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Hawker Hunter F.6

Single engine single seat jet fighter



   Barely one year after the delivery of the first Hawker Hunter F.4 to the Belgian Air Force, the first Hunters of the improved F.6 version joined the Belgian fighter units. The F.6 variant was powered by the more powerful Rolls-Royce Avon 203 engine producing 10.000lbs of thrust at sea level (an 25% increase over the F.4’s Avon 100). Early on in its service life the Hunter F.6 was retrofitted with a “saw-tooth” wing that prevented a “pith-up” effect at higher speeds and made the aircraft easier to control in high-speed turns. This modification was later introduced in the course of the production process. Additionally the F.6 was also equipped with a 'flying-tail' meaning that besides its power-assisted elevators the fighter was also equipped with an electrically operated variable incidence tail plane. A liquid fuel (AVPIN) starting system replaced the cartridges, resulting in a considerably reduced scramble time. Furthermore, these aircraft could carry wing pylon tanks giving them a greater range while a more advanced radio and navigation system was introduced. All these improvements allowed the Hunter to easily compete with most of the fighters of its generation but unfortunately not for long. The new class of Mach 2 capable fighters/interceptors was already being tested out.


   The Belgian Air Force’s requirement was for 144 aircraft (registered IF-1 to IF-144), of which 52 were to be delivered straight from Fokker, whilst Belgian companies Sabca and Fairey at Gosselies produced another 92 from Fokker assembly kits. The first Belgian Hunter F.6 (IF-1) left the Fokker plant on March 3, 1957. On August 30, 1957 the first Belgian assembled aircraft (IF-9) left the Avions Fairey plant and on October 2nd, 1957. Hunter IF-8 was the first F.6 to leave the Sabca line.

   The first unit to be equipped with the Hunter F.6 was N° 9 Fighter Wing with 22 Squadron (code 'IS-') and 26 Squadron (code 'JE-') at Bierset. It had received its first Hunters F.4 in August 1957, and already in September of that same year the 9th Wing received brand new Hunter F.6s.

   The second Hunter F.6 unit  was No 7 Wing at Chièvres, whose first aircraft arrived in December 1957. No 8 Squadron (code 'OV') was the first squadron to be equipped with the aircraft, followed by No 7 Squadron (code '7J') in late 1959. In addition to its air defence role, No 8 Squadron also acted as the Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) for all new Hunter pilots entering the Belgian Air Force. In the early years No 7 Wing operated a mixed fleet of Hunter F.4 and F.6s. During the course of 1958 all the Hunter F.4s from the second batch were sent to Sabca and brought up to partial F.6 standards; their engines had to remain unchanged as the Avon 200s were too large for the airframe. Just a year later all these modified aircraft were flown to Koksijde to be stored and sold as scrap.

   In 1960 No 7 Wing was the sole Hunter operator and in 1963 the first rumours appeared that No 7 Wing was to be disbanded quickly confirmed by the disbandment of No 8 Squadron on August 1st, 1963, followed by No 7 Squadron on November 4, 1963. All the remaining Hunters were flown to Koksijde for storage. Here at least 93 were prepared for a ferry flight to the United Kingdom after being bought by Hawker Siddeley Aviation. A large number of these aircraft were upgraded or rebuild as dual seaters and sold on to new users such as India, Iraq, Kuwait, Chile and Lebanon were some of these former Belgian Hunters are still operational. Only a single Belgian Hunter F.6 (IF-65) remains preserved on a roundabout near Chièvres airbase.

   The Hawker Hunter F.6 was also the mount of the famous Belgian aerobatic Team the Red Devils (Rode Duivels, Diables Rouges). The team gave their first presentation at the Valenciennes airshow in France on June 12th, 1957 while the last show of the team on Hunter took place at Chièvres airbase on June 23rd, 1963. (Daniel Brackx)


Serial Builder c/n Date In Date Out History
IF-1 Fokker 8745 May 1957 Feb 1965 IF-1, Technical School Saffraanberg, storage Koksijde, G-9-187 (Hawker), A482 (India)
IF-2 Fokker 8746 Aug 1957 Jun 1959 IF-2/IS-R, /JE-C, lost hood on take off from Bierset on 9 Jun 1959, aircraft not repaired.
IF-3 Fokker 8747 Oct 1957 Feb 1963 IF-3/IS-V, /OV-C, stored Koksijde, G-9-107 (Hawker), A484 (India).
IF-4 Fokker 8748 Oct 1957 May 1963 IF-4/IS-O, stored at Koksijde, G-9-124 (Hawker), A460 (India).
IF-5 Fokker 8749 Sep 1957 Apr 1959 IF-5/IS-S, not repaired after Cat.3 accident at Bierset on 20 Feb 1959, scrapped.
IF-6 Fokker 8750 Sep 1957 Apr 1962 IF-6/IS-W, storage at Koksijde, G-9-70 (Hawker), 570 (Iraq).
IF-7 Fokker 8751 Sep 1957 Nov 1963 IF-7/OV-T, storage Koksijde, G-9-154 (Hawker), A474 (India).
IF-8 Sabca 8752/T101 Oct 1957 Oct 1963 IF-8/IS-U, storage Koksijde, G-9-127 (Hawker), 660 (Iraq).
IF-9 Fairey 8753/T102 Aug 1957 May 1963 IF-9, storage at Koksijde, G-9-133 (Hawker), 661 (Iraq).
- IF-10 Sabca 8754/T103 Oct 1957 Apr 1960 IF-10, storage Koksijde, G-9-71 (Hawker), 584 (Iraq).
IF-11 Fairey 8755/T104 Oct 1957 May 1962 IF-11/JE-A, storage Koksijde, G-9-97 (Hawker), 631 (Iraq).
- IF-12 Fairey 8756/T105 Oct 1957 Mar 1958 IF-12/IS-K, crashed at Sylt (D.) after mid-air collision with IF-40 on 29 Mar 1958.
IF-13 Sabca 8757/T106 Nov 1957 Aug 1963 IF-13, storage at Koksijde, G-9-128 (Hawker), A463 (India).
IF-14 Fairey 8758/T107 Nov 1957 Jan1962 IF-14, storage Koksijde, G-9-72 (Hawker), 572 (Irak).
IF-15 Fairey 8759/T108 Nov1957 Oct 1962 IF-15, Explosion of starter at Beauvechain on 11 Jul 1962, displayed at "Den Tir" at Kiel.
IF-16 Sabca 8760/T109 Dec 1957 Aug 1963 IF-16/IS-D, storage Koksijde, G-9-123 (Hawker), A462 (India).
IF-17 Fairey 8761/T110 Dec 1957 Nov 1963 IF-17/JE-I, storage Koksijde, G-9-158 (Hawker), A476 (India)
IF-18 Fairey 8762/T111 Dec 1957 Oct 1963 IF-18, storage Koksijde, G-9-148 (Hawker), A472 (India).
IF-19 Sabca 8763/T112 Jan 1958 Jul 1958 IF-19, crash Chièvres on 21 Mar 1958, G-APUX (T.66A trainer conversion), 567 (Iraq), G-APUX, L-581 (Lebanon), G-9-232 (Hawker), J-718 (Chile), stored at Air Force Museum Los Cerrilos (Chile).
- IF-20 Fokker 8764 Nov 1957 Apr 1960 IF-20, storage Koksijde, G-9-73 (Hawker), 627 (T.69 - Iraq).
IF-21 Fokker 8765 Oct 1957 Apr 1960 IF-21/IS-X, storage Koksijde, G-9-74 (Hawker), 574 (Iraq)
IF-22 Fokker 8766 Nov 1957 Jul 1963 IF-22/JE-N, storage Koksijde, G-9-108 (Hawker), 659 (Iraq).
IF-23 Fairey 8767/T113 Dec 1957 Dec 1961 IF-23/OV-L, crashed at Croix-lez-Ronveroy (F.) on 15 Apr 1960 after a mid-air collision with Armée de l'Air Super Mystère
IF-24 Fairey 8768/T114 Dec 1957 Nov 1961 IF-24, storage Koksijde, G-9-75 (Hawker), 577 (Iraq).
IF-25 Sabca 8769/T115 Dec 1957 Oct 1963 IF-25, "Red Devils" demo-team, storage Koksijde, G-9-162 (Hawker), 671 (Iraq), 693 (Iraq)
IF-26 Fairey 8770/T116 Dec 1957 Oct 1961 IF-26, storage Koksijde, G-9-76 (Hawker), 212 (Kuwait).
IF-27 Fairey 8771/T117 Dec 1957 Mar 1960 IF-27/JE-B, storage Ko,ksijde, G-9-77(Hwaker), 575 (Iraq).
- IF-28 Sabca 8772/T118 Jan 1958 Apr 1960 IF-28/JE-T, storage Koksijde, G-9-78 (Hawker), 573 (Iraq).
IF-29 Fairey 8773/T119 Jan 1958 Nov 1958 IF-29/OV-D, Accident at Chièvres on 28 May 1958, scrap dealer Ath, scrapped.
IF-30 Fairey 8774/T120 Feb 1958 Aug 1958 IF-30/JE-J, damaged in landing accident at Sylt (D.) on 21 May 1958, aircraft not repaired.
IF-31 Sabca 8775/T121 Jan 1958 Oct 1963 IF-31, storage Koksijde, G-9-120 (Hawker), 674 (Iraq), 696 (Iraq).
IF-32 Fairey 8776/T122 Jan 1958 Nov 1962 IF-32/OV-F, stored Koksijde, G-9-100 (Hawker), 583 (Iraq).
IF-33 Fairey 8777/T123 Jan 1958 Sep 1958 IF-33/JE-C, crashed at Juprelle on 16 Jul 1958 after mid-air collision with IF-47.
IF-34 Sabca 8778/T124 Jan 1958 Aug 1962 IF-34/JE-E, storage Koksijde, G-9-96 (Hawker), L-282, L288 (Lebanon), 802 (Jordan), 802 (Oman), crashed 16 Jan 1990.
- IF-35 Fokker 8779 Nov 1957 Jun 1959 IF-35/JE-O, crashed at Eghezée-Méhaigne on 21 Apr 1959 after collision with towed target.
IF-36 Fokker 8780 Jan 1958 Mar 1963 IF-36, storage Koksijde, G-9-141 (Hawker), A492 (India).
IF-37 Fokker 8781 Jan 1958 Apr 1962 IF-37/OV-K, "Red Devils" demo team, storage Koksijde, G-9-79 (Hawker), 211/B, 211/A (Kuwait),
IF-38 Fairey 8782/T125 Jan 1958 Jun 1959 IF-38/JE-F, landing accident at Bierset on 26 Feb 1959.
- IF-39 Fairey 8783/T126 Jan 1958 Jun 1959 IF-39, Cat.3 accident  on 30 Apr 1959, not repaired.
- IF-40 Sabca 8784/T127 Mar 1958 Mar 1958 IF-4, crahed at Sylt (D.) after mid-air collision with IF-12 on 29 Mar 1958.
IF-41 Fairey 8785/T128 Jan 1958 Dec 1961 IF-41/JE-H, /IS-E, storage Koksijde, G-9-80 (Hawker), 213 (Kuwait), gate guardian at Kuwait International Airport.
IF-42 Fairey 8786/T129 Jan 1958 Aug 1962 IF-42/JE-J, to Technical School at Saffraanberg,as instructional airframe, scrapped.
IF-43 Sabca 8787/T130 Apr 1958 May 1963 IF-43/IS-G, storage Koksijde, G-9-117 (Hawker), A488 (India) shot down by Pakistani Mig-19 on 5 Dec 1971.
IF-44 Fokker 8789 Jan 1958 Feb 1963 IF-44, storage Koksijde, G-9-106 (Hawker), J-703 (Chile).
IF-45 Fokker 8790 Dec 1957 Jan 1962 IF-45/IS-N, written off at Chièvres on 29 Dec 1961 due to inoperative brakes.
- IF-46 Fokker 8791 Nov 1957 Jan 1962 IF-46/OV-A, written off after multiple bird strikes in flight on 19 Oct 1961, transported to Wevelgem and used as spare parts resurce by Sabca.
IF-47 Fairey 8792/T131 Jan 1958 Jul 1958 IF-47/JE-L, crashed at Juprelle on 16 Jul 1958 after a mid-air collision with IF-33.
IF-48 Fairey 8793/T132 Jan 1958 Apr 1963 IF-48/JE-M, storage Koksijde, G-9-81, (Hawker), 571 (Iraq).
IF-49 Sabca 8794/T133 Mar 1958 Nov 1963 IF-49, "Red Devils" demo team, storage Koksijde, G-9-159 (Hawker), 680, 702 (Iraq),
IF-50 Fairey 8795/T134 Feb 1958 Apr 1963 IF-50/OV-P, storage Koksijde, G-9-134 (Hawker), A465 (India).
- IF-51 Fairey 8796/T135 May 1958 Mar 1960 IF-51, storage Koksijde, G-9-82 (Hawker), 581 (Iraq).
IF-52 Sabca 8797/T136 Mar 1958 May 1962 IF-52/JE-T, crashed at Chateau Forcien (F.) after a mid-air collision with IF-133 on 9 Oct 1961.
IF-53 Fokker 8800 Fec 1958 1963 IF-53, storage Koksijde, G-9-186 (Hawker), instructional airframe at the Apprentice School of Kingston upon Thames, nose section to Science Museum, London.
IF-54 Fokker 8801 Dec 1958 Jun 1963 IF-54/IS-A, storage Koksijde, G-9-116 (Hawker), 670, 692 (Iraq).
IF-55 Fairey 8802/T137 Mar1958 May 1958 IF-55/IS-Q, crashed on take off from Bierset on 18 Nov 1958.
IF-56 Fairey 8803/T138 Jun 1958 Nov 1962 IF-56/JE-U, /OV-U, storage Koksijde, G-9-101 (Hawker), 210/1 (T.67), 210/Z (Kuwait).
IF-57 Sabca 8804/T139 Apr 1958 Sep 1963 IF-57/OV-K, storage Koksijde, to Sabca, scrapped.
IF-58 Fairey 8805/T140 Mar 1958 Jul 1958 IF-58/JE-S, crashed on houses at Mons-Grotteux on 21 Apr 1958 after pîlot got into spin and ejected.
IF-59 Fairey 8806/T141 Mar 1958 Oct 1963 IF-59/JE-X, storage Koksijde, G-9-125 (Hawker), 675, 697 (Iraq).
IF-60 Sabca 8807/T142 Mar 1958 Oct 1963 IF-60/OV-L, Storage Koksijde, G-9-145 (Hawker), L280, L286 (T.66C) (Lebanon).
IF-61 Fokker 8808 Dec 1958 Mar 1963 IF-61/JE-R, /OV-W, not repared after Cat.3 accident on 28 Feb 1963, scrapped.
IF-62 Fairey 8812/T143 Apr 1958 Oct 1962 IF-62/OV-M, "Red Devils" demo-team, storage Koksijde, G-9-146 (Hawker), A469 (India)
IF-63 Fairey 8813/T144 Apr 1958 May 1959 IF-64/OV-N, crashed at Beauvechain on 18 Mar 1959 due to engine failure.
IF-64 Sabca 8814.T145 May 1958 Mar 1963 IF-64/OV-H, /JE-P, storage Koksijde, G-9-142 (Hawker), A479 (India).
IF-65 Fairey 8815/T146 Apr 1958 Jun 1962 IF-65/ OV-P, gate guard Bevingen, stored Kapellen , stored Beauvechain, monument roundabout Chièvres
IF-66 Fairey 8816/T147 Apr1958 Jun 1963 IF-66/JE-C, Koksijde storage, G-9-138 (Hawker), A491 (India).
- IF-67 Sabca 8817/T148 Apr 1958 Jun 1959 IF-67/OV-R, written off after explosion of starter unit at Chièvres on 29 Jan 1959, wings and tail to G-APUX (IF-19)
- IF-68 Fokker 8818 Jan 1959 Dec 1961 IF-68, storage Koksijde, G-9-83 (Hawker), 568 (T.69) (Iraq), private collection Sue & Roy Jerman, Welshpool, Wales (U.K.).
IF-69 Fokker 8819 Feb 1959 Mar 1963 IF-69/OV-G, storage Koksijde, G-9-129 (Hawker), 214 (Kuwait).
IF-70 Fokker 8820 Dec 1958 Nov 1963 IF-70, "Red Devils" demo-team, storage Koksijde, G-9-160 (Hawker), 215 (Kuwait).
IF-71 Fairey 8822/T149 Apr 1958 Nov 1963 IF-71/OV-Q, storage Koksijde, G-9-151 (Hawker), 668, 690 (Iraq).
IF-72 Fairey 8823/T150 May 1958 Sep 1963 IF-72, storage Koksijde, G-9-150 (Hawker), 868, 700, (Iraq).
IF-73 Sabca 8824/T151 May 1958 Apr 1959 IF-73/IS-K, written off after structural damage during aerobatic training over St.Hubert on 3 Feb 1959.
IF-74 Fairey 8825/T152 May 1958 Aug 1963 IF-74/OV-S, storage Koksijde, G-9-109 (Hawker), 673, 695 (Iraq).
IF-75 Fairey 8826/T153 May 1958 May 1962 IF-75, storage Koksijde, G-9-84 (Hawker), 587 (Irak).
IF-76 Sabca 8827/T154 Jun 1958 Feb 1962 IF-76, damaged during maintenance at Sabca (Gosselies) on 3 Mar 1961, storage Koksijde, scrapped.
IF-77 Fokker 8831 Jan 1958 Mar 1963 IF-77, "Red Devils" demo-team, storage Koksijde, G-9-118 (Hawker), A461 (India).
IF-78 Fairey 8832/T155  May 1958  Oct 1963 IF-78/OV-V, "Red Devils" aerobatic team, storage Koksijde, G-9-163 (Hawker), A478 (India)
IF-79 Fairey 8833/T156 May 1958 Feb 1962 IF-79/OV-A, /IS-R, storage Koksijde, G-9-85 (Hawker), 628 (Iraq).
IF-80 Sabca 8834/T157 Jun 1958 May 1962 IF-80/OV-L, "Red Devils" aerobatic team, storage Koksijde, G-9-86 (Hawker), 630 (Iraq)
IF-81 Fairey 8835/T158 May 1958 Oct 1961 IF-81, written off at Chièvres on 29 Sep 1961 after explosion of starter unit.
IF-82 Fokker 8836 Mar 1958 Sep 1958 IF-82/JE-Y, crashed at La Bruyère/Beauvechain on 27 Jun 1958.
IF-83 Fokker 8837 Feb 1958 1960 IF-83/JE-P, /JE-Q, crashed at Bierset on 1 Sep 1959 due to flame out on landing.
IF-84 Fairey 8842/T159 Jun 1958 Mar 1960 IF-84/IS-P, storage Koksijde, G-9-87 (Hawker), 567 (T.69) (Iraq).
IF-85 Sabca 8843/T160 Jul 1958 Sep 1963 IF-85, storage Koksijde, G-9-139 (Hawker), A467 (India).
IF-86 Fairey 8844/T161 Jun 1958 Aug 1963 IF-86/OV-K1, storage Koksijde, G-9-110 (Hawker), L176 (Lebanon).
IF-87 Fairey 8845/T162 Jul 195 Sep 1963 IF-87/IS-T, /OV-A1, storage Koksijde, G-9-149 (Hawker), 669, 691 (Iraq).
IF-88 Fokker 8847 Fab 1958 Mar 1960 IF-88/IS-L, storage Koksijde, G-9-88 (Hawker), 578 (Iraq)
IF-89 Fokker 8848 Mar 1958 Nov 1963 IF-89/OV-Z, storage Koksijde, G-9-161 (Hawker), A477 (India).
IF-90 Fokker 8849 Mar 1958 Jun 1959 IF-90/JE-Z, crashed upon landing at Bierset on 4 Apr 1958.
IF-91 Sabca 8852/T163 Jul 1958 Dec 1962 IF-91/OV-W, storage Koksijde, G-9-122 (Hawker), A459 (India).
IF-92 Fairey 8853/T164 Jul 1958 Aug 1959 IF-92/OV-C1, damaged at Chièvres in 1959, scrap dealer Carlier in Ath, diving training object at Rochefontaine quarry
IF-93 Fairey 8854/T165 Jul 1958 Nov 1963 IF-93, "Red Devils" aerobatic team, storage Koksijde, G-9-126 (Hawker), 676, 698 (Iraq).
IF-94 Sabca 8855/T166 Aug 1958 Jul 1962 IF-94, storage Koksijde, G-9-98 (Hawker), 629 (Iraq).
- IF-95 Fokker 8860 May 1958 Dec 1960 IF-95, crashed at Chièvres on 28 Apr 1960 after mid-air collision  with IF-119 during training of Red Devils aerobatic team
IF-96 Fokker 8861 Mar 1958 Sep 1963 IF-96, storage Koksijde, G-9-121 (Hawker), L177, L277 (Lebanon).
IF-97 Fairey 8862/T167 Nov 1958 May 1960 IF-97/IS-B, storage Koksijde, G-9-89 (Hawker), 626 (Iraq).
IF-98 Fairey 8863/T168 Jul 1958 Jul 1963 IF-98, storage Koksijde, G-9-137 (Hawker), A490 (India).
IF-99 Sabca 8864/T169 Jul 1958 Jun 1963 IF-99/OV-M, /OV-E, storage Koksijde, G-9-135 (Hawker), 699 (Iraq)
IF-100 Fairey 8865/T170 Jul 1958 1960 IF-100/IS-A, crashed on landing at Bierset on 14 Sep 1959, to Wevelgem as spare parts resource.
IF-101 Fokker 8866 Aug 1958 Aug 1963 IF-101, storage Koksijde, G-9-114 (Hawker), L179, L279 (Lebanon).
IF-102 Fairey 8872/T171 Aug 1958 Feb 1959 IF-102/JE-CC, crashed at Bierset/momalle on 17 Sep 1958 after flame out on take-off.
IF-103 Sabca 8873/T172 Aug 1958 Jul 1959 IF-103/IS-E, crashed at Jumet on 10 Jul 1959 on approach to Gosselies.
IF-104 Fairey 8874/T173 Jul 1958 Aug 1963 IF-104/JE-L, /OV-V, storage Koksijde, G-9-130 (Hawker), A464 (India).
- IF-105 Fairey 8875/T174 Oct 1958 Jan 1960 IF-105/JE-V, /JE-P, crashed at Seny on 25 Jan 1960
IF-106 Sabca 8876/T175 Aug 1958 May 1963 IF-106, storage Koksijde, G-9-104 (Hawker), J-701 (Chile).
IF-107 Fokker 8878 Apr 1958 Mar 1960 IF-107/JE-G, storage Koksijde, G-9-90 (Hawker), 580 (Iraq).
IF-108 Fokker 8879 May 1958 Aug 1963 IF-108, storage Koksijde, G-9-105 (Hawker), J702 (Chile), stored Chilean AF Museum, Los Cerrillos.
IF-109 Fokker 8880 Apr 1958 May 1959 IF-109/OV-Y, crashed at Ronquères on 11 Dec 1958.
IF-110 Fairey 8882/T176 Sep 1958 Nov 1963 IF-110/JE-K, storage Koksijde, G-9-147 (Hawker), A471 (India).
IF-111 Fairey 8883/T170 Oct 1958 Jun 1962 IF-111, Lost its tail inn mid-air collision with IF-26, not repaired and used as spare parts resource.
IF-112 Sabca 8884/T171 Feb 1959 Aug 1963 IF-112, storage Koksijde, G-9-119 (Hawker), L-281, L-287 (T.66C) (Lebanon), storage Rayak (Leb.)
IF-113 Fairey 8885/T179 Sep 1958 Aug 1963 IF-113, storage Koksijde, G-9-115 (Hawker), A487 (India).
IF-114 Fairey 8886/T180 Aug 1958 Mar 1962 IF-114, storage Koksijde, G-9--91 (Hawker), A473 (India).
IF-115 Sabca 8892/T181 Dec 1958 Oct 1963 IF-115/IS-M, storage Koksijde, G-9-152(Hawker), A473 (India)
IF-116 Fairey 8893/T182 Nov 1958 Aug 1963 IF-116, storage Koksijde, G-9-140 (Hawker), A468 (India).
IF-117 Fairey 8894/T183 Nov 1958 Jun 1963 IF-117, storage Koksijde, G-9-143 Hawker), A494 (India).
IF-118 Sabca 8895/T184 Dec 1958 1960 IF-118/OV-D, written of in landing accident at Chièvres on 4 Sep 1959.
IF-119 Fokker 8896 Apr 1958 1960 IF-119/OV-I, written off in mid-air collision with IF-95 during "Red Devils" training flight on 18 Apr 1960, spare parts resource at Wevelgem.
IF-120 Fokker 8897 Apr 1958 Mar 1963 IF-120/OV-Z, /OV-V, storage Koksijde, G-9-136 (Hawker), A466 (India).
- IF-121 Fokker 8898 May 1958 May 1959 IF-121/IS-Q, crashed at Maillen on 3 Oct 1958 after involuntary ejection of the pilot.
- IF-122 Fairey 8902/T185 Nov 1958 Nov 1962 IF-122, storage Koksijde, G-9-92 (Hawker), 579 (Iraq).
IF-123 Fairey 8903/T186 Dec 1958 Oct 1963 IF-123, storage Koksijde, G-9-144 (Hawker), A470 (India).
IF-124 Sabca 8904/T187 Dec 1958 Aug 1963 IF-124, storage Koksijde, G-9-113 (Hawker), A480 (India).
- IF-125 Fairey 8905/T188 Jan 1959 Sep 1963 IF-125, stored at Koksijde, scrapped.
IF-126 Fokker 8909 Jun 1958 Jan 1962 IF-126/IS-U, storage Koksijde, G-9-93 (Hawker), 585 (Irak).
IF-127 Fokker 8910 Jun 1958 Oct 1963 IF-127/JE-BB, storage Koksijde, G-9-157 (Hawker), A475 (India).
IF-128 Fokker 8911 Jun 1958 Jul 1963 IF-128/OV-F1, storage Koksijde, G-9-131 (Hawker), A483 (India).
- IF-129 Fairey 8912/T189 Jan 1959 Aug 1963 IF-129, storage Koksijde, G-9-102 (Hawker), L-178, L278 (Lebanon).
IF-130 Sabca 8913/T190 Feb 1959 Aug 1961 IF-130, crashed at Adinkerke on approach to Koksijde airbase on 30 May 1960 due to engine flame-out. Spare parts resource at Wevelgem.
IF-131 Fairey 8914/T191 Jan 1959 Mar 1963 IF-13/OV-O, "Red Devils" aerobatic team, stroage Koksijde, G-9-111 (Hawker), A487 (India).
IF-132 Fairey 8915/T192 Apr 1959 Nov 1963 IF-132, "Red Devils" aerobatic team, storage Koksijde, G-9-132 (Hawker), A489 (India).
IF-133 Fokker 8922 Jul 1958 May 1962 IF-133/IS-B1,  crashed at Château-Forcien (F.) after mid-air collision with IF-52 on 9 Oct 1961.
IF-134 Fokker 8923 Aug1958 AUg 1961 IF-134/OV-E, crashed on take-off from Chièvres on 23 Jun 1960.
IF-135 Fokker 8924 Jul 1958 Oct 1963 IF-135, storage Koksijde, G-9-153 (Hawker), 672, 694, (Iraq).
- IF-136 Fokker 8931 Sep 1958 Mar 1960 IF-136/JE-P, written off after bird strike at Bierset airbase on 06 Aug 1959.
IF-137 Fokker 8932 Sep 1958 Nov 1963 IF-137, "Red Devils" aerobatic team, storage Koksijde, G-9-156 (Hawker), A481 (India).
IF-138 Fokker 8933 Sep 1958 Oct 1963 IF-138, storage Koksijde, G-9-155 (Hawker), 679, 701 (Iraq).
IF-139 Fokker 8940 Sep 1958 Jun 1959 IF-139/IS-J, stalled on landing at Bierset on 22 Dec 1958 due to engine problems.
IF-140 Fokker 8941 Oct 1958 Dec 1960 IF-140/JE-N, /OV-B,storage Koksijde, G-9-94 (Hawker), 576 (Iraq)
IF-141 Fokker 8949 Oct 1958 Jul 1963 IF-141/IS-X, "Red Devils" aerobatic team, storage Koksijde, G-9-103 (Hawker), J-700 (Chile).
IF-142 Fokker 8949 Nov 1958 Dec 1961 IF-142/OV-B, storage Koksijde, G-9-95 (Hawker), 580, 582 (Iraq).
IF-143 Fokker 8950 Nov 1958 Oct 1962 IF-143/IS-M, storage Koksijde, G-9-99 (Hawker), 589 (T.69) (Iraq).
IF-144 Fokker 8951 Nov 1958 AUg 1963 IF-144, "Red Devils" aerobatic team, storage koksijde, G-9-112 (Hawker), A486 (India).
film on the Gloster Meteor F.8 and Hawker Hunter F.6 of N° 22 Squadron
The "Red Devils" aerobatic team performing a looping with 15 aircraft during the Gosselies airshow on July 5th 1959
Belgian Hunters in Chilean Colors by Julio Arróspide (pdf)   NEW




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