Affiche Stockel 1910

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A major aeronautical meeting was organised at Stockel near Brussels between the 23rd of July and the 4th of August 1910. The venue was organised by the Royal Belgian Aero Club and could boost many big names of the early days of flying such as: Joseph Christiaens (aircraft n° 1 but destroyed before show), Baron Pierre de Caters (Voisin n° 2), Alphonse de Ridder (Voisin n° 3), Nicolas Kinet (Farman n° 4), Jules Tyck (Blériot n° 5), Jan Olieslagers (Blériot n°6), Charles Van den Born (Farman n° 7), Léon Verstraeten (Sommer n° 8), Alfred Lanser (Farman n° 9), Crouquet (Blériot n°10), Count Joseph d'Hespel (Sommer n° 11), Knight Jules de Laminne (Farman n°12) and first Belgian female aviatrix Helène Dutrieu. On the 30th of July, the "Anwerp devil" Jan Olieslagers reaches an altitude of 1.525 meters, which was a new world record. The previous record was held by the French pilot Latham. Unfortunately the airshow also ended in tragedy when Nicolas Kinet was killed when his aircraft crashed from a height of 100 meters. 

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Jean Pierre Lauwers Collection

Jean Pierre Lauwers Collection

Stokkel General overview

Jean Pierre Lauwers Collection

Stokkel Ornithopter

The very strange "ornithopter" constructed by A. de la Hault and presented during the show.

Jean Pierre Lauwers Collection

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