Departure at Weelde of F-16's acquired by Jordan


 The first four of 14 F-16AM/BM fighters which have been acquired by Jordan from the Belgian Government have left Weelde airbase for the Maintenance Groups of Kleine Brogel and Florennes were the aircraft are to go through a general overhaul. Jordanian pilots will also familiarise with the F16's which all received a Mid-Live Update (MLU). Jordan already operates some 20 MLU F-16's but also still use 16 F-16 of the ADF (Air Defence Fighter) variant. 

Aircraft involved in this deal are: F-16AM: FA-58, FA-60, FA-61, FA-65, FA-66, FA-73, FA-74, FA-75, FA-76, FA-78, FA-88, FA-90 and F-16BM: FB-01, FB-08.  

Departure was foreseen for Monday 05 February 2007 but due to very foggy conditions at Weelde this was postponed to Tuesday 06 February. FA58 and FB-01 headed for Kleine Brogel while FA-90 and FB-08 were to go to Florennes. Unfortunately FA-90 suffered a minor problem so that its departure was postponed for another three days.

F-16AM FA-58 starts its take-off run at Weelde with Kleine Brogel as destination.

Early on the cold morning of 06 February 2007 FB-01 is pulled from the storage area to the Weelde runway. This aircraft departed for Kleine Brogel.

F-16BM FB-08 ready fro take-off at Weelde. This machine went to Florennes airbase.

FA-90 destined for Florennes airbase suffered a minor snag which delayed its ferry flight.


Dirk Jansens (February 2007)

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