Starfighter FX-47 restored in its all metal "shiny"  colour scheme.


Since about six years now, a team of three volunteers of the Beauvechain based "First Wing Historical Centre" has been secretly working at restoring Lockheed F-104G Starfighter FX-47 (c/n 9090) to the highest standards possible. The team consisted of Denis Vanhuysse, Vincent Vanhuysse and Luc Vangrinderbeek has performed a landmark restoration of this beautiful "Century" fighter and in order to accentuate their skills they even chose the all metal "shiny" colour schema which was used by the Belgian Air Force during the roaring sixties. This demanding scheme (nothing can be hidden beneath layers of paint) comes with a full set of minute technical fuselage/wings markings which greatly contribute to the realism of this amazing restoration. The aircraft also comes complete with a General Electric J-79-11 engine and missile launchers on the wing tips. As the original FX-47 tail structure was not available a similar replacement tail of another one-O-four was fitted.

Almost ready for presentation, FX-47 will be one of the main poles of attraction of the 60th anniversary of the Belgian Air Force celebrations during the Defence Days 2006 organised at Beauvechain airbase on 1 and 2 September 2006.

Only pictures can do justice to this superb piece of restoration, so have a look.....

Once completely finished, the very shiny all metal F-104G FX-47 will be one of the best restored examples of its type in Belgium.

The same machine before restoration at the Beauvechain 1st Wing Historical Centre.

Thanks to equipment coming from a private collector the cockpit is now complete for 75%

The stabilo has been added

Beauvechain 1969 ????

The beauty of the beast

The FX-47 restoration team. Congratulations.


Information and pictures by

Vincent Vanhuysse (April 2006)





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