"Draaidag" at Deurne - 29/04/2006


Photo report of the Antwerp Stampe Museum “Draaidag” on 29 April 2006.  Engines of several magnificent replicas were tested.  You nearly hear the wonderful sound of these splendid machines when looking at the pictures.    

Nieuport 24 N2262G.  In the background behind the fence Jaap Mesdag (“Early Birds”) and Karel Bos (Antwerp Stampe Museum) can be recognised. 

Hugo Morris (Antwerp Stampe Museum) cleaning the engine of the Nieuport 24 N2262G.

Nieuport 28 N128CX.  At the right Carl Gootzen (Aviation Society of Antwerp-ASA and Jaap Mesdag (“Early Birds” Foundation.)

Nieuport 28 N128CX built by Robertson Wooldridge.  From left to right : Walter Van Brempt (ASA), Hans Van Egmont and Hugo Morris. 

  Fokker DR-I PH-EBF (ex N5505V) of the “Early Birds” Foundation.   The type DR-1 was Fokker's reaction to the success of the Sopwith Triplane.  One of the most famous German WW1-aces who flew the DR-I was Manfred von Richthofen.  This PH-EBF was one of the first Fokker Triplane replicas flying in the United States. 


Fokker D-VIII N111EV, painted in the colours of the D-VIII of Lt Albert Van Cotthem as seen at Wilrijk in 1920.  Carl Gootzen holding the tail while running the Continental  engine.  This aeroplane is a replica built by Ron and Vince Arganbright. 


Jaap Mesdag, Secretary and driving force of the “Early Birds” Foundation (http://www.vroegevogels.org)  

Paul Van Caesbroeck  (April 2006)

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