, /RA-Z, /RA-Q, crashed at Gosselies on 22 Jan 1963.
FU-105 53-6707 Jun 1956 Jan 1972 FU-105/RA-C, -RA-D, stored at Koksijde, decoy at Brustem, stored at Kapellen for the Royal Army Museum, scrapped.
FU-106 53-6722 Jun 1956 Jan 1972 FU-106/8S-I, /RA-F, stored at Koksijde, decoy "BA-05" at Bierset, scrapped
FU-107 53-6684 Jul 1956 May 1959 FU-107/RA-B, written off in landing accident at Kleine Brogel on 16 Oct 1958.
FU-108 53-6610 May 1956 Jan 1971 FU-108/RA-K, used for exhibit purposes, gate guardian Florennes
FU-109 53-6593 May 1956 Dec 1957 FU-109/Z6-B, crashed at Kleine Brogel on 25 Sep 1957 due to engine flame-out.
- FU-110 53-6615 May 1956 Oct 1962 FU-110/Z6-C, /3R-T, crashed at Micheroux obn 17 Jan 1962
FU-111 52-7199 Oct 1956 Nov 1958 FU-111/3R-W, crashed at Beauvechain due to explosion of engine on 17 Oct 1958.
FU-113 53-6700 Nov 1956 Dec 1971 FU-113/RA-R, storage at Koksijde, scrapped.
FU-116 53-6738 May 1956 Jan 1972 FU-116/RA-S, /Z6-E, stored at Koksijde, decoy "BA-07" Bierset, Museum Savigny-lés-Beaune (F.)
FU-118 53-6580 May 1956 Dec 1971 FU-118/Z6-I, /Z6-B, stored at Koksijde , scrapped.
FU-119 53-6720 May 1956 Dec 1971 FU-119/RA-P, /UR-G, last formation flight painted "F" - "TonTon" on fuselage, storage at Koksijde, scrapped.
FU-122 53-6755 May 1956 Dec 1971 FU-122/Z6-N, /RA-L, storage at Koksijde, scrapped
FU-123 53-6768 May 1956 Jan 1972 FU-123/8S-A, /RA-N, /Z6-H, stored Koksijde, decoy at Beauvechain, stored at Weelde (for Royal Army Museum, disappeared,  Savigny-lès-Beaune Museum, Motélimar Museum (identity changed to FU-21)
FU-130 53-6769 Jun 1956 Dec 1971 FU-130/8S-H, /8S-G, /RA-M, stored at Koksijde, scrapped
FU-133 53-6762 Jul 1956 Jun 1968 FU-133/Z6-D, /Z6-L, /RA-C, crashed at Blaimont on 03 Feb 1967
FU-137 53-6554 Jul 1956 Apr 1969 FU-137/UR-D, /Z6-A, written off in accident 09 Feb 1969 at Florennes, scrapped
FU-142 53-6574 Sep 1956 Dec 1971 FU-142/Z6-H, stored at Koskijde, scrapped
FU-143 53-6791 Sep 1956 Feb 1971 FU-143/8S-Y, stored at Koksijde, decoy at Beauvechain, used for fire-fighting training.
FU-144 53-6783 Oct 1956 Jan 1972 FU-144/8S-P, /8S-I, /RA-I, stored at Koksijde,decoy Florennes, monument as "FU-52/YL-P", Lallemand Museu as "FU-52/UR-H". 
FU-145 53-6613 Oct 1956 Feb 1971 FU-145:Z6-E, stored at Koksijde, decoy at Kleine Brogel, preserved at Kleine Brogel as FU-145/Z6-E
FU-146 53-6532 Nov 1956 Dec 1971 FU-146/8S-B, /Z6-W, stored Koksijde, scrapped.
FU-156 53-6834 Feb 1957 Jan 1972 FU-156/RA-K "Mickey Mouse", stored at Koksijde, decoy at Brustem, stored at Weelde and Kapellen (Royal Army Museum), scrapped.
FU-163 53-6933 Oct 1957 Dec 1971 FU-163/UR-L, /3R-S stored Koksijde, scrapped.
FU-165 53-6951 Sep 1957 Jul 1971 FU-165/3R-L, written off at Solenzara (F.), to Techn. School  Saffraanberg for instruction purposes.
FU-170 53-6792 Apr 1957 May 1959 FU-170/RA-E, crashed at Lathuy after mid-air collision with FU-72 on 12 Mar 1959
FU-172 53-6900 May 1957 Dec 1971 FU-172/3R-H, /UR)O, storage at Koksijde, scrapped.
FU-174 53-6863 Jun 1957 May 1963 FU-174/UR-Q, 3R-L, to Techn. School  Saffraanberg for instruction purpose, scrapped
FU-177 53-6888 May 1957 Jan 1972 FU-177/3R-G, -/UR-Z, stored Koksijde, Decoy "BA04" at Kleine Brogel, Museum Leopoldsburg, gate guard Leopoldburg-Beverlo airfield.
FU-178 53-6929 Jan 1958 Dec 1962 FU-178/UR-V, /UR-U, written off in accident at Ramelfaghen (D.) on 12 Jul 1962
FU-183 52-6403 Apr 1958 Mar 1970 FU-183/Z6-R, /3R-S, stored at Koksijde , decoy "BA-06" at Kleine Brogel, target at Pampa Range, Helchteren.
FU-184 52-6430 Apr 1958 Mar 1970 FU-184/Z6-W, Storage Koksijde, Decoy Beauvechain, Storage at Westerloo and Kapellen for Royal Army Museum, scrapped
FU-185 52-6569 Apr1958 Mar 1970 FU-185/8S-U, /Z6-U, stored at Koksijde, decoy BA-07 at Kleine Brogel, Tiger Air Force Museum, Peer, scrapped ?
FU-193 52-7059 Apr 1958 May 1960 FU-193/Z6-U, -/3R-N, written off in an accident at Florennes on 27 May 1960 
FU-197 52-6584 May 1958 Feb 1971 FU-197/8S-J, stored at Koksijde, decoy at Kleine Brogel, monument at Keiheuvel
A clean formation of four F-84F Thunderstreaks of N° 3 Squadron/2 Wing as seen from a Lockheed T-33A in 1956.
    film on the Republic F-84F Thunderstreaks of the 10th Wing at Kleine Brogel







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