Refuelling at Kleine Brogel - 30 June 2005


On their way to the Waddington (U.K.) airshow, the "PC-7 Team" of the Swiss Air Force consisting of 10 PC-7 trainer aircraft made a refuelling stop at Kleine Brogel airbase around midday on 30 June 2005. Later in the afternoon of the same day, 4 MiG-21 Lancers together with two Antonov An-26 support aircraft also made a refuelling stop transiting to the same British base.

Already familiar with the NATO air forces rules and habits the Swiss aerobatic team brought only a limited number of ground crew in the back-seats of their aircraft. This makes it a very exciting job a crew chief enthusiastically said. 

PC-7 Team

Swiss Air Force "PC-7 Team" lined up at Kleine Brogel to be refuelled.

The Romanian delegation however will remain for three and a half weeks in the UK and brought a sizeable 50 men support team together with two An-26 transport aircraft. Ground servicing equipment for the IAI modernised MiG-21 Lancers is not fully up to NATO standards and needs specific items transported in the Antonovs. After participating in the Waddington Airshow the aircraft and crews head to the North for RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland to participate in exercises. Thanks to a good collaboration with the Belgian Defence authorities all the aircraft will return via Kleine Brogel and will be actively present during the KB International Spotters’ Day on 20 July 2005. The aircraft fly in different configurations and interestingly one of the fighters was carrying an Rafael Litening LDP (laser designation pod), while one aircraft carried UB-32-57 rocket launchers and the two other Lancers were equipped with Python III air-to -air missiles.

 MiG-21 Lancer

Python III air-to air missile equipped M-iG-21 "Lancer" 6707

Antonov An-26

Antonov An-26 "809" taxies towards the parallel runway. It's sister ship "810" had landed minutes before.

Rafael Targeting Pod

Close up view of the Rafael Lightening LDP Targeting Pod


Two Lancers being refuelled at Kleine Brogel. Even seasoned Belgian fighter jockeys still have to get used to it.

MiG-21 Lancer Take-off

Take-off with a bang.

On take-off  he afterburner illuminated with a huge bang contrary to the progressive activation on modern jet fighters.

Bey, bey and see you at .... the KB International Spotters' Day on 20 July 2005

Daniel Brackx (June 2005)

Thanks Luc and Patja

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