ULM aircraft


Baisy-Thy ULM airfield


Baisy-Thy is the largest ULM airfield in Belgium. It houses more then 100 aircraft and counts approximately 350 active members.


AirCreation1 ULM


The AirCreation1 is the most modern 2-seat motorised delta-wing (DPM) which has a price-tagg of around 24.790 .



The Albatros is a two-seat high-wing ULM.




Smaller than the AirCreation-1 the AC-Buggy is able to take a light-passenger.




Resembling the Cessna 150, this FK9-Mark 3 is of a more classic construction.




The "nec plus ultra" among ULM's is this Robin MCR




The modern 2-seat biplane ULM, AviaSud Mistral.


Mainair Puma two-seater

Luc Henderieckx's Mainair Puma two-seater.

All pictures on this page by Luc Henderieckx


If you want to know more about Luc, surf to his site at: http://users.pandora.be/airborne






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