Refuelling at Kleine Brogel - Part II - 13 July 2005


On their way to the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) at Fairford (U.K.), Kleine Brogel had the pleasure to serve as refuelling stop for a Polish Air Force SU-22UM-3K in very special Tiger colours as well as its  accompanying brand new Casa CN295M transport aircraft.

Enjoy the pictures of things to come during the International Kleine Brogel Spotters' Day 2005 on 20 July 2005.


Casa CN295M

 Only two months in Polish service this Casa CN295M acted as logitics ship for the Su-22 deployment to the RIAT and the Operational Integration Exercise 2005 at Kleine Brogel (including of course the Spotters' Day)


Quite flamboyant Tiger markings for twin seat SU-22 "707".


Taxiing to the cross-servicing platform at KB.


Up and away to Fairford but rendes-vous has been made with two F-16BM's for the familiar Patja air-to-air photo shoot.

Casa CN295M

Quite a performer this very quiet Spanish built twin turboprop.

Bey, bey and see you at .... the KB International Spotters' Day on 20 July 2005

Daniel Brackx (July 2005)

Thanks Luc and Patja

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