Semmerzake Open Door - 20 May 2005


The Air Traffic Control Centre (ATCC), also known as Belga Radar, and the Air Traffic Control School (ATCS), both based at Semmersake, south of Ghent, opened their doors wide for the large public on May 20th 2005.


On the programme were visits to the state-of-the-art SEROS II (SEmmerzake Radar Operating System II) ATC-system, the ATC-School, the underground command bunker and the S723 radar. For daredevils there were shooting stands, rappels, simulated fires in buildings and rides in Iltis-jeeps or Pandur armoured personnel carriers. And for the aviation enthusiasts, there was a small, but nice static show of mainly helicopters and numerous flypasts of military aircraft. A review:

MD 520

Federal Police and Air Component helicopter crew members in front of the Police’s McDonnell-Douglas Helicopters MD-520N G-14, lively commenting the performance of their colleague in his Sud Alouette II A68.


List of participants and visitors:

Registr. Type Unit
A-68 Sud Alouette II Helicopter Wing
AT-03, -15 and -22 Dornier-AMD Alpha Jet 1B 1 Wing
CE-04 Embraer ERJ-145 15 Wing
CM-01 Dassault Falcon 20E 15 Wing
FA-82 and 134 Lockheed-Martin F-16AM 31 Squadron/10 Wing
FA-91, 117 and 126 Lockheed-Martin F-16AM 350 Squadron/2 Wing
G-14 MD Helicopters MD-520N Federal Police
H28 Agusta A.109BA Helicopter Wing
LX-N90451 Boeing E-3B Sentry NAEWF
M-1 Sud Alouette III Heli Flight
PL-30 Glaser-Dirks DG-300 Elan Belgian Air Cadets
RS-01 Westland Sea King Mk.48 40 Squadron
ST-17 and 23 SIAI Marchetti SF.260M 1 Wing
N129EW Piper PA28-200 Aeroclub de Liège
OO-HBI Cessna 150 F Aeroclub de Liège
OO-HBU Cessna 172 N Aeroclub de Liège

    EMB 145 CE-04

This uncommon view of No. 20 Squadron Embraer ERJ-145 CE-04 shows its WW II-style roundels on the underside of the wings to advantage.

Alouette III M-1

Blown inland by a flurry, former Naval Component and now Air Component Sud Alouette III M-1, still wearing its "Marine" titles.

Alouette II A-68

Sud Alouette II A68 of the 16th Liaison Helicopter Squadron coming in to land after dropping a load of elite Para commando's.

Jos Schoofs

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