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September 2008
30/09 - Wings parade at the 1st Wing at Beauvechain
Six new military pilots received their "wing" from Lieutenant General Gerard Van Caelenberge, Commander of the Air Component.  The 2005 pilot -promotion has adopted "Major aviator Baron Gerard GREINDL" as their godfather.
Pilots streaming through to "Jet"-training :
- Lieutenant aviator Gilles DECHANY
- Lieutenant aviator Tommy GRABEELS
- Lieutenant aviator Steven WOUTERS
Pilot streaming through to "Heli-training"
- Lieutenant aviator Eline LEURS
Pilots streaming through to "Transport training"
- Captain aviator François CLOET
- Lieutenant aviator Bruce VAN DE STEENE
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30/09 - Sabena technics obtains 8-year services contract for Wataniya’s fleet of A320 aircraft
Wataniya Airways announces the signing of a Maintenance and Repair Contract with Sabena technics to perform global maintenance services across the Wataniya Airways’ fleet of A320 aircraft.  Within the scope of this contract Sabena technics will perform: Engineering and base maintenance services, line & light maintenance, component support (access to spares and repairs) as well as providing Wataniya Airways with maintenance support services in establishing a maintenance base in Kuwait to support Wataniya Airways’ operations. Wataniya Airways will start its A320 operations in January 2009 and will operate seven by the end of 2010. Potential further aircraft would be covered by the contract. This is the first short-haul premium quality airline to have been launched world-wide in the last decade. Wataniya Airways will provide first class and premium class passenger services from Kuwait to destinations South and West of the country within the Middle East. The Middle East aviation market is one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing in the world and Wataniya Airways will provide flight schedules and destinations that cater to the specific needs of Kuwaiti travellers. Source: Sabena technics
30/09 - Eight Air Component F-16s to deploy to Nellis and Davis-Monthan Air Force Bases

In the framework of operation 'Cross Continental Deployment 2008’ (CCD 08) eight Belgian Air Component Lockheed F-16 fighters are participating between October 10th and 24th in the Green Flag West exercise from Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. During the Nellis Airshow on November 8th and 9th Belgian F-16 Demo Pilot "Mickey" Artiges will present his last official show ever.  From October 24th until November 22nd 2008 the same aircraft are to deploy to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base near Tucson, Arizona. At Davis-Monthan the Belgians will be part of Operation Snowbird, which provides support for visiting flying units from around the USA and from allies overseas. They will fly the so called "blocktraining" over a period of four weeks.  Source: COA IPR and Kold News

28/09 - Wings parade for the Belgian Air Cadets (BAC) at Beauvechain airbase.
On Sunday September 28th 73 Air Cadets received their wings in  the 1 Wing at Beauvechain out of the hands of Lieutenant-General Aviator Guido VAN HECKE ret., President of the Royal Air Cadets of Belgium, and Lieutenant-General Aviator Jean-Paul BUYSE. Source: and pictures by Eddy "Bink" Kellens
26/09 - Eben-Emael fortress acquires replica of a World War II vintage German DFS combat glider
The fortress of Eben-Emael, the once strongest fortification in Europe, which on May 10th 1940 was taken by the German troops after a daring surprise operation involving 9 attack gliders, has obtained a replica of one of these machines. The replica glider, a DFS 230, was constructed using original and newly manufactured elements by an association of former German glider pilots, the DLLK. The DFS was offered on long term loan basis to the association managing this historic site "VZW Fort Eben-Emael". Source: Het Nieuwsblad
26/09 - New book on Haren-Evere airfield by Sven Soupart available.

A new book available in Dutch, French and English, is available on the history Haren-Evere airfield entitled: "Haren-Evere airfield - Metamorphoses of a Landmark in Belgian Aviation History". The author, Sven Soupart, shows with the support of many photographs the first developments of the civil and military aviation in Belgium from the installation of the air infrastructures by the occupant in 1914 on the plain of Haren-Evere, in the North-West of Brussels, to the moment when Sabena leaves it the shortly after the Second world war. This book will accompany two exhibitions which are organised at the Brussels' Royal Museum of Army and military History within the framework of the centenary of aviation in Belgium.

25/09 - First A400M flight delayed
The first flight of the A400M until now planned before the end of 2008 will be postponed, because of the unavailability of the propulsion system. The first flight actually depends on the results of the test campaign to be done on the flying test bed, which should start in the coming weeks, and on the readiness of the propulsion system. Only after this and further discussions with customers, the financial, technical and schedule implications can be reliably assessed. The 2008 guidance of the group is not changed at this point. Source: EADS

25/09 - SN Airholding approves a strategic investment of the Lufthansa Group in its business

The Board of SN Airholding has unanimously approved an agreement on a strategic investment of the Lufthansa Group in SN Airholding. With this agreement Lufthansa will acquire a 45 % stake in SN Airholding, the parent of Brussels Airlines, via a capital increase of 65 million euro. Lufthansa also has option to buy the remaining 55 % from 2011. The agreement, which was already signed last week by SN Airholding Chairman Viscount Etienne Davignon and Lufthansa CEO and Chairman Wolfgang Mayrhuber, has yet to be approved by the shareholders of SN Airholding and by the regulatory authorities.  Source: Brussels Airlines

24/09 - Sabena technics signs with Swiftair a 3 year Boeing 737 support contract.

Sabena technics has signed a 3 year contract with the Spanish cargo and passenger operator Swiftair to perform component support services on its five strong Boeing 737 fleet. Under this agreement, Sabena technics will perform component repair and overhaul services, including pool access and consignment stock located in Madrid, Swiftair’s main base. The services will be carried out on Swiftair’s B737-300 freighters for a period of three years. Christophe Bernardini, Chief Executive Officer of Sabena technics affirmed: ‘Our goal is to support and accompany our customers in their development. Swiftair is an excellent example. After having successfully maintained Swiftair’s fleet of 18 ATR-42/72’s for the past six years, this new opportunity that we have been given confirms our customer’s confidence in our services and rewards our efforts’.  Source: Sabena technics

24/09 - Belgian F-16's in Afghanistan had make use of the internal Vulcan canon for the first time

According to the French language daily ,La Dernière Heure, one or several Belgian F-16AM's which deployed earlier this month to  Kandahar in Afghanistan had to make use of their internal Vulcan 20mm canon. No further details of the engagement are known for the moment. On September 2nd four Belgian Air Component F-16AM fighters deployed to the Southern Afghan base of Kandahar ("Operation Guardian Falcon") where they joined detachments of the Dutch and French air forces to provide assistance to NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan. Source: La Dernière Heure

23/09 - Request towards former TLP personnel having worked at Florennes airbase.

TLP Florennes has been, and still is, a great success. This is all because of the effort and enthusiasm you have put into TLP. It is because of the success and comradery for which TLP is famous, that the TLP Commander would like to organize a reunion of current and “old” TLP personnel. This reunion will be scheduled for June 2009 and will be combined with the official closing ceremony at Florennes. In order to contact and invite as many colleagues as possible it is requested that you let us know your current address and email. If you know the whereabouts of other colleagues please do not hesitate to send their details to us as well.  More information and contact details can be found here.

23/09 - Airbus Military A400M delivery further delayed

The first deliveries of Airbus A400M military transport plane are expected to start at least one year later than initially planned. As the first engine test had been postponed until October, the maiden test flight of the military transport aircraft, previously scheduled for July 2008, was expected to conduct by the end of this year. The first deliveries of A400M have to be delayed to the end of 2010. According to the contract, the first A400M was scheduled to deliver to the French air force in October 2009.   Patrick Bellouard, EA Director of the Organization for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR) which is charged with the management of the acquisition of the A400M, said that the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS), the parent company of Airbus, was destined to be fined for the delay. However, he denied the reports from German media that EADS has threaten to abandon A400M program if got penalty. Source: China View.

22/09 - Belgian Air Force Hawker Hunter F.6 IF-65 erected as monument at Chièvres.

Former Belgian Air Force Hawker Hunter F.6 IF-65/OV-P has been erected on a support on the Rond Point de la Chasse Royal at Chièvres. The official inauguration of this graceful aircraft will take place on Saturday September 27th 2008 at 11h00. The aircraft has been painted to resemble the aircraft flown by Colonel Bob Corbeel who flew Hunters from Chièvres airbase. It is rather sad to see that no attempt was made to apply the correct camouflage colours and markings. This machine is the only surviving Mark F.6 Hunter in Belgium and served for a long time as a gate guardian at the military barracks at Bevingen near Sint Truiden. Information: Daniel Lelue.  Picture 01: Erecting IF-65  -  Picture 2: IF-65 how it looked when operational. 

19/09 - New Belgian Air Component F-16 solo display pilot for the 2009-2011 seasons presented

The new F-16 solo display pilot for the 2009-2011 seasons is Michel "Mitch" Beulen of N° 349 (F) Squadron based at Kleine Brogel. Mitch was born in (the great city) Oostende on June 16th 1975 and has acquired his first flying experience with the Belgian Air Cadets (BAC) in 1992. In October 1996 he joined pilot promotion 96B. From January 1997, Mitch received basic flight training in the 5th Squadron at Beauvechain airbase on SF260 Marchetti, the advanced flight training on Alpha-Jet in the 7th Squadron and the initial operational training in the 11th Squadron. On 16 December 1998 he received his pilot wings. In September 1999, Mitch moved to Kleine Brogel for his operational conversion on the F-16 in the Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) initially on F-16 OCU (block 15) and later on the F-16 MLU (Middle Life Update). In September 2000, he joined 349 Squadron. Mitch traversed the entire training cycle from Combat Ready to Force Leader in his Squadron. He took part in various specialised courses such as the Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) in Florennes and the Operational Test & Evaluation Course (OT&E) in the National Test Pilot School (NTPS) in California (USA), and exercises such as: ACMI - NOMAD - Maple Flag - Red Flag - Green Flag - NATO Air Meet (NAM) in Konya (Turkey) - Bold Avenger as Director of Operations (DOO) in Örland (Norway) and Air Defence Meet in Landivisiau (France). He participated in the F-16 M4 test program (Early Operational Assessment and Operational Test & Evaluation). Mitch took part in Operation Joint Falcon in Amendola (Italy). Mitch totalises more than 2000 flight hours of which 1700 on F-16. Source:    -  Picture of "Mitch"

18/09 - Secretly obtained French "Air Force One" to be modified by Sabena Technics

The French Ministry of Defence has secretly obtained an Airbus A330-223 for the long range travels of the French president Nicolas Sarkozy. The new Airbus will have the call sign "Cotam 01" in analogy with the US presidential aircraft with the call sign "Air Force One". Delivery of the A330 (construction number 223) is expected in 2010 after which the Belgian company Sabena Technics will modify the aircraft to VIP standards at Merignac near Bordeaux. Recently the French Armée de l'Air also acquired two second hand Airbus A340 for strategic transport tasks and hopes to replace its fleet of fifteen obsolete Boeing C-135FR tankers by 14 Airbus A330-MRTT's (Multirole Transport/Tanker).

17/09 - Royal Jordanian Air Force to receive two more former Belgian Air Force F-16BM's.
It has now been confirmed that former Belgian Air Component Lockheed F-16BM FB-01 and FB-02 have also been acquired by the Royal Jordanian Air Force. FB-01 had already been announced but when FB-04 turned up when the first four aircraft were delivered to Jordan on September 10th 2008 some questions arose. The decision for the sale of the two additional aircraft was taken in July 2008.  The complete list of aircraft having been acquired by Jordan is as follows: F-16AM: FA058 - FA060 - FA061 - FA065 - FA066  - FA073 - FA074 - FA075 - FA076 - FA078 - FA088 - FA090  F-16BM:  FB001 - FB002 - FB004 - FB008.
16/09 - Sonaca signs contract with Embraer for the production of aft fuselages of Legacy 450/500.
Belgian aeronautical group Sonaca has announced that Embraer has selected the company for the construction of rear fuselages for their new business aircraft Legacy 450 and 500. First flight of the new Legacy is expected by mid-2010. This contract, worth 200 million € could generate by 2015 employment for some 150 people and secure some 30 other jobs.  Source: Belga
15/09 - Interesting Jordanian C-130H Hercules visits Kleine Brogel

Today Kleine Brogel received the visit of a very special Jordanian Air Force C-130H Hercules. The tail of the King Abdullah AB / Amman-Marka based aircraft of N° 3 Squadron sporting serial "346" is decorated with a huge image of one of the countries best known tourist attractions; the archaeology site of Petra. Source: Luc Vanderfeesten-COA -Pictures:  01  -   02

15/09 - Germany's Lufthansa has moved to take over Brussels Airlines

Germany's Lufthansa AG has moved to take over Brussels Airlines, purchasing a 45 percent stake in the holding company that owns the Belgian carrier for €65 million (US$91.4 million).. The deal gives Lufthansa the option to take over all of Brussels Airlines in 2011 for a price not exceeding €250 million (US$351.6 million). The merger is the latest move in the consolidation of the European airline industry. Other carriers such as SAS or Austrian Airlines are also believe to be the subject of interest by groups like Lufthansa or Air France-KLM. In the first phase, Lufthansa will take a 45 percent stake in SN Airholding though a capital increase. The price for taking the remaining 55 percent in 2011 will depend on Brussels Airlines' performance within the ceiling set by Monday's deal. The deal is dependent on regulator approval and support from Lufthansa's supervisory board and the shareholders and board of Brussels Airlines. Source: International Herald Tribune

14/09 - French Armée de l'Air restructuring also affects training of Belgian Air Component pilots

As of September 1st 2008 the pilot training units of the French Armée de l'Air (including the Belgian detachment responsible for the instruction of new pilots of the Belgian Air Component) are attached to the Commandement des Forces Aériennes (CFA) based at Metz (F.). This includes the Ecole de l'Aviation de Chasse (EAC) at Tours, Ecole de l'Aviation de Transport (EAT) at Avord and the Ecole de Transition Opérationelle (ETO) based at Cazaux. The famed demonstration team la "Patrouille de France" has also been integrated in the CFA.  This reorganisation will ease the creation of one unique Flight Training Organisation within the Armée de l'Air.  Source:  Armée de l'Air.

12/09 - Belgian Air Component Lockheed C-130H Hercules aircraft have flown 200.000 hours

Melsbroek based 15th Transport Wing of the Belgian Air Component have reached the incredible number of 200.000 flying hours with the famous Lockheed C-130H Hercules transport aircraft. This happened during a training flight from Melsbroek airbase flown by base Commander Colonel Aviator SBH Bernard "Barney" Flamang in specially decorated "60 Years 15th Wing" Hercules CH-07.  For this special occasion, Lockheed Martin Aero, European regional director, Michael Ogg presented the crew with a remembrance plaque. Belgian Defence operates 10 C-130H Hercules aircraft of the 12 originally delivered while a replacement aircraft acquired in the US  last year is close to operational status after having completely overhauled by Sabena Technics. De C-130H's are to remain operational at least until 2018 when the newly ordered Airbus A400M's are expected.  Pictures: Spirited low pass at the conclusion of the flight reaching 200.000 hours  - Lockheed’s Michael Ogg presents the remembrance plaque to the crew of CH-07.

11/09 - Jetairfly connects Brussels with Capeverdian Islands

Starting at the end of October Belgian airline Jetairfly is to link Brussels twice a week with the Capeverdian Islands of Boa Vista and Sal. The direct flights to the very popular holiday resorts will take place on Sundays and Wednesdays (the Wednesday flight only start from December 24th). The Capeverdian Islands are situated in the Atlantic Ocean some 600 km from Senegal's capital Dakar. Source: Luchtvaartnieuws.

11/09 - New base Commander at Florennes airbase.
Colonel aviator Alain RENARD will leave the 2nd Tactical Wing having been base Commander of the 2nd Tactical Wing since October 14, 2004. He will hand over his command to Colonel aviator PSC Luc GENNART, Engineer. After the ceremony, Lieutenant General aviator Gerard VAN CAELENBERGE, Commander of the Air Component will recognise Colonel GENNART, as the 22nd Base Commander of the 2nd Tactical Wing. Colonel Aviator Alain RENARD will take up the position of Military Commander of the province of Namur. Source:
10/09 - Spanish budget airline Veuling to cancel all winter flights to Brussels and Amsterdam

Spanish low-cost airline Veuling is to cancel all flights between Brussels and Seville and Amsterdam and Valencia, Seville and Malaga for the winter season. This decision is the result of a reduction of the Veuling fleet of Airbuses (16 against 24 one year ago) as a cost saving measure. Veuling clearly stated that all flights will resume early in 2009. The links between Barcelona and Brussels and Barcelona and Amsterdam are not affected. Source: Luchtvaartnieuws.

09/09 - Belgian F-16's operational over Afghanistan

The four Belgian Air Component Lockheed F-16's which deployed last week to the Southern Afghan airbase at Kandahar in the framework of operation "Guardian Falcon" have been declared operational. Some 100 military personnel including 8 pilots are integrated in the Belgian-Dutch detachment in Afghanistan. The F-16AM's are to be used to control the communication lines and act dissuasively. They also can be used to bomb enemy positions to assist ISAF-ground troops in the region. Source: Het laatste Nieuws

08/09 - Bankruptcy of Spanish a Futura source of troubles for Belgian tour operator Jetair

Spanish-owned independent charter airline Futura International Airways has suspended all flights for 24 hours to seek bankruptcy protection. A court in Palma de Majorca, where one of Europe's biggest independent charter airlines is based, was handling the bankruptcy petition. Futura Airlines is one of the largest charter companies in Europe flying some 38 Boeing airliners. In Belgium Futura handles flights for Thomas Cook and Jetair. Part of the 40 weekly Futura flights for Jetair will be taken over by Jetairfly while for the remaining flight other companies will be contacted. Jetair hopes that none of its normal flights will be affected by these problems. As Thomas Cook only charters two flights a week with Futura operations are not disturbed.  

08/09 - Record 2008 summer for Brussels South - Charleroi.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport, has reached a new passenger record over the summer of 2008. A record 815,894 passengers have been registered in total for June, July and August compared to 663,009 passengers at the same last year ; an increase of 23%. These figures are the result of the excellent average load factor of 88% of all flights to all destinations and the successful network expansion of the airlines active at BSCA. The new routes launched in 2008 (Bucharest, Perpignan, Limoges, Porto, Saragossa and Bergerac) have been very successful among the clients of the airport. Source: BSCA

06/09 - British Airways talks with Brussels Airlines could lead to Branson selling stake to rival

British Airways is in takeover talks with Brussels Airlines in a move that could lead to Sir Richard Branson, who owns 30 per cent of the Belgian national carrier, selling out to his fiercest rival.  Lufthansa, the German flag carrier, has made an offer for Brussels, and BA is considering whether to table its own formal bid. The airline is likely to be valued at about €150 million (£121 million). A source said: “BA have approached the board of Brussels and we are waiting to see if they make a serious offer.”  Source and more information: TimesOnLine

04/09 - Lockheed F-16 night flights resumed after summer suspension.

After the suspension of night flights during the months June, July and August, the airbases of Kleine Brogel and Florennes have resumed their night training flights on Monday, September 1st. Until the end of October these flight will be flown until 24:00 hrs on Mondays and Tuesdays. As of November, the last landing will be at 21:30 hrs. These night training flights are very important in today's air operations. Both airbases will make every effort to keep the impact to the environment as low as possible. A major portion of the night training flights will take place during the months of October and November above sparsely populated areas in the United States. Source:

01/09 - Photo Call at Kleine Brogel for the departure of the first F-16's to Jordan. UPDATED

The first four Jordanian F-16's will leave Kleine Brogel Airbase on 10 September 2008. The MLU-conversion for the 10 Jordanian Pilots is completed. The sale, concerning 16 MLU aircraft, which will all be delivered this year, consists in an agreement that our country made with Jordan.
Kleine Brogel airbase organizes a limited photo session for a select number of people, with the possibility to take pictures at close range of the aircraft with Jordanian markings. 
Timing: Wednesday, 10 September  Gates open for aviation enthusiasts at 07h00L  -  Power-on F-16s RJAF at 08h00L  -  Take-off at 08h30L  -  End of activities at 09h00L UPDATED
Entrance: 10,00 euro
Location:  Kleine Brogel airbase - 3990 Peer  -  Info + 32 11 51 22 09

Please note that no prior inscription is needed.
Remark: the program and the timing are subject to change. Check this website for latest updates / changes

01/09 - Four Belgian Lockheed F-16AM fighter deploy to Kandahar airbase in Afghanistan

Today starts "Operation Guardian Falcon", the deployment of four Belgian Air Component Lockheed F-16AM fighters to the Afghan airbase of Kandahar were it will strengthen the Dutch F-16 contingent. The main aim of the deployment which will initially be for a duration of 6 months, is to provide assistance to NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan. The Belgian F-16's will use their new Sniper advanced targetting pod for the first time in a combat environment. Pilots will rotate on a 6 weekly basis and will be drawn from all operational F-16 squadrons from Florennes and Kleine Brogel airbases. Pictures of Sniper pod:  01  -  02

August 2008
28/08 - Zeppelin in action over Belgium for the first time since 70 years.

For the first time since 1938 a Zeppelin or rigid airship graced the Belgian skies to land at Grimbergen airfield near Brussels at 15h00 local time on 28 August 2008. The arrival of the enormous machine was delayed by one day due to strong winds over the United Kingdom. The machine left Cardington near London for a 4 day tour over Belgium and Holland. To promote the use of rigid airships non other than Graf Wolfgang von Zeppelin a direct descendant of the original designer was on board. Some six flights were made with enthusiast passengers before Zeppelin NT4 D-LZNT continued its trip over Europe to Valkenburg in the Netherlands. The flight over Belgium was organised by the “Nationaal Comité voor het Eeuwfeest van de Luchtvaart in Vlaanderen” in which our association BAHA is represented.  Pictures:  1  D-LZNT at Grimbergen  -  2  Graf Wolfgang von Zeppelin

28/08 - Lufthansa eyes Brussels Airlines deal

Deutsche Lufthansa AG, parent of Germany's biggest airline, said that it is in talks with the owner of Belgium's Brussels Airlines on a deal that would see it take 45 percent of the company, with an option to buy the rest later. Lufthansa said that it is in "constructive negotiations" with SN Airholding SA/NV, the owner of Brussels Airlines -- which operates flights to Europe and Africa from the Belgium capital and has yet to enter one of the major aviation alliances. Lufthansa said it plans initially to take 45 percent of SN Airholding via a capital increase, at a proposed price of 65 million euros ($95.6 million). "After two years and beyond, Lufthansa would be authorized to exercise an acquisition option for the remaining 55 percent," a Lufthansa statement said. "The price of this option is linked to the prospective performance of Brussels Airlines."  Source: BusinessWeek

28/08 - Charleroi airport expects a very busy winter period.

BSCA the company running Brussels-South Charleroi airport at Gosselies is expecting more passengers than ever during the coming winter season. For the period involved Charleroi can now count on customers of six airlines, the latest of which being Jetairfly.  According to BSCA 12 new destination will be added. Ryanair is to add 8 new links from Charleroi: Manchester, Riga, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Montpellier, Marrakech, Tangier and Fez, while the arrival of Jetairfly brings connections with Tenerife, Gran Canary, Oujda and Nador. Source: Luchtvaartnieuws

23/08 - Fouga Magister MT-34 on public viewing at the Memorial Lallemant museum at Florennes.
Potez-Air Fouga CM.170-1 Magister MT-34 has been placed on public display at the "Musée Spitfire -  Memorial Raymond "Cheval" Lallemant" at Florennes airbase. The assembly of the butterfly tailed jet trainer was finished during last week. It is a welcome addition to this very interesting air museum which concentrates on aircraft having been operated on the base since it creation.  Source: Musée Spitfire -  Memorial Raymond "Cheval" Lallemant  -  picture by Gérald Schepers.
21/08 - July 2008 was a busy month for Sea King helicopter rescue crews
Traditionally the summer holiday month of July is somewhat busier than usual for Sea King helicopter rescue crews and this year is no exception to the rule. Have a look at the list of N° 40 Squadron srambles over July 2008:
09 July 08: Patient picked up from tanker "AGLASMA" and flown over to GOES (NL)
09 July 08: A catamaran capsized at the coast of Oostduinkerke (cancelled)
18 July 08: Unmanned zodiac at Nieuwpoort (cancelled)
20 July 08: Yacht "LUCIA" sunken at Bredene, 4 persons picked up and transferred to Oostende
29 July 08: Tracing a missing person in the dunes between Wenduine and Blankenberge (nothing found)
29 July 08: Zodiac on fire at Knokke (cancelled)
31 July 08: Yacht overrun by a carrier at Zeebrugge (cancelled)  Source:
20/08 - Three per cent more passengers at Brussels Airport over July 2008

Zaventem's Brussels Airport has handled 1.95 million passengers over the month of July 2008, and increase of 2.9% compared to the same month last year. The growth is the result of the new intercontinental links from and to the Belgian airport including the activities of Indian carrier Jet Airways and increased traffic to North America. The number of passengers carried within the European Union fell to 1.2 million, a drop of 2.3%.  Source: Luchtvaartnieuws

18/08 - Beauvechain based N° 5 Squadron on deployment to Cognac (F.)

N° 5 Squadron of the 1 Wing based at Beauvechain is to deploy for 4 weeks (10 September - 02 October 2008) to COGNAC in Southern FRANCE at Base Aérienne 709 to allow twelve student pilots belonging to the promotion Pil 2007 to make their first flights. The unit will deploy with nine (09) SF260M. Support will be provided by Epsilons from BA 709 of the French Air Force. Source:

14/08 - Belgian Federal Police air assets can be used by police of Dutch Zuid-Limburg province.

The Dutch police of the province of Zuid-Limburg can now call upon the helicopters and aircraft of the Belgian Federal Police based at Melsbroek airbase. The local police can now use the Belgian air assets in cases of hostage taking, robberies, and acts of violence, fires, traffic accidents, pursuits, searches and accidents with dangerous substances. Belgian aircraft can directly talks to the central reporting office at Maastricht (Nl.). The Belgian will be called upon when they can reach the area faster or when Dutch police helicopters are unavailable. Source: Luchtvaartnieuws.

13/08 - Belgian Civil Air traffic statistics for the month of July 2008

The monthly statistics on air traffic and airport movements in Belgium over July 2008 published by Belgocontrol show a 2.78% overall increase (+2.838 movements up to 102.265) compared to the same period one year earlier. Airport statistics give the following figures: Brussels Airport: 23.171 movements (- 2.02%), Oostende-Brugge: 8.598 (+7.77%), Charleroi-Brussels South: 8.105 (+2.56%), Antwerpen-Deurne: 6.622 (+10.18%) and Liège-Bierset: 4.630 (+2.75%). Canac controlled air traffic between flight levels 135 and 245: 53.977 (+3.37%). Source: Belgocontrol

11/08 - Strike of baggage carriers paralyses Brussels Airport

Flights to and from Brussels International Airport in Zaventem have been disrupted all day due to strike action by the baggage carriers. Hardly any airplanes are able to take off or land. The employees of baggage carrier Aviapartner and part of the personnel at Flightcare started strike action to protest against heightened work pressure. Source:

09/08 - VLM Airlines named "Best Business Airline - Western Europe"

VLM Airlines’ success as a leading business airline was once again demonstrated recently when it was named ‘Best Business Airline- Western Europe’ by Business Destinations Magazine in their first Annual Travel Awards. Johan Vanneste, Managing Director of VLM Airlines, said: “VLM Airlines’ is honoured to receive this recognition. The awards are a powerful acknowledgement of our ongoing growth in the business travel sector and the premium services we provide our customers. VLM Airlines is dedicated to providing the highest levels of service and is continually striving to set new standards in the airline industry”. The Business Destinations Annual Travel Awards are given to the very best service providers in the travel industry. The experienced panel combined their extensive knowledge of the market and awarded companies that have dominated the business travel market thus far in 2008. With over 70% of its passengers travelling for business purposes, VLM Airlines understands the demands of travelling professionals. The airline’s priority is to offer fast and frequent services. VLM Airlines’ is a full service regional airline offering a wide range of flights throughout the UK and Benelux. It flies from London City to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Hamburg, Antwerp, Luxembourg, Manchester, Jersey and the Isle of Man. Passengers carrying hand luggage only can check in just 15 minutes before departure at its London City hub. Passengers can also save time by using VLM Airlines’ online check-in service which allows the airlines’ customers to check-in from the comfort of their own home or office between 2 and 30 hours prior to departure. Once on board, passengers can enjoy a full in-flight service with complimentary sandwiches and beverages. VLM Airlines’ fleet of environmentally-friendly turboprop aircraft are being fitted with new ergonomic kevlar seats, with a unique reclining function enabling the entire seat to tilt back, offering a more comfortable position that is proven to be ergonomically better. Source: VLM Airlines

08/08 - BAHA member Peter Celis' new book "One Who Almost Made It Back" available on 28/08.

 On August 28, 2008, a new book will appear, written by Cdt-Vl Peter “Celle” Celis and published by the well-known publisher Grub Street in London. Peter, an active member of the Belgian Air Component, serving at Kleine-Brogel Airbase, and member of the Belgian Aviation Historical Association, has put 23 years of research and writing into this book, titled “One Who Almost Made It Back”. The book tells the story of a Canadian elite pilot in a Pathfinder Squadron, Sqn Ldr Teddy Blenkinsop DFC, whose Lancaster was shot down over Diest, Belgium. On the night of 27/28 April 1944, Teddy Blenkinsop and his crew were acting as deputy master bombers during a Pathfinder raid on Montzen in Belgium. After a successful attack, their Lancaster was shot down. Miraculously Teddy survived to be protected by Belgian citizens before ending his days in Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Little was known of his exploits in between until Peter Celis began to research the story. What he uncovered is far more amazing than any fictional film could be. He found that Blenkinsop was not only an exceptional and gallant operational pilot, but that his loyalty, dedication and devotion were second to none and that his bravery and fearlessness led him to make the supreme sacrifice in the face of Nazi Germany. Written with pace and insight, this is an uplifting account of an outstanding young man who very nearly made it back home. The book has 224 pages and 80 photographs, and will cost £20 plus postage. It can be ordered from

07/08 - Ryanair to open Charleroi - Bologna link to replace its connection with Forli.

Starting from October 27th Ryanair is to fly three times a week between Charleroi Brussels-South and Bologna Marconi airport with a Boeing 737-800 to replace the existing link with nearby Forli.  From 2009 Ryanair is to use Forli as a new base from were one locally based aircraft will serve new connections which still have to be identified. Source: Luchtvaartnieuws.

06/08 - Zeppelin back in the Belgian skies on August 27 & 28th, 2008.

The "Comité voor het Eeuwfeest van de Luchtvaart in Vlaanderen" brings Zeppelin NT-04 from Cardington in a flight over London, Calais, Dunkerque, De Panne, Oostende, Brugge and Gent to Brussels. Landing is programmed at Grimbergen on 27/08 at 18h30. The Comité has booked 24 flying hours which will allow them to offer flights to persons or groups interested at 269€ p/p for a flight of 1/2 hour or 459€ p/p for a flight of an hour.  All of these flights will take place between 09h00 and 18h00 on Thursday 28/08 from Grimbergen. Click here for the reservation form (pdf.) and here for supplementary information.

04/08 - Federal Police MD900 helicopter G-11 used to fight heavy fire at Châtelet.

Yesterday-evening fir broke out after lightning hit a stockpile of metal parts at the car recycling plant Comet Sambre at Châtelet near Charleroi. Flames as high as 30 meter together with toxic fumes triggered the disaster plan Phase one and fire-fighters from Charleroi, Bergen, La Louvière, Gembloux en Crisnée are still fighting the enormous inferno. Federal Police MD900 helicopter G-11 was called upon to help putting out the fire with its specially designed fire fighting basket. Source: De Redactie/VRTNieuws

03/08 - Brussels Airport runway 25R to undergo repairs.

From today, planes taking off and landing on Brussels airport will be diverted to runways 25L and 02/20. The airport’s third runway, 25R, is to undergo urgent repair works. The works are believed to take up three to four weeks and will have no effect on flights. All works should be completed by September after which all 3 runways will be in full operation again. Source:

July 2008

30/07 - Brussels Airport statistical overview of 2007 released.

The annual statistical overview of Brussels Airport "Brutrends 2007" has been released. The document which is downloadable in pdf format via the Brussels Airport website presents a staggering number of statistical figures and information on movements, passengers, cargo and other Brussels Airport related services. Definitely worth a study.

29/07 -  Wing Heli Agusta H-41 makes emergency landing after hitting high tension wires.

An Agusta A109BA Hirundo helicopter of the Bierset based Wing Heli has made an emergency landing in a field near Hamoir (Liège) after hitting some high tension wires during a tactical training flight. The collision happened around 09h30L between Comblain-Fairon and Vien (Anthisnes) in the Liège province. Both crew members could make a save emergency landing in a field at Comblain-Fairon. Fortunately no one was injured in this incident in which one of the main rotor blades was damaged and prevented the helicopter to climb. Source: Het Laatste Nieuws

29/07 - NATO's Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) to leave Florennes airbase.

NATO's Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) which teaches advanced air combat tactics to military pilots of Europe’s Air Forces (call it NATO's Top gun) will move from its current location at Florennes airbase to Albacete in Spain. TLP courses were organised from Florennes airbase since 1989 but occasionally suffered from bad weather and the intense traffic over Central Europe. Another three sessions will be organised from Florennes in 2009 and by then infrastructure should be ready at Albacete. About 49 civilian employees will loose their jobs and the multinational military personnel will be transferred to other locations.  Source: De Morgen

28/07 - First six months of 2009 show a 6% overall increase in air traffic in Belgium

In the first six months of 2008 overall Belgian air traffic has increased by 32.896 movements or 6.00% to 581.225 movements over the same period one year ago. Zaventem's Brussels Airport saw an increase of 4.838 movements  or + 3.77% for a new total of 133.034 movements , Charleroi Brussels-South + 4.971 movements (+ 10.88%) for a total of 50.661, Oostende + 1.863 movements or + 5.11% for a total of 38.287, Antwerpen-Deurne + 2.137 movements or 6.16% for a total of 36.818 and Liège-Bierset  + 1.730 movements or 7.25% for a total of 25.586. Source: Belgocontrol.

28/07 - Ryanair shares plunge on profit warning

Shares of Europe's leading low-cost airline and main operator at Charleroi Brussels-South airport, Ryanair Holdings, plummeted 22.1% on Monday after it warned that it may post its first-ever annual loss as the Irish airline predicted that fares during the winter would plunge. Wall Street Journal - Market Watch.

27/08 - First four F-16's acquired by Jordan to leave early next September.

The first four of the sixteen Lockheed F-16AM & BM fighters (12 single seaters and 4 twin seaters) sold by Belgium to the Kingdom of Jordan will leave Kleine Brogel Airbase early September for their new home: Moualak Salti Air Base, ninety kilometre to the East of the capital Amman. The others aircraft are making their transit flight later this year. All aircraft involved in the deal signed in February 2007 have received a Mid Live Update (MLU) modernisation. For the moment six Jordanian pilots are undergoing training with the Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) at Kleine Brogel while 68 technicians are following courses to maintain the avionics at the Royal Technical School at Saffraanberg. Source: Belga

26/07 - Five rare Piper Super Cubs arrive in Antwerpen.

No less than five former Israeli Air Force Piper Super Cubs have made the trip from Israel to Belgium. The machines will be fully restored by Raymond’s Aircraft Restoration at Antwerp Airport. One IAF Cub has already been restored, and was flown to Midden Zeeland airfield in Holland in an all yellow civil livery. The 4 remaining Pipers, all still wearing their IAF livery, could be identified as the 103, 122, 133 & 134. It was strange to notice that the IAF markings were painted extremely crude on the wings. Source: Roger Soupart  -  pics:  01  -  02

26/07 - 85 years later Avia BH-5 repeats its epic Prague-Brussels flight.

On Tuesday, July 29 2008 in Prague, an Avia BH-5 in the company of a BH-1, leaves for a memorial flight direction Grimbergen. Pilot is Milan Mikulecky of the Czechoslovak Historical Flight. 85 years ago, especially on June 30 and 01 July 1923, the Royal Belgian Flying club organised an international competition for tourist aircraft. This game was played in various fields, such as manipulation and the (de) assembling the device by the pilot. The BH-5 was a new device that has never flown abroad. This was an excellent opportunity for the company Avia to promote this aircraft on the market. The pilot, Zdenek LHOTA, departed on June 28, 1923 in Prague, but had to land already after two hours because of fog at Cheb. The next day he departed again, but this time, due to bad weather, he had to land after 2hr45 in Mayence France. On June 30, 1923 the aircraft lands after a flight of 2Hr20 in Evere, just in time for the game. The plane covered a distance of 800 km with an average speed of 138 km/h. The pilot succeeded to disassemble and rebuild his aircraft within the timeframe and was proclaimed winner in the category "minus 100 horsepower". He received his trophy from  His Majesty King Albert I. Due to this fact Belgium learned to know the company Avia and were interested in a specific project, the BH-21. In 1926 the Belgian government bought 44 of these aircraft, of which 5 were built in Czechoslovakia and the other 39 in SABCA. The first aircraft was delivered in Schaffen on 14 September 1927, later on some in Nivelles. The career of the BH-21 lasted until early 1930; the plane was replaced by the Fairey Aviation Firefly. In 2007, the members of the Czechoslovak Historical Flight made exact replicas of the BH-1 and the BH-5, and participated in several meetings.  Source: BAHA Contact N° 48 p10 and Update: Pics courtesy VTB (pdf)  -  Pictures by Dirk Geerts  01  -  02  -  Feature at Sierra Bravo Aeropics

25/07 - Minister of Defence De Crem extends F-16 deployment to Afghanistan with two months.

Minister of Defence Pieter De Crem (CD&V) wants to extend by two months the mission of four Belgian F-16's fighters which are to be deployed at Kandahar airbase in Southern Afghanistan from September 2008 onwards. Last February the Government approved the Belgian participation in the NATO-operation ISAF for duration of four months, now De Crem extends this to a period of 6 months. De Crem also declares that operations over Pakistan are not being excluded. Source: De Standaard.

25/07 - European Commission airline blacklist prevents AirDC to take off

AirDC the airline founded by Hewa Bora Airways and Brussels Airlines (owner of 49% of the shares) which was planned to fly domestic flights within the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and some connections with neighbouring countries has problems starting up as it is registered in Congo. In fact all Congolese airlines are automatically added to the European Commission's airline black list because the EC is convinced that the country does not have the means to control if its airlines are operated according to the international air safety standards. As co-owner Brussels Airlines could harm its reputation if it (co-)operates an airline which is not allowed to fly in Europe, even if it is flying according to the international safety rules. A solution is being discussed. Source: De Standaard.

24/07 - Brussels Airlines cancels all flights on January 1st 2009 for economy reasons.

New Years day is typically a day with less passengers and more costs due to higher wages for personnel, on top of that fuel prises have never been higher, ingredients enough for Brussels Airlines to cancel all flights on January 1st 2009. Exceptions on this rule are a few flights from Africa which will land that day.  Earlier this year Brussels Airlines already ordered pilots to fly slower so that the aircraft fuel consumption is lower. Source: VRT Nieuws- De Redactie

22/07 - Air navigation Functional Airspace Block - Europe Central enters a new phase

The air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and the civil aviation and military authorities of the six States, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland have carried out a detailed feasibility study on the creation of a so called Functional Airspace Block (FAB). The study shows that a FAB Europe Central (FABEC) will provide considerable improvements in the efficiency of air traffic services. According to the study, safe and punctual air traffic control services in a growing market will be possible in the future if air traffic control is no longer organised mainly across national borders. Source: Belgocontrol

20/07 - Air Component Siai Marchetti SF.260M/D trainers to receive larger canopy

Belgian Air Component's Siai Marchetti SF.260M/D initial training aircraft are to receive a new larger canopy providing some more head and arm space for the pilot and the students. The first aircraft equipped as such has been seen at Beauvechain airbase. After this conversion the aircraft are identified by their serial number followed by ++.  As such the first aircraft is identified as ST-34++. Pictures:  01  02

17/07 - Three Air Component fighter pilots receive their "Macaron" at Tours (F.) airbase.

During a Macaronage ceremony organised by the French Armée de l'Air at base aérienne 705 «Jean et François Tulasne» at Tours-St.Symphorien, 24 pilots received their fighter wings ("Macarons"), three others their transport pilot wings while 5 navigators also received their certificate. Among them were three new Belgian fighter pilots, Adjt Aviator Crabbeels, Dechany and Wouters. The young pilots received their much desired certificate from General Stéphane ABRIAL, Chief of Staff of the French Air Force and Lieutenant General Aviator Gérard VAN CAELENBERGHE, Belgian Air Component Commander.  After their training in Tours, the fighter pilots will join Cazaux airbase for the last phase of their training. Sources: Armée de l'Air and  Pictures:   01  -  02  -  03   -  04

16/07 - Jetairfly baptises fourth Boeing 737-800 after tourism pioneer Gerard Brackx.

The latest acquisition of the Jetairfly fleet, a Boeing 737-800, has been baptised "Gerard Brackx" after the Belgian tourism pioneer who started tour operator Jetair in 1971. The company was run by Brackx for thirty years before it became part of holiday giant TUI. Boeing 737-8K5 OO-JBG (c/n 35142) "Gerard Brackx" is the fourth "Next Generation" 737 of Jetairfly (three 737-800s and a single 737-700) and the company is expecting a fifth 737-800 in November this year. Source: Luchtvaartnieuws - pictures

14/07 - Pratt & Whitney acquires maintenance and repair business of Techspace Aero.

U.S. aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney has acquired the military maintenance and repair business from Belgium-based Techspace Aero, which is owned by Safran Group of France. Details of the deal were not disclosed. The business will now be called the Pratt & Whitney Belgium Engine Center. Pratt & Whitney military engines include the F100 family that powers the F-15 and F-16, the F119 for the F-22 Raptor and the F135 for the F-35 Lightning II. Pratt & Whitney is a division of United Technologies Corp., based in Hartford, Conn. USA. Source: VHForex

12/07 - Deurne Airport: vandals cut through the electricity cables of the runway lights

At the airport of Deurne (Antwerp), vandals cut through the electricity cables of the runway lights on Thursday evening (10/07). The damage has been repaired, but the airport management is pressing charges against unknown persons. "We noticed Thursday evening that the lights of our runway had fallen out. The inspector determined that the cables had been cut," says airport manager Eddy Cleirbaut. "Urgent messages were immediately sent to the pilots to avoid any problems." Source: VRT

10/07 - Dutch airline also to open links from Brussels Airport

Only a few days after the Martinair's announcement that is will organise flights from Brussels Airport another KLM daughter company is following its example. will fly between Brussels Airport (also from Hamburg, Berlin, and Copenhagen) and Innsbruck between November 3rd 2008 and March 31st 2009. From Zaventem will also offer flights to Salzburg. Source: Luchtvaartnieuws.

09/07 - Jordanian pilots start conversion on F-16MLU at Kleine Brogel airbase.

Since June 23rd several Jordanian Air Force pilots have started a conversion course on the Lockheed F-16 MLU (Mid-Life Update) with the Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) at Kleine Brogel. Fourteen Lockheed F-16AM/BM fighters have been sold last year by the Belgian Government to the Kingdom of Jordan in a deal worth 70 million Euros. The former Belgian Air Force machines were brought up to MLU standards and afterwards stored at Weelde airbase. All fighters have now been restored to flying condition at Kleine Brogel and Florennes airbases and the Jordanian pilots have already started to fly training missions from ”KB”. On some of these flights the machines have been seen carrying first generation AGM-65G Maverick infra-red guided air to ground missiles, a weapon which was retired from service with the Belgian Air Component since 2006.

08/07 - Dutch airline Martinair examines organising scheduled flights from Brussels Airport.

Dutch airline Martinair is considering organising scheduled flights from Brussels Airport at Zaventem. This solution would avoid passengers having to pay the new airport tax introduced on June 1st on all Dutch airports. Already now a large number of Dutch air travellers are flying from Zaventem to avoid the Dutch tax. Martinair, which is 50% owned by KLM, could not give any details on the number of flights nor the timeframe in which they would be introduced. Source: Luchtvaartnieuws.

08/07 - Dassault Mirage 5 BA-03 safely arrived at the Polish "Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego"

Former Temploux airfield gate guardian Dassault Mirage 5BA BA-03 has been transported by road to the Polish Aviation Museum - "Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego" at Krakow and reassembly started soon afterwards. The aircraft has been exchanged against a Mil Mi-2 helicopter with the Royal Army Museum and should be arriving soon at Brussels. The Temploux authorities were not able to ensure the aircraft on display which had therefore to be moved to other locations. Pictures of the assembly of BA-03 can be found at the Krakow museum site and with the Belgian Military Aircraft Wreckhunters

07/07 - Militaire Luchtvaartmuseum at Soesterberg displays Fouga Magister as MT-51.

The Dutch Militair Luchtvaart Museum at Soesterberg has put on display former Dutch Historic Jets Association Fouga CM-170R-1 Magister F-GSHG (ex n° 45 of the French Armée de l'Air) in Belgian Air Force Markings and wearing the fictitious serial number MT-51 (MT-50 being the highest numbered Belgian machine). This decision was taken to remind the public that for many years Dutch military pilots were trained on Belgian Air Force Magisters at Brustem airbase (while Belgian Air Force pilots also continued their pilot training in Holland on T-Birds). Click here for a picture by Roger Soupart.

07/07 - Wing Heli sends Agusta A-109BA helicopters to exercise 'ELITE' at Heuberg ( D.)

Between July 7th and 11th 2008 Air Component’s Wing Heli participates with four Agusta A-109BA helicopters in exercise "ELITE" at Heuberg in Germany. "ELITE" stands for: Electronic warfare LIve Training Exercise. The German Luftwaffe organises this exercise annually for NATO and non-NATO countries. Aircraft, helicopters, air defence systems (GBAD) and ground-based observers are deployed daily in the training area. The main purpose of the exercise is to gather as much data as possible about electronic warfare and to learn from the procedures of other participants. This year 29 different nations are participating in the exercise with units coming from Poland, Slovakia, France, Germany and Belgium present. The Belgian helicopter detachment consists of 40 people including twelve pilots. It is the third time a detachment of this kind is involved. Source:

04/07 - Twenty-two percent more passengers at Charleroi in first six months of 2008.

Thanks to the introduction of some new connections the number of passengers using Charleroi Brussels-South airport has increased by 20% over the first six months of this year. Over the whole of 2008 the airport is expecting some 2.8 million passengers, an increase of 300.000 over 2007. Source: De Standaard

03/07 - Belgian Civil Air traffic statistics for the month of May 2008

The monthly statistics on air traffic and airport movements in Belgium over May 2008 published by Belgocontrol show a 6.84% overall increase (+6.858 movements up to 107.186) compared to the same period one year earlier. Airport statistics give the following figures: Brussels Airport: 23.055 movements (- 2.09%), Charleroi-Brussels South: 9.844 (+30.89%), Oostende-Brugge: 8.225 (+10.34%), Antwerpen-Deurne: 8.072 (+22.45%) and Liège-Bierset: 5.457 (+29.13%). Canac controlled air traffic between flight levels 135 and 245: 52.533 (+3.03%). Source: Belgocontrol

03/07 - Possibility of civil aircraft using Beauvechain airbase airspace examined.

Mobility state-secretary Etienne Schouppe (CD&V) is negotiating with Defence Minister De Crem to see if it is feasible to allow civil aircraft in- or outbound of Zaventem's airport using the airspace near Beauvechain airbase. This option is examined in the framework of spreading the sound nuisance evenly over all regions around Brussels Airport. Schouppe added that this solution would benefit traffic in the Liège-Bierset and Charleroi Brussels-South aerospace areas. Source: Het Laatste Nieuws.

03/07 - Minister De Crem announced that options on two supplementary NH90's will be firmed up.

Minister of Defence Pieter De Crem (CD&V) has announced that the option for two additional NHIndustries NH-90 TTH helicopters will be firmed up bringing the total number of the new helicopters to 10. The NH-90 will in a first time replace the ageing Westland Sea King helicopters of the rescue flight of Koksijde. Click here for a picture by Vincent Jacques of a Dutch Navy NH90 which was present at International Open Door at the navy base of Zeebrugge.

03/07 - Brussels Airport no longer most punctiual airport in Europe

In the first quarter of 2008 Brussels airport fell from the first to the fifteenth place in the ranking of most punctual airports in Europe. Almost 21% of all flights suffered a delay of more than a quarter of an hour delay. This could be due to some days with heavy snowfall early in the year. Brussels Airport is not as well equipped for this type of natural circumstances than airports such as Munich or Vienna which see much more snowfall during the winter. Source: Het Laatste Nieuws.

02/07 - Photo Call at Kleine Brogel airbase on Friday 18 July 2008

Becoming traditional now the 10th Tactical Wing based at Kleine Brogel airbase is organising a Photo Call on Friday July 18th 2008 while most of the participants of the Sanicole Airshow are either arriving, rehearsing or simply are available in the static display at the base.  More information can be found on the special Photo Call page.  

01/07 - Ethiopian Airlines moves its freight activities from Brussels Airport to Liège-Bierset.

Ethiopian Airlines has decided to move its cargo activities from Brussels Airport at Zaventem to Liège Bierset Airport. Ethiopian Airlines organises between six to ten weekly flights to Liège mostly to transport flowers. The decision for the move was taken on basis of the lower operating costs at Liège. This new traffic will increase freight traffic at Liège by some 50.000 tonnes annually or one fifth of all cargo traffic.  Source: Het Laatste Nieuws

01/07 - Sabena technics signs aircraft maintenance contracts with French Ministry of Defence.

Sabena technics Group further reaffirms its presence as a European provider of global support solutions to military and government aircraft operators. The Simmad ‘Structure Intégrée de Maintien en condition opérationnelle des Matériels Aéronautiques de la Défense’ has notified Sabena technics that it has been attributed the Maintenance in Operational Condition (MOC) contracts of the DHC 6 Twin Otter and Mystère XX fleets as well as the NTI 3 maintenance and component repair contract for the Embraer 121 Xingu fleet. Source and more information at Sabena technics.


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