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NHV providing Aberdeen’s base with new Airbus H175 helicopters
Active Trip 2015
Aerovintage 2015 St. Hubert - 30 Aug 2015
Airbus Helicopters’ H175 reaches 1,000 flight hours with NHV Group
Meetings of NATO Ministers of Defence at Brussels
40 Years of Strong F-16 Partnership
Lockheed T-33A completed
La Ferté - "Le Temps des Hélices" - Best of by Yves Duwelz
Belgian Air Force’s 18th Squadron “Initial Operational Capable” on NH-90 MTH
Potez-Air Fouga CM.170-1 Magister completed
Siai SF260 M/D Marchetti completed
Republic F-84E Thunderjet Datafile completed
2015 Belgian Air Force F-16AM Demo Aircraft Photo-Shoot

100 Years ago Roland Garros and his Morane were captured

Fly To Your Dream 2015
Melsbroek Open Door 25 June 1961
Supermarine Spitfire LF.IX datafile completed
Formation flight of all four BAF NH90 MTH helicopters.
Royal Belgian Air Cadets civil registrations added.
JERO Ecole 80 HP (Datafile)
Morane Saulnier Type H (Datafile)
Farman HF 20  - HF 21 (Datafile)
Nieuport 10AV/AR - C1 (Datafile)
Electronic Warfare Exercise "Rainbow Warrior"
Minister Steven Vandeput meets the Belgian Air Component
Fairey Firefly IIM (Datafile)
Storm Tide - Large Scale Evacuation Exercise
Change of Command at the Belgian Air Component
Wings For Children 2014
Hawker Hunter F.6 datafile updated and completed
Belgian Air Force Days - Kleine Borgel 2014
Hawker Hunter F.4 datafile updated and completed
Fairey Fox (Datafile)
Gloster Meteor T.7 datafile completed
Gloster Meteor F.8 datafile completed
24th Stampe Fly In at Deurne
Two new Belgian Air Force aircraft types presented
The 2014 Belgian Air Force Demo teams & Public Event
Fly To Your Dream 2014
Dewoitine D9 C1 and D19 C1 (Datafile)
Deperdussin & de Brouckère-Deperdussin  (Datafile)
Nieuport Delage NiD 29 C1  (Datafile)
De Havilland DH.60G Gipsy Moth  (Datafile)
De Havilland DH.60M Moth (Datafile)
"Hahnweide Oldtimer Treffen 2013" by Jef Pets
Nieuport 81 E2 (Datafile)
Wings Parade Beauvechain - 17 October 2013 (BAN)
Mirage 5BR BR-07 displayed at the "Le Surplus" shop at Portes-lès-Valence (F.) (Walkaround)
100 Years Belgian Military Aviation: Exercise Centennial
30th International Old Timer Fly In - Schaffen Diest (Photo Report)
Voisin 3LA - 3LAS
Schreck F.B.A. Type H seaplane (Datafile)
21st of July 2013 Air Parade as seen from Melsbroek
First Belgian NH 90 TTH at Beauvechain Airbase
80 UAV Squadron
60 Years Pampa Range
(Maurice) Farman MF8 (Seaplane) (Datafile)
(Maurice) Farman MF.7bis (Datafile)
The 2013 Belgian Air Component Demo teams & Public Events
When Sky Knights put on their "Silver Spurs", again ...   (Starfighter pilots reunion)
De Havilland D.H.4 (Datafile)
Renard R.S.V. 26/180 Mark III  (Datafile)
"Le Tigre Nouveau 2013 est arrivé"
Renard R.S.V. 26/180 (Datafile)
Belgian heli's first on the scene of the 1953 North Sea flood.
Caudron G.III (Juvisy-sur-Orge)  (Datafile)
Airspeed Oxford I (Pre WWII) (Datafile)
Renard-Stampe-Vertongen R.S.V. 22/180 (Datafile)
Maurice Farman MF.7 N° 15  (Walkaround)
Stampe & Vertongen SV-22 (Datafile)
Hanriot HD-1 (Datafile)
Young "Red Devils" meet Old Red Devil "Hawker Hunter"
25 Years OCU Special Tail Marking
Fiat CR.42 (Datafile)
Brewster 339B Buffalo (Datafile)
Breguet XIX A2B2 (Datafile)
Breguet XIV A2 (Datafile)
Return from KAIA
Green Blade / Pegasus 2012 EDA Exercise
Blériot XI (Datafile)
NHIndustries NH90 (Datafile)
Gloster Gladiator I (Datafile)
Wings Parade at Beauvechain on September 13th, 2012
Renard R-31 (Datafile)
Korongo Airlines: Ready for Take-Off
AMD Mirage 5BR BR-10 (Walkaround)
Malle Photoflying Days & Fly-In 2012
Schaffen - Diest Oldtimer Fly-In 2012
Sabca S.47 (Datafile)
Hawker Hurricane I (Datafile)
Bristol F.2B Fighter Type 17 (Bristol 300) (Datafile & Walkarounds) 
Ford T Huck starter (Walkaround)
Bristol F.2B Fighter Type 14 (Royal)  (Datafile)
Florennes International Airshow 2012
Potez 33 (Datafile)
Sud Aviation SA.316B Alouette III (Walkaround)
WWI German airfields of Aartrijke - Sparappelhoek
" La Ferté-Alais: La Fête a commencé ! "
The 2012 Belgian Air Force Demo teams & Florennes International Air Show
Antwerp Stampe en Ercoupe Fly In 2012
Anniversary Agusta
Avro 504K  (Datafile)
Britten Norman BN2A-21 Islander B-06 (Walkaround)
Spad S.XI A2 (Datafile)
 Supermarine Spitfire F.XIV SG-55/GE-R (Walkaround)
Rumpler C.IV at the Deutsches Museum at Munchen (Germany) (Walkaround)
Percival P.66 Pembroke C.51 RM-4 (Walkaround)
Ansaldo A300-3 & -4  (Datafile)
Koksijde International Airshow 1968
Fly To Your Dream 2012 
Republic F-84G Thunderjet FZ-107  (Walkaround)
Supermarine Spitfire LF.IXc/e (Datafile)
Percival Pembroke RM-7  (Walkaround) 
Morane Saulnier MS230/236 (Datafile)
Avia BH.21 (Datafile)
Republic F-84F Thunderstreak FU-28 (Walkaround)
Supermarine Spitfire LF.16  (Datafile)
No. 350 (Belgian) Squadron, the Bravest since 1941
The Making of ....  Tamiya Spitfire in 1/32 Scale (Part 1)
De Havilland DH.9  (Datafile)
Supermarine Spitfire F(R).14   (Datafile)
Stampe Vertongen SV-4B  (Datafile)
Malle Fly In & Photoflying days 2011
Sikorsky H-19/S.55  (Datafile)
Schaffen - Diest Oldtimer Fly-In 2011
Jero/Farman H.F.20  -  Jero/Farman H.F. 23bis  - Aviatik Argus 50hp (Datafiles)
More Belgian F-16s become Royal Jordanian Falcons
Farman (Henri) H.F.3 (Type 1909) and H.F.3 (Type 1911) (Datafiles)
Avro 626 (Datafile)
Koksijde Airshow 2011
Fokker D.VII (Datafile)
Republic F-84F Thunderstreak FU-36 preserved at Krakow-Poland (Photoreport Pierre Gillard)
Piper L-21B Super Cub (Datafile)
Piper L-18C Super Cub (Datafile)
Percival P.66 Pembroke C.51 (Datafile)
Hide Hazelnuts ... Chipmunck invasion !  (SBAP)
North American AT-6 Harvard/Texan (Datafile)
McDonnell Douglas MD900 Explorer (Datafile)
Lockheed TF-104G Starfighter (Datafile)
Armée de l'Air MS.406 pilot killed in 1940 honoured
Solar Impulse @ Brussels Airport (SBAP)
The Belgian Air Force Display Teams 2011
First Airbus A320s for Brussels Airlines
Belgian Air Force test flying first F-16 Mid-Life Update M6.1
New Tiger roars at Kleine-Brogel Air Base
Miles Martinet TT.1 (Datafile)
Operation Freedom Falcon (SBAP)
Hawker Hunter F.6 (Datafile)
A Dakota for the 15th Wing Historical Center (SBAP)
Gloster Meteor F.8 (Datafile)
75 brave men/women in wheelchairs pulling a C-130H
Operations in Kleine Brogel  (SBAP)
50 years ago Boeing 707 OO-SJB went down at Berg near Kampenhout.
LACAB T-7 (Datafile)
Boeing 747-400 LCF Dreamlifter at Liége Bierset Airport
Fairey Battle I (Datafile)
BAFA celebrates its 30th Anniversary
Belgian Air Force Airbus A310, the "Final Touchdown"
Change of Command at the 15th Transport Wing of Melsbroek
Post Crash Management exercise at Melsbroek airbase
Volkel: Tiger Tiger Tiger ! (SBAP)
MD-902 Explorer G-16 the newest helicopter of the Federal Police
Engines on the Blocks - Edition Oct 2010
BRUMIL's Finest Hour
The Stampe & Vertongen Museum Revisited
Tipsy Trainer I G-AFRV presented to the Royal Army Museum in Brussels
The Malle Fly-In 2010
Schaffen - Diest Oldtimer Fly-In 2010
A visit to the Aero Para Club der Kempen - Malle airfield
Air Parade  -  21st July 2010
Beauvechain International Airshow 2010
New colours for Harship Red Team (SBAP)
Oscar Oscar Tango Charlie “PLOP” is ready for take-off
Wings Parade 2010
Indian Day 2010
International Search And Rescue Meet 2010
The Belgian Air Force Display Teams 2010
"Mitch" in flight with "The VORTEX"
Post Crash Management Exercise at Beauvechain
Belgian Air Component F-16AM Demo 2010
Kleine Brogel Air Museum - a pictorial visit 
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - The return of the last peacekeepers from the Balkans
Fly to Your Dream - 2010  -  Impressions
A new Airbus for the Air Force
Falcon Air Meet 2009
MAKS 2009 Review & Outlook
Russian Helicopters: HIP, a Market Opportunity
NATO Tiger Meet 2009
Civil Aviation in Russia
Retirement at Fifty (the Alouette II bows out)
Russian Air Power – Fallen Stars – Rising Stars
Post Crash Management Exercise at Kleine Brogel Airbase
MAKS 2009 - Russian Air Power 
MAKS 2009 - Testing Time
MAKS 2009 - Day 6 - SHOWTIME !!!
MAKS 2009 – Международный Авиационно-Космический Салон
The 26th International Old Timer Fly-in at Schaffen-Diest
A New Commander for the Air Component
For King and Country (21 July 2009 Parade)
300,000 flying hours in 40 years
Koksijde Air Show 2009
SAR Meet 2009 at Leeuwarden
Bey, Bey TLP .... (SBAP)
Belgian Air Component 2009 Air Displays
Back "on the Road Again" - Indian Day 2009
Exercise "Crazy Trip 2009"
Fly to Your Dream 2009
Blue CHOD Blues
The Belgian Defence Alouette II: an endangered species
Tactical Leadership Programme Course 2009-2
Hardship Red: the new SF.260 formation team (SBAP)
Jordan takes delivery of eight more former Air Component F-16s
Thirteenth Hercules for the Air Component
Wings Parade & 40 Years SF.260 Marchetti in Belgian service. (SBAP)
Exercise Deployed Falcon 2009
Changing The Guard
Operation Guardian Falcon
Sea King RS01 retired to the Royal Army Museum at Brussels
Famous Last Flights .... "Mickey" Artiges and Paul Rorive.
When the Air Force meets the Navy

Open Door in Sioux Land (Melsbroek ) (At SBAB)

Belgian flavour at La Ferté Alais
When Belgian Falcons become (Royal) Jordanian Falcons
Koksijde Air Day 2008 (At SBAP)
Olympic runners team on visit at Beauvechain Airbase
Diamond Jubilee for the 15 Wing  -  Melsbroek Air Base  (at SBAP)
Wings & Wheels 2008  (At SBAP)  

Sanicole Air Show from a different angle

After 85 years, the Avia BH-5 makes the flight Pragues - Brussels again!  (at SBAP)

Farnborough 2008

Kee-Bee Photo Call 2008 

Belgian Defence Days 2008 presentation 

Belgian flavour at La Ferté Alais

Combined Joint CSAR Standardisation Course 2008

Cliffhanging Jumbo (Kalitta Air 747 crash)

Brussels Airport SV.4B V-33 landed back at the Royal Army Museum

Two Fouga Magisters on the move

News from Florennes Airbase

Two Belgian Starfighters on the move

Hercules and Fighting Falcon upgrades

Granddad Tiger is back

Post Crash Management Exercise at Florennes Airbase

Southern Beauties: Italian F-16's at Kleine Brogel

BAHA visits Melsbroek

Open School at the Royal Military Academy 2008

Open School at Campus Saffraanberg

Storm Crow - Electronic Warfare Block Training 08-1


"MACARONAGE" at Tours 26 November 2007 - Photo report

31 Squadron returns from Tigermeet as winners... again.

Golden Falcon Movements

National holiday at Florennes Air Base

Belgians Abroad

That other Spotters’ Day at Kleine Brogel

OIE 07 - Spotters' Day 07  PHOTOPAGE

Belgian Defence Days 2007

OCU on Squadron Exchange in the Czech Republic

Belgian Aerospace at Le Bourget

The Story of the Stingers  -  90 Years “Scottish Thistle” Squadron

Sikorsky Down

European Air Group CSAR Course

Monument at Yves-Gommezée

20 Years OCU Flagship FB-18 (Photo Feature)

Florennes Updates

60 Years Florennes Belgian Air Force Base

Chipmeet 2007 at Zoersel  -  16 > 20 May 2007

Belgian Helidays 2007

Benin Bound Belgians

60 Years of Commando Training Centre

The Return of the Red Lion

RTL Télévie 2007 at Techspace Aero

F-16 as gate guard and industrial memorial at Techspace Aero, Milmort, Liège, Belgium

Operation Baltic Air Policing II / Second Belgian Deployment

Brussels Airlines Take-Off

Wings for Classes 03 and 05 RMA at Beauvechain

Sabena old timers' Lodestar will be restored in Belgium

Departure at Weelde of F-16's acquired by Jordan

Stampe & Vertongen Museum Nocturne


BFM training for OCU pilots in Beja

Belgian Air Force Lockheed T/F-104G Starfighter

The Belgian Air Cadets are fifty!

60th Anniversary Air Force Fasten

 European Partnership of Air Force Associations

Belgian Participation at EMS 2006

Exercise Speedex 2006

Exercise Quick response 06

New technologies to counter global terrorism

Belgian Defence Days 2006 - Photo Report

349 @ Payerne

21 July 2006  -  “Belgian National Parade”

Kleine Brogel Photo Call 2006 - Pictoral overview

Mistral over Crete

Belgium low viz at Fairford and Farnborough

The French Connection II

Belgian avionics in Russian aircraft

Koksijde Airshow 2006 Photo-page

 BAF 60th Anniversary Douglas C-47A "K-24/CW-X" at Koksijde

BAHA Meet 2006

New fin flash on Belgian non-tactical transport aircraft

The eye on the North Sea - North Sea Aerial Survey in Belgium

Stampe Fly-In 2006

Chipmeet  25/5 > 28/05/2006

De Havilland DH.89A Dominie ex-NR777/D-7 (BAF) in flight.

Open Door at the Arsenal of Rocourt - 21 May 2006

Heli-Wing Display Pilots 2006

Brasschaat airbase Time-line

"Draaidag" at Deurne - 29/04/2006

Starfighter FX-47 restored in its all metal "shiny"  colour scheme

Noise-related deafness prevention in the Belgian Armed Forces

Open Schools Day 2006

Exercise Crazy Trip

Islanders For Sale

Winter pictures of Cerfontaine airfield

Eastern Eagle 2005 - Mission Accomplished

Last F-16BM's arrive at Weelde to be placed in protectives storage


Hopsten Fly Out on 15 December 2005

Last Demo for Cdt. John Vandebosch

The endangered HAREN terminal/aérogare buildings

"Open Factory Day" at SNBA and DAT on 02 October 2005

From the Belgian aircraft preservation front

VOLCANEX 2005 at Florennes - 08 > 15 September 2005

Koksijde Airshow 2005 Photo-page - 4 August 2005

Sea King Mission: “Day 202 - 15h17 + 30  seconds"
Defence Minister Flahaut in Afghanistan - 22 > 24 July 2005
Goodbye America, Bonjour la France - Wings Parade 15 July 2005
Kleine Brogel 7th International Spotters' Day Photo page
TDPU/Spotters' Day at Florennes airbase - 14 July 2005
Refuelling at Kleine Brogel (Part 2) - 13 July 2005 (SU-22)
ISAF VIII - Operation "Eastern Eagle"
Refuelling at Kleine Brogel (Part 1) - 30 June 2005
The Belgian Helidays are back!
Semmerzake Open Door on 20 May 2005 
Lockheed F-16AM Demo 2005 - John Vandebosch - (Photo Feature)
Chipmunk Meet at Malle (EBZR) from 13 till 16 May 2005
Open Door at Brasschaat on 05 May 2005
Open School at Saffraanberg on 13 March 2005
When Chickens become Hawks -Wings Parade March 2005

The French "tanker" connection - a flight aboard Armée de l'Air C-135FR tanker

Tsunami 2005 Antonov - (Photo Feature)

Rocourt: where Falcons go to die

Agusta helicopters being shipped for Tusla deployment - (photo feature)

Overview of the Belgian Military Airshows in 2004
Trainer-Meet 2004 - (Photo feature)
Operation Baltic Air Policing- Belgian F-16's in Lithuania
Low flying exercise "Poppy Red"

Seventy-four New Air Cadets

Agusta Storage at Zutendaal - (Photo Feature)

Defence Minister André Flahaut visits troops in Macedonia and Kosovo
50 Years Helchteren Pampa Range - (Photo feature)
European Air Group Exercise VOLCANEX 03

TIGER-MEET 2003 Cambrais - (Photo feature)

RECCE-MEET 2003 - (photo feature)



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