Percival P.66 Pembroke C.51



Percival Pembroeke C.51 RM-3


Percival P.66 Pembroke C.51

Twin engine transport and communications aircraft.



 In 1953 the Belgian Government ordered 12 Percival Pembroke's through Conbtract N° SP140 as a replacement for the ageing Avro Anson.The aircraft was used for short-range transport and liaison flights. Between 1956 and 1957 several brand-new Pembrokes were stored at Wevelgem awaiting a future detachment to the Belgian Congo, which eventually never materialised.
A number of Pembrokes were also used for the benefit of the Belgian National Geographical Institute that used the aerial photographs obtained with the Pembrokes to produce very detaild maps of the country. In 1978 the Pembrokes were struck of charge after their replacement, the Swearingen Merlin III became operational. All but two Pembrokes were sold to the rather dark company Air America (not to be confused with the CIA-supported Air America that was operational in South-East Asia), which was owned by a drugsdealer. After some very adventurous carreers in Souith America, several former Belgian Pembrokes were acquired and preserved in the USA.

Picture  Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
RM-1 P66/0014 Feb 1954 Jan 1975 RM-1/OT-ZAA (BAF 61), N51973 (Air America), Yankee Air Force, stored Caldwell Wright Apt (NJ USA).
RM-2 P66/0017 May 1954 Jul 1974 RM-2/OT-ZAB (BAF82), N51948 (Air America), N66PK, Puyallup/Thun Field, (WA USA)
RM-3 P66/0020 May 1954 Jan 1977 RM-3/OT-ZAC (BAF83), N51951 (Air America), Paul Kennedy-Newark (NJ USA)
RM-4 P66/0021 Jun 1954  Aug 1976 RM-4/OT-ZAD (BAF84), Preserved at the Royal Army Museum, Brussels
RM-5 P66/0024 Jul 1954 Feb 1974 RM-5/OT-ZAE (BAF85), N51961 (Air America),Hubert Cotton, Atlanta, (GA USA), for sale...
RM-6 P66/0025 Aug 1954 Aug 1975 RM-6/OT-ZAF (BAF86), N51962 (Air America), stored at Fort Lauderdale (FL USA), ...
RM-7 P66/0027 Aug 1954 Mar 1976 RM-7, Preserved at Molenheide amusement parc, Gate Guardian at Melsbroek aisbase.
RM-8 P66/0028 Sep 1954 Feb 1975 RM-8/OT-ZAH (BAF88), N51963 (Air America), Ketch Wayne-Gainsville (NY, USA)
RM-9 P66/0029 Sep 1954 Mar 1976 RM-9/OT-ZAI (BAF89), N51964 (Air America), HR-ITA, N702JM, N510RP Anoka County - Blaine Airport, C-GBGT to be restored at Vancouver (Can.)
RM-10 P66/0031 Oct 1954 May 1976 RM-10/OT-ZAJ (BAF90), N51966 (Air America), Stored at Mojave (CA, USA)
RM-11 P66/0032 Oct 1954 Jun 1976 RM-11/OT-ZAK (BAF91), N51970 (Air America), last noted at El Mirage-Adelanto Field, (CA USA)
RM-12 P66/0033 Oct 1954 Jun 1975 RM-12/OT-ZAL (BAF92), N51972 (Air America), stored at Watsonville (CA, USA)



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