Miles M.25 Martinet TT.1

Miles Martinet R-6 Koksijde

Miles Martinet R-6 at Koksijde airbase in the early fifties.

Miles Martinet TT.1

Single engine two-seat target towing aircraft.

Originally 9 Miles Martinet target towing aircraft were ordered with Command paper 7039 for use at the Fighter School (Jachtvliegschool/Ecole de Chasse) at Koksijde airbase. All of these aircraft were delivered in 1947. Two of the aircraft were in such a bad shape that they were refused by the Belgian authorities and replaced by two other aircraft. At first the aircraft resorted under the still mysterious "Flight 600" which officially did not exist on paper but which was in fact the name of the unit which gathered all available aircraft at the early days of the creation of the Fighter School. They soldiered on until replaced by Mosquito target towing aircraft in the early fifties.


Serial c/n Date In Date Out History
R-1 - Mar 1947 Oct 1951 MS856 (RAF), EMA01 (BAF), R-1, not repaired after Cat.3 accident on 22 Jun 1951, scrapped at Koksijde
R-2 - Mar 1947 May 1953 MS815 (RAF), EMA02 (BAF), R-2
R-3 - Jun 1947 1949 EM521 (RAF), R-3, 18 Jul 1949 ground collission with R-7, most probably not repaired
R-4 - Jun 1947 Mar 1952 EM683 (RAF), R-4
- R-5 - Jun 1947 Aug 1948 HP415 (RAF), R-5refused by Belgian authorities due to its bad state, returned to RAF (Signal School) and replaced by R-10.
R-6 - Jun 1947 May 1952 NR297 (RAF), R-6
R-7 - Jul 1947 Jan 1950 NR441 (RAF), R-7, 18 Jul 1949 ground collission with R-3, most probably not repaired
R-8 - Jun 1947 Jun 1949 NR442 (RAF), R-8, 02 Jun 1949 Cat. 5 accident at Adinkerke due to engine failure.
- R-9 - Jun 1947 Jul 1948 MS773 (RAF), R-9, refused by Belgian authorities due to its bad state, returned to RAF, replaced by R-11.
R-10 - Jul 1948 May 1953 JN539 (RAF), R-10
R-11 - Jul 1948 Apr 1952 NR650 (RAF), R11, 24 Apr 1952 Cat.5 accident at Koksijde due to engine failure.


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