The Slivers display team was created at the end of 1968 by two remarkable Starfighter pilots, Steve Nuyts and Palmer de Vliegher. On 14 May 1969, the Slivers displayed their routine for the first time in front of an astonished public. Their display was new, refreshing and incredibly spectacular when viewed from the crowd line. At very low level and at a speed of 800 km/h these two pilots maneuvered their Lockheed F-104G Starfighters with such ability and self-control that they succeeded in crossing each other exactly on a well determined point and this on complete synchronisation. In spite of the high "G"-forces due to the high-speed maneuvering they succeeded in keeping their display as close as possible to the public. Unfortunately this team had to disband, making their last public appearance during the Florennes Air Show on 21 June 1975, while their very last performance took place at Beauvechain airbase in front of friends, colleagues and relatives on 11 July 1975.  

F-104G FX-83 "Slivers"

Lockheed F-104G FX-83 was one of a handful of Starfighters used by the Slivers.

Daniel Brackx Collection

Slivers Briefing

Adj. Chef Palmer de Vliegher (left) and Captain Steve Nuyts during a pre-display briefing

Photo Amilpress

Slivers: Pass and roll.

 Koksijde 10 August 1969: Pass and roll in opposite directions at 800 km/h !

Photo Daniel Brackx

Slivers: Idle Roll

Coming in for an idle roll.

Photo Daniel Brackx

Slivers: High speed crossing

One aircraft goes strait while the other makes an inverted roll around it !

Photo Robert Thesias/BAF

Slivers: High speed pass and low speed Immelman.

On aircraft makes a high speed pass while the other prepares to makes a low speed Immelman, both with gear down.

Photo Daniel Brackx

Slivers: Roll and Immelman 

Roll followed by Immelman for both aircraft

Photo Daniel Brackx

Slivers: landing

Another safe landing, deploying the Belgian tri-color drag chutes.

Photo Daniel Brackx

Slivers: Pilots 

Slivers: Pilots

Official photographs (above) and badge (below)

Daniel Brackx Collection

Thanks to Jan Vanhulle we can bring you some new, quality picture of the Slivers taken at the Koksijde 1971 airshow.



Slivers Steve Nuyts

Steve Nuyts 

Slivers Palmer De Vliegher

Palmer De Vliegher




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