Oscar Oscar Tango Charlie “PLOP” is ready for take-off


Brussels, 21 June 2010, a new star is born …..


 One of the seven Airbus A.320 of Thomas Cook Airlines “Belgium” was rolled out sporting a new special outfit.

OO-TCP is wearing now some stunning artwork “KABOUTER PLOP”. The 4 figures are “Plop”, “Klus”, “Kwebbel” and “Lui” created by  STUDIO 100.

This is already the third airplane wearing special colors. Last year OO-TCI received “MEGA MINDY” artwork  and OO-TCN is marked since 2 months with “KIM CLIJSTERS” on the fuselage.

 Since September 2008, Thomas Cook and Studio 100 are promoting together the “Thomas Cook Junior Club”, giving the kids (and parents) the opportunity to go on holiday with their favourite strip figures.

When booking and travelling with Thomas Cook Junior Club, already on departure the kids will receive some Studio 100 gadgets and in the various hotels abroad Europe special child-animation is provided by various artists like Mega Mindy, Kabouter Plop and Huis Anubis. All this special events are attended by bilingual animators.

 More info for child-friendly holidays can be found on: http://www.thomascook.be


Airbus A320 OO-TCP Kabouter Plop


Kabouter Plop en co


A320 Kabouter Plop group pic


Thomas Cook Airbus A320 OO-TCP, the cast and the crews.  


Thomas Cook Aibrus A320-214 OO-TCP "Kabouter Plop" .


Thomas Cook Aibrus A320-214 OO-TCP (cn 653) "Kabouter Plop" landing at Brussels Airport on June 23rd, 2010.


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 © Dirk A. Geerts (June 2010)