Bulté RB-30 Sport

Powered by a Cirrus Hermes II engine of 105 hp, the sleek Bulté RB-30 Sport was registered OO-ALW to Avions Bulté & Cie SA at Haren on 23 May 1931. On 1 September of the same year it was sold to Mr. G. Pollard of St. Gilles and  again on 5 April 1932  to Mr. J. Lemon of Oostende. It's final change of ownership took place on 16 May 1934 when it was registered to Mr. A. Van den Weyngaert, based at Deurne airfield. The aircraft disappeared during WW II and was cancelled from the Belgian civil register on 27 June 1946.  (Info Luc Wittemans) 



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