Goetsenhoven photographed on 6 June 1924 (only two years after completion of its construction) by the crew Adj. Braun (pilot) and Slt. Piot (Observer).

Piot Collection 


Goetsenhoven airfield


Goetsenhoven airfield in the thirties. Fairey Fox's of No's 3, 5 and 7 Squadron are neatly ligned-up in front of the hangars. 

Archive KLM/MRA


Goetsenhoven Entrance


The main gate and guards of the airfield of Goetsenhoven in the mid-thirties. The picture also clearly indicates that horses were still very much in use.

Ray Kohn Collection via J.P. Lauwers


Goetsenhoven in the 90's


Goetsenhoven airfield as it looked in the '90's

Serge Verbeeck Collection




Public satellite picture of Goetsenhoven airfield

Picture compiled by Laurent Heyligen




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