AMD Alpha Jet 1B

Alpha Jet AT-23

Dassault-Breguet/Dornier (AMD) Alpha Jet 1B

Twin-engined trainer jet

 On September 13th 1973 de Belgian Government decided to puchase 33 Dassault-Breguet/Dornier (AMD) Alpha Jet training aircraft to replace the ageing Lockheed T-33A and Fouga Magister. A general agreement was signed in October 1973 while the final contract was signed in September 1975. The first Alpha Jet for the Belgian Air Force was also the 5th production model build by Dassault/Breguet. All succesive Alpha Jets were constructed by Sabca at Gosselies and entered service at N°s 7 and 11 Squadrons. From 2000 onward the Belgian Alpha Jets went through a modernising programme by Sabca which was aimed at introducing more advanced avionics in the cockpit. Since 15 Septmeber 2005 all Belgian Alpha Jets are detached to the French-Belgian "Advanced Jet Training School" (AJeTS) at Cazaux, France. The aicraft will still have their deep maintenance executed at Beauvechain airbase. 


Serial C/N Date In Date Out History
AT-01 B1-1013 Oct 1978 Active AT-01, active
AT-02 B2-1014 Jan 1979 Active AT-02, active
AT-03 B1-1015 Mrt 1979 Active AT-03, 1994-98 demo a/c special c/s, active
AT-04 B4-1016 Mar 1979 Jul 1980 AT-04, Fatal crash at Nalinnes on 30 Jul 1980.
AT-05 B5-1018 Apr 1979 Active AT-05,  green special c/s, 7 Sq. special c/s, active
AT-06 B6-1020 Aug 1979 Active AT-06, active
AT-07 B7-1022 May 1979 Nov 1984 AT-07, 22 Nov 1984: Fatal crash at Feldberg (D.)
AT-08 B8-1024 May 1979 Active AT-08, Active
AT-09 B9-1027 May 1979 Apr 1999 AT-09, crashed at Opvelp/Bierbeek after mid-air collission with AT-16 on 19 Apr 1999
AT-10 B10-1030 Jun 1979 Active AT-10, active
AT-11 B11-1032 Jul 1979 Active AT-11, 11Sq. "Batbird I" special c/s, 1990-93 demo a/c  special c/s, active
AT-12 B12-1036 Jul 1979 Active AT-12, 75 Years 11 squadron "Batbird II" special c/s, active
AT-13 B13-1039 Aug 1979 Active AT-13, "The First of the Fleet/Proud to Fly Together", active
AT-14 B14-1043 Aug 1979 Active AT-14, active
AT-15 B15-1051 Aug 1979 Active AT-15, active
AT-16 B16-1056 Aug 1979 Apr 1999 AT-16, crashed at Opvelp/Bierbeek after mid-air collission with AT-09 on 19 Apr 1999
AT-17 B17-1061 Sep 1979 Active AT-17, active
AT-18 B18-1067 Sep 1979 Active AT-18, 11sq special c/s, Trainers Meet 2005 special c/s, active
AT-19 B19-1071 Oct 1979 Active AT-19, Active
AT-20 B20-1076 Oct 1979 Active AT-20, active
AT-21 B21-1080 Nov 1979 Active AT-21, active
AT-22 B22-1091 Dec 1979 Active AT-22, active
AT-23 B23-1097 Jan 1980 May 2015 AT-23, Wfu and stored at Beauvechain on 21 May 2015.
AT-24 B24-1104 Jan 1980 Active AT-24, Active
AT-25 B25-1110 Jan 1980 Active AT-25, 1996 demo a/c special c/s, active
AT-26 B26-1117 Feb 1980 Active AT-26, 2001-02 demo a/c special c/s, active
AT-27 B27-1125 Mar 1980 Active AT-27, active
AT-28 B28-1131 Mar 1980 Active AT-28, active
AT-29 B29-1139 Apr 1980 Active AT-29, 1987-89 demo a/c wearing special c/s, special markings  35 Years Alpha Jet/ 10 Years AJeTS, active
AT-30 B30-1145 Apr 1980 Active AT-30, active
AT-31 B31-1142 May 1980 Active AT-31, 7Sq. special c/s, active
AT-32 B32-1149 Jun 1980 Active AT-32, special c/s "1.000.000 hrs Alpha Jet", active
AT-33 B33-1155 Jul 1980 Active AT-33, active
General Alpha Jet pictures

  Alpha Jets Cockpit Views.

  Mixed Belgian-French Alpha Jet formation over Cazaux airbase.  

  Line up of several Alpha Jets on 15 September 2005 date when these aircraft moved from Beauvechain to Cazaux (F.)


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