Wevelgem Airfield


Wevelgem airfield in the thirties, illustrating the mixture of aircraft types used for pilot-training, including Avro 504N's,

Morane Saulnier 230's, Breguet XIX's and some RSV 32/90's. 


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Same airfield and same aircraft, but this time as seen from the South.


Daniel Brackx Collection




A busy day at Wevelgem towards the end of 1952. You can see three SV-4B trainers, Spitfire 14 SG-19

on transfer from the 1st WIng at Beauvechain to the JVS/EC at Koksijde. Harvard H-102 has just

received an overhaul at Fairey and Meteors F.8 EG-224 and EG227 are brand new. (Info V. Kenens)


Photo Guy Destrebecq Collection






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