Jean-Pierre Lauwers Collection


Map of 1932 showing detailed surroundings of Bierset Awans military airfield.


Bierset 1927

Daniel Brackx Collection


Aerial photograph of Bierset/Awans military airfield taken on 26 August 1927 from a Nieuport 94. The buildings were finished only five years earlier


Bierset airfield 1928

KLM/MRA Collection


Bierset seen from the air at 10h30 on 28 April 1928 by pilot Adjudant Dehoux and observer Capt. Ferrant.


Peter Taghon Collection.


Some years later, the De Havilland DH.9's of 1/III/2Aé and 3/III/2Aé have given way for the Breguet XIX and trees start to flourish up the barracks.


Bierset satellite pic

 Picture compiled by Daniel Brackx


Public satellite picture of Bierset airbase (left of runway) and airport (right of runway).





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