Nieuport 11 C1


Nieport 11

Nieuport 11 C1 n° 3 in a "Bessoneau" type of hangar..

Nieuport 11

Daniel Brackx Collection

Rare picture of a camouflaged Aviation Militaire Belge Nieuport 11 over Flanders fields. Note the replacement ailleron on the left wing.

Nieuport 16 "Foxtrot" pilot Roobaert

Nieuport 11C1 N1497 "Fox-trot" was the mount of Adj. Egide Roobaert when serving with n° 1 Squadron. His machine could be equipped with Le Prieur rockets and Roobaert first used this new weapon against a German observation balloon on 16 May 1916. On this photograph taken at Koksijde aerodrome (named "Furnes" in RNAS), possibly the first prototype Sopwith Triplane, N.500, is seen in the background. The Triplane was sent to the base in mid-June, 1916 in order to undergo Service trials with Naval "A" Fighting Squadron. 

Daniel Brackx Collection

Nieuport 16 "1497" Fox-Trot

The same aircraft as above again at "Ten Bogaerde" (Koksijde) airfield, this time armed with eight "Le Prieur" incendiary rockets.

These rockets were the first means of bringing down enemy airships and observation balloons. They were used until the advent of incendiary Pomeroy bullets made bringing down enemy balloons easier.

De Burlet Collection


Nieuport 11 Jan Olieslagers

Pilot Jan Olieslagers preparing for another mission in his Nieuport 11C1. Notice the Belgian roundel on the fuselage near the cockpit typical for that period of the war.

Nieuport XIC1 - Capt Arsène Demanet

Commanding officer of the 1st (fighter) Squadron, Captain Arsène Demanet in front of a Nieuport XI C1 of the Aviation Militaire Belge.  


Edmond Thieffry

Belgium's most successful fighter pilot, Sous Lieutenant Edmond Thieffry posing next to the battered remains of his Nieuport Ni 11C.1 after what must have been quite a heavy landing. Thieffry was an ace with 10 confirmed victories.

 Baron Gabriel Coppens d'Eeckenbrugge,

 Baron Gabriel Coppens d'Eeckenbrugge, during his pilot training in june 1917 ay Etampes in front of Nieuport XI "33".


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