De Havilland DH.98 Mosquito NF.30

De Havilland DH.98 Mosquito NF-30 MB-12

De Havilland DH.98 Mosquito NF.30

Twin-engined night-fighter

The Anglo-Belgian agreement of November 18th, 1946 regarding the delivery of aircraft and equipment by the United Kingdom to Belgium also included the formation of one night fighter squadron equipped with 22 Mosquito NF30 fighters. The aircraft were delivered from November 1947 onwards with an additional two aircraft for use as instructional airframes. The night fighter Mosquitos saw service with N° 10 and 11 Squadron and operated from Beauvechain. In 1953 two additional Mosquito NF30 were delivered. Build mainly out of balsa wood the service life of a Mosquito was limited and all operational aircraft were struck of charge by 1956 and scrapped.


Serial Date In Date Out History
MB-1 Nov 1947 Oct 1956 NT446 (RAF), MB-1/ND-B, /KT-V, scrapped
MB-2 Nov 1947 Oct 1956 NM768 (RAF),MB-2/ND-H, /KT-Q, scrapped
MB-3 Jan 1948 Jun 1949 NT322 (RAF), MB-3/ND-K, crashed on landing at Beauvechain on 3 Jun 1949
MB-4 Jan 1948 Oct 1956 NT300 (RAF), MB-4/ND-C, /KT-T, scrapped
MB-5 Jan 1948 Dec 1952 NT368 (RAF), MB-5/ND-P, /ND-D crashed at Beauvechain on 5 Dec 1952 
MB-6 Feb 1948 May 1049 MT465 (RAF), MB-6, crashed at Beauvechain on 30 May 1949
MB-7 Feb 1947 Nov 1949 MV559 (RAF), MB-7/ND-E, crashed at Beauvechain/Piétrebais on 25 Nov 1949
MB-8 Feb 1948 Dec 1953 MT491 (RAF), MB-8/ND-H, Technical School Saffraanberg instructional airframe, scrapped
MB-9 Mar 1949 Oct 1949 NT314 (RAF), MB-9, crashed at Wevelgem on 13 Oct 1949
- MB-10 Apr 1948 Oct 1953 MT499 (RAF), MB-10, crashed at Beauvechain on 28 Aug 1952
MB-11 Jun 1948 May 1956 NT377 (RAF), MB-11/KT-O, scrapped
MB-12 Jul 1948 May 1956 NT384 (RAF), MB-12/ND-C, scrapped
MB-13 Aug 1948 Sep 1951 NT317 (RAF), MB-13/KT-S, crashed at Chaumont-Gistoux on 28 Sep 1951
MB-14 Sep 1948 Aug 1950 NT362 (RAF), MB-14/ND-A, written off while landing at at Beauvechain on 7 Aug 1950.
MB-15 Sep 1948 May 1956 NT375 (RAF), MB-15/ND-J, scrapped
MB-16 Oct 1948 May 1956 NT387 (RAF), MB-16/ND-K, scrapped
MB-17 Dec 1948 May 1956 NT501 (RAF), MB-17/KT-R, scrapped
MB-18 Dec 1948 Oct 1950 MM757 (RAF), MB-18/ND-I, crashed at Herne-Bay (U.K.) on 14 Oct 1950 after mid-air collission with RAF Wellington during exercise "Emperor".
MB-19 Dec 1948 Dec 1952 NT275 (RAF), MB-19/ND-A, written of in accident at Beauvechain on 4 Dec 1952.
MB-20 Dec 1948 May 1956 NT-330 (RAF), MB-20/ND-E, scrapped
MB-21 Jan 1949 May 1956 MM687 (RAF), MB-21/ND-J, scrapped
MB-22 Jan 1949 May 1956 NT332 (RAF), MB-22/KT-M, scrapped
MB-23 1953 Jun 1953 RK935 (RAF), (MB-23), written off on delivery to the Belgian Air Force. Delivered as spare parts resource in Dec 1953
MB-24 Sep 1953 May 1956 RK952 (RAF), MB-24/ND-N, Royal Army Museum
NT450 Jan 1949 Oct 1953 NT450 (RAF), Technical School Tongeren as instructional airframe, scrapped
NT563 Jan 1949 Oct 1953 NT563 (RAF), Technical School Tongeren as instructional airframe, scrapped

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