Recce Meet 2003 Poster

Recce Meet 2003 Overview

Photo Eddy Fréderic

Both symbol for the 2nd Recce Meet held at Florennes airbase and to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the organising 1st Squadron, Lockheed F-16AM FA-112 was specially decorated with this very fancy looking tail.

Recce Meet 2003

Mirage IV Recce Pod

Undisputed "Star" of this year’s event; (an oldie but what a beauty) Dassault Mirage IV 53/BZ from squadron 01/91 based at Mont de Marsan.

Even the recce pod was subject of an "open door" (Photo Dirk Geerts)

Recce Meet 2003

By far the rarest type of aircraft of the Recce Meet are the Saab Viggen of n° 1 Squadron, Swedish Air Force based at Lulea.

Recce Meet 2003

Istrana based AMX of 132nd squadron, Italian Air Force wore this spectacular paint scheme based on the colours of the Belgian national flag, but this must have been a coincidence.

Recce Meet 2003

Three Swiss Air Force Dassault Mirage IIIRS were deployed to Florennes from their home base Dubendorf. This specially decorated machine, together with an overall black counterpart were seen on the flight line at Florennes.

F-16AM FA-92

MRP (Modular Recce Pod) equipped Lockheed F-16A FA-92 takes of for the Comao (Combined Air Operations) mission at noon on 29 July 2003.

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