Fokker D.VII F-2


Fokker D.VII F-2 of N° 9 Squadron as presented at the "Exposition des Avions de Guerre et du Matériel Aéronautique" at Evere between 19 and 27 July 1919



Fokker D.VII F-2


Detail of the aircraft above.


Fokker D.VII


Fokker D.VII of N° 10 Squadron based at Schaffen-Diest. In 1921 both Spandau machine guns were removed as the aircraft was transferred to the Asch based Flying School.



Fokker D.VII F-10


Fokker D.VII F-10 as used by Cdt. E. Courtois , CO of N° 1 School Squadron of the Flying School at Wevelgem.


Fokker D.VII F-15


Fokker D.VII F-15 of the Wevelgem Flying School as used in the late twenties.








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