F-16AM DEMO 2005 - John Vandebosch


Cdt. John Vandebosch, started training for his third season as Air Component F-16 demonstration pilot. F-16AM with serial FA-133 has been pre-selected as this year's main demo-jet. Cdt. Vandebosch’s 2005 show promises some "negative G-turns" and some more new stuff! Enjoy the superb photography by Major Peter "Patja" Stams.

F-16 demo FA-133

Provisional air show participation programme includes:

28-29/05 Prerov, Prag-Kbely, Czech/ Air Show
04/06 Bierset, Belgium/ Belgian Helidays
05/06 Istres, France/ Meeting National de l'Air
12/06   Cazaux, France/ Meeting National de l'Air
17-18/06 Gilze-Rijen, The Netherlands/ Open Days
19/06 Karup, Denmark/ Air Show
24-25/06 Zeltweg Austria/50 years Austrian Airforce
26/06 Tours, France/ Meeting National de l'Air
02-03/07 RAF Waddington, United Kingdom/ Air Show
20/07 Kleine Brogel, Belgium/ Spotter's Day
30-31/07 Sunderland, United Kingdom/ International Air Show
06-07/08 Kecskemet Hungary/ Air Show
07/08 Sanicole, Belgium/ Air Show
11-14/08 Eastbourne, United Kingdom/ Air Show
27-28/08 Radom, Poland/ Air Display
03-04/09 Koksijde, Belgium/ International Air Show
10/09 RAF Leuchars, United Kingdom/Battle of Britain

F-16 demo FA-133
  F-16 demo FA-133
   Patja, thanks for the superb pictures, you're definitely the best. 

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